Wendy Williams reveals she has lymphedema l GMA

  • Published on: 10 July 2019
  • Dr. Jennifer Ashton discusses what to know about the disease in the wake of the talk show host's announcement of her diagnosis. READ MORE: https://gma.abc/2S1sJoE

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  • Lanisready T
    Lanisready T   2 months ago

    Mine started as a teenager but it is not really. I have it on my left leg and my 12 y.o. got it on her right leg.

  • loraleiful
    loraleiful   4 months ago


  • loraleiful
    loraleiful   4 months ago

    her special "machine" lol...……….old as time of old machines …..drains very small amounts of liquid. wendy and her "lymphedema  "machine"  gawd she is stupid

  • loraleiful
    loraleiful   4 months ago

    she always had thick legs. Slimish waist still. She gained 20 pounds where do you think the fat is going to collect? Everyone is different. ALL OF A SUDDEN OMG AFTER GAINING 20 LBS SHE HAS LYMPHEDEMA...….SHE CAN PAY ANY DR TO LIE FOR HER. BIG FAT LEGS N CANKLES ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!   AFTER A 20 LB WEIGHT GAIN. SHE IS SUCH A FUCKING LIAR

  • J Weems
    J Weems   5 months ago

    You stated here you get it in your legs or arms, while after my breast cancer I have it in my breast and yes it's painful but guess what it's even harder to get compression garments, which after massage therapy two months ago I'm still waiting on my compression garment.😭

  • Joe Patten
    Joe Patten   5 months ago

    Maybe her implant leaking and pressing on her lymph system.

  • Joe Patten
    Joe Patten   5 months ago

    Why is her lymphatic system blocked? She needs them cleanse. There are lymphatic clinics out there that can help. Good luck Wendy!

  • Denise Martin
    Denise Martin   5 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks there some stupidity in the states.... Wendy Williams exposed lymphedema yrs ago on her should yrs yrs ago and now they start considering the disease and discussion her condition

  • Jasmine B
    Jasmine B   5 months ago

    Wendy I hop you take it easily pay attention to your health first❤️

  • Lisa Santa
    Lisa Santa   5 months ago

    Karma. Who the fuck, care. Made her money talking about people. I hope this gets her fucking, tongue or lips.

  • Anna Cribbs
    Anna Cribbs   5 months ago

    My daughter hair dresser has this in her legs, has not stopped her she has license to do hair,works in school with children with art, & has children on her own. She just list a lot of weight wears long skirts . She is a amazing person. 💯💕👍✝️🙏

  • Advocate Rucker
    Advocate Rucker   5 months ago

    Wendy's more than likely came as a result of all the cosmetic surgeries she's had in the past couple of years. The trauma from that along with the average doctor doing surgeries NEVER EVER discuss the lymphatic system with all patients period. I have lymphedema and Lipeodema both triggered by surgery which is why Dr. Ashton said "Secondary". It has taken me years to find a competent doctor to diagnose me. I have a lot of info that has helped me maintain. If anyone needs the info hit me up or reply. Surgeries create the problem especially since the doctors don't even think about trying do surgery and bypass lymph nodes and in up removing or damaging them. Ergo lymphedema.

  • Cathy Paulk
    Cathy Paulk   5 months ago

    Could it be cause by her implants??

  • befreekb
    befreekb   5 months ago

    Please please if she has implants. Remove those. Causes so many illnesses.

  • Khalid Rivera
    Khalid Rivera   5 months ago

    Well she needs to take those implants out. She's had them for over 20 years. She said it on her show. You are suppose to replace your implants every few years. There are many reports how toxic implants can be and the side effects. Michelle Visage took hers out and she explains why. Look up what she said.

  • Sonja Anderson
    Sonja Anderson   5 months ago

    Tell these people stop getting all these boobs jobs and butt jobs.

  • Branden
    Branden   5 months ago

    I believe that’s what Kathy Bates has and does a lot of work for. Best of luck on the road to recovery, Wendy!

  • Lola Jackson
    Lola Jackson   5 months ago

    She probably got Aids she has every disease under the sun. Specially since Kelvin sleep with mens and she sleep with boys.

  • bhk110
    bhk110   5 months ago

    Wendy Williams has suffered with Graves disease/overactive thyroid for many years. Her medical treatment eradicated her thyroid and now it is underactive which can cause swelling in extremities. Lymphedema is a symptom not a diagnoses, doctors are worthless and want to blame everything on obesity, cigarettes, and food - when 90% of the food in this country is trash.

  • Bonita Hobbs
    Bonita Hobbs   5 months ago

    Excessive stress ; mental hurts can manifest in our bodies.

  • Andrew
    Andrew   5 months ago

    Wendy has come such a long way! She deserves all her success! Plus she deserves that Emmy award this year!

  • So So
    So So   5 months ago


  • Apryl’s Page
    Apryl’s Page   5 months ago

    Lymph edema can happen anywhere you have lymphatics. Arms, legs, abdomen, groin.

  • Genie Last
    Genie Last   5 months ago

    Wow! Poor Wendy. I hope she gets better.

  • Sondra Allen
    Sondra Allen   5 months ago

    When you start getting older all kind of things crop up I see she's not wearing those stilettos anymore

  • None of Your Business
    None of Your Business   5 months ago

    It's not just a swelling of the legs or arms. It can happen in other areas of the body, such as the abdomen.

  • Harden Thicke
    Harden Thicke   5 months ago

    So that's why her legs were fat.I guess being a vegan and losing weight for her didn't work.

  • Kim Bronson
    Kim Bronson   5 months ago

    Is it me or is it EVERYTIME Wendy is faced with a obstacle regarding her personal life, she seem to develop another illness, to distract from her struggles in her marriage and draw sympathy from her fans? So she doesn't have to be held accountable for her gossip news on others but not on herself. Her credibility has taken a major hit because of her disastrous marriage.

  • Jared Dimitri
    Jared Dimitri   5 months ago

    Good for her! That’s what karma does to bitches like her

  • cryptoskygreen7
    cryptoskygreen7   5 months ago

    Fake ass coke head Williams always playing the violin.

  • Ah Kidd
    Ah Kidd   5 months ago

    I have had this for almost 5 years. It is beyond anything you can ever imagine. and there is NOT a lot of options out there unless you have medical insurance. Even with insurance the cost of compression garments alone will break the bank. I am physically deformed from this terrible disease.

  • Robin Davis
    Robin Davis   5 months ago

    Don’t forget that venous Insufficiency plays a part in lymphedema. I have both of them plus a history of blood clots. I also have diabetic neuropathy even though my diabetes been in remission since 2009 not on meds since then and once the damage is done by neuropathy its not reversible. Well between the pain of the swelling in my both of my lower leg limbs, feet, ankles. I also have the burning pain in both of them from the neuropathy. When your legs always feel like they are on fire, swollen it is hard to determine which one it is at times. I wear thigh high compression stockings, I have done lymphedema therapy, I am on furosemide to help with the swelling in my body and now I just started on low dose of lyrica as Gabapentin was the worst medication 1 pill sent me into a mental fog that I coulldnt’ function mental, not able to get my thoughts together, had no judgement ability to even drive.i I immediately stop taking it contact the dr told him I wasn’t taken this medication again I want to try a low dose of lyrica and so far 2 days no problems but i only started at night but the weekend I will start the one in morning. But with the other one I took 1 pill at night and it effected me the entire next day. I even had 2 full knee replacements about a year and half ago. I am also on blood thinner Eliquis and even had a filter put in back in 2009 to prevent any clots to getting to my lungs and still there today. Just sucks with they have no real treatment for lymphedema or neuropathy. I even done vein laser therapy, and sclero therapy where they inject into your veins to kill them off it left me with a blood clot, stains on my legs from it. I will never do it again because its very painful and only make things worst. Also have to watch out for cellulitis from it I had twice and was put on antibiotics many have to be on IV antibiotics but I caught it early so was able to do oral at home. There needs to be more help for us and a cure for it or more treatments to help us because I am tired of living in pain 24/7.

  • Joann Evans
    Joann Evans   5 months ago

    Yeah, and let's talk about how gluten and other inflammatory substances like milk can cause it too. I had been diagnosed with Primary (meaning they think it's congenital defect) lymphedema. No one in my family had experiences this. After removing gluten and milk I find that it's subsiding and reversing now. The lymphatic system only moves around the body through muscle action which she does not mention here. So, it is moving your body and muscles that causes the lymph fluids (filtered out from the blood) to move around the body. So, sitting all day long is really bad for the body.