Celebrities Who Fired Back At Disrespectful Interviewers

  • Published on: 03 July 2019
  • Celebrities Who Fired Back At Disrespectful Interviewers


    Extratv, 'DARK KNIGHT RISES': ANNE HATHAWAY'S FELINE FITNESS REGIME, YouTube, Jul 9, 2012, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nEHZZi6_nU

    Global News, TAYLOR SWIFT: REACTS TO BEING NAMED THE VOICE OF HER GENERATION, YouTube, Dec 30, 2014, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVSdF_Q_fLA
  • Runtime : 9:36
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  • Enigma
    Enigma   4 months ago

    Anne Hathaway: 0:00 Dylan McDermott: 1:00 Tom Hiddleston/ Scarlett Johansson: 1:40 Joan Rivers: 2:39 Taylor Swift: 3:08 Justin Bieber: 4:21 Tasha Reign: 4:53 Britney Spears: 5:20 Helen Mirren: 5:54 Kayne West: 7:07 Demi Lovato: 8:13

  • A C
    A C   12 hours ago

    6:15 I’ve never seen a young Helen Mirren.

  • Leilah Olivia
    Leilah Olivia   12 hours ago

    its so sad how male actors/creators of any type get asked about their job while women get asked about their figure, what they wear etc.

  • kevo1978
    kevo1978   1 days ago

    5:00 WTF!?!?!What a fuckin creep!!

  • Primus Magnus
    Primus Magnus   1 days ago

    Still can't believe Jay Leno said that shit about Kanye's deceased mother, whom he was incredibly close with. It felt really manipulative and abusive of Jay to do that. Kanye was apologizing and acknowledging what he then felt was wrong, then Jay brings up his dead mother? No forgiveness. Kanye was probably very hurt after that interview.

  • PhluppeHimself
    PhluppeHimself   1 days ago

    You know you're not doing a good job as an interviewer if you can disgust a pornstar.

  • Sews
    Sews   1 days ago

    that first guy wasnt disrespectful at all imo

  • Andrew
    Andrew   1 days ago

    Not one mentally stable man would open a sensitive topic with “So, i know your mom got killed”.

  • kyla jones
    kyla jones   1 days ago

    I didn’t think this would piss me off as much as it did

  • Green Light Music Channel

    Notice how Kanye changed the subject away from his mother. He's done that in other interviews too. His mother, who he cherished more than anybody else on the planet, is an extremely touchy subject for him.

  • Davis White
    Davis White   2 days ago

    The Anne Hathaway one wasn’t disrespectful in the slightest. That shouldn’t even be on here

  • NitroCrypt
    NitroCrypt   2 days ago

    Just shows how unfair this industry is

  • William Kline
    William Kline   2 days ago

    The first one isn’t disrespectful. It’s just general questions

  • Life Is Music
    Life Is Music   2 days ago

    The first one I feel like Anne was being rude. Those are normal questions to ask when someone is playing a superhero about the suit and diet, exercise.

  • fill my cup
    fill my cup   2 days ago

    5:55 why is her voice so relaxing though? i don’t know her well just her name but she seems so relaxed. if i’m wrong don’t slam me 😳

  • Staneagle 79
    Staneagle 79   2 days ago

    How can Joan rivers answer back like that I am a big fan but she gives it she should expect it back

  • Michael P
    Michael P   2 days ago

    taylor swift handled her interview amazingly well

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James   2 days ago

    1:33 I would have knocked that guy out

  • Kostas Stelmokas
    Kostas Stelmokas   2 days ago

    6:15 isn't that the same guy that has been caught kissing little girls on live shows?

  • Amrit Mehta
    Amrit Mehta   4 days ago

    It's so annoying. And I'll tell you exactly what it is. These "interviewers" want to ask questions to serve their own agenda, as opposed to genuinely listen to the person they're speaking with, which often will give the opportunity to throw away the pre planned questions and go with the flow. They'll never reach the real person. Shitty attitudes.

  • Cmajor
    Cmajor   4 days ago

    For some one who has made fun of a lot of people, Joan Rivers sure is very sensitive

  • Ar Gon
    Ar Gon   4 days ago

    Leave Britney alone!!!!

  • John Dela Cruz
    John Dela Cruz   4 days ago

    Anne Hathaway is always rude to interviewers. Nothing new.

  • Klara Stopar
    Klara Stopar   4 days ago

    "hey, speaking of death"i mean if you insist, i have a knife her-

  • Steven Coates
    Steven Coates   5 days ago

    Man, if I were Dylan McDermott, I would've belted the SHIT out of those fucking clowns!!! How fucking DARE they!?!?

  • Timothy Bourgeois
    Timothy Bourgeois   5 days ago

    Well so there aren’t that many men asking that disrespectful or inappropriate, sexist questions to female guests. It seems like it’s actually men being treated the worst, contrary to what you would think.4:55Well....... never mind I guess.

  • TV Chunga
    TV Chunga   5 days ago

    Justin Bieber is a fucking savage JESSSSUSS

  • schord
    schord   5 days ago

    What did Anne Hathaway start the interview with?

  • Captain Gene
    Captain Gene   5 days ago

    the first one wasn't disrespectful at all

  • Thomas Kaupish
    Thomas Kaupish   5 days ago

    He says "when you figured out you were going to play catwoman" and she got so excited to talk about that then he just went into her diet and fitness plan and her heart sank.

  • Lucas
    Lucas   6 days ago

    All you gotta do is speak on Ye

  • Elisha Louis
    Elisha Louis   6 days ago

    jay leno was a dick, what gives him the right?

  • Brendan Whitaker
    Brendan Whitaker   6 days ago

    Came for kanyeStayed for Christian genius billionaire Kanye West.

  • sp00k y
    sp00k y   6 days ago

    that last guy shittd on demi about the breakup then shittd on his own daughter trying to make for it wtfffff

  • S T
    S T   6 days ago

    It wasn't about looking great it was about only being able to do the stunts. Yeah right. That's why they have stunt people, ur not actually a super hero. Why is it actresses have problems admitting to vanity when they are on screen because how they look. If Anne Hathaway looked like Susan Boyle she wouldn't be playing the part. In old days actors didnt bother working out to go on screen they just acted. If working out to go on screen isnt vanity I dont know what is. Eg matt damon in talented mr Ripley plays a loser dweeb but takes his top off and hes built better than superman with rippling 6 pack. Now he knows he has that scene and immediately on phone to personal trainer. It actually detracts from the part.