Frozen 2: BURNT (Official Fake Trailer)

  • Published on: 15 November 2019
  • So I started making this vid years ago back when Frozen just had come out, but it took too long to make and I decided not to post it... BUT since Frozen 2 is finally coming out... why not?

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  • Runtime : 4:49
  • ryan higa higatv nigahiga frozen frozen 2 burnt parody sketch animation


  • Woud
    Woud   3 hours ago

    Lol at the Ocarina of Time Twinrova reference (sound) at 3:50, and lol at Charmander! xD

  • Adia Aud
    Adia Aud   8 hours ago

    This reminds me of a poorly made anime

  • Jayden Molina
    Jayden Molina   21 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the anime references I wove fawy tawl :3

  • Sean McGrath
    Sean McGrath   23 hours ago

    Frozen 2 came out like.......2 months ago? And frozen 2 is actually about an antchantaed forest

  • Jose Alfaro
    Jose Alfaro   1 days ago

    Elsa-Well that will be in the 1st time In forever -me at school-Do you wanna build a snowman with the ummmm~Dirtt~

  • yumi -chan
    yumi -chan   1 days ago

    Não sei se eu não entendi por que é em inglês, ou pela animação

  • Starr Baxter
    Starr Baxter   1 days ago

    Dose Anna has powers now I seen frozen 1 and frozen 2

  • unknown 224
    unknown 224   1 days ago

    I can watch this a million times wish it was a real movie

  • Jiola
    Jiola   1 days ago

    Million dollar idea

  • ً
    ً   1 days ago

    Super saiyan blue Elsa vs super saiyan God Anna (equal power)

  • Marlita Fernandez
    Marlita Fernandez   1 days ago

    in frozen 2 anna will be the queen,but i like elsa because she's the nature of ice

  • * VF
    * VF   1 days ago

    lol elsa’s like Yes, I’m nailing it

  • Broken_ SlayerPlayz
    Broken_ SlayerPlayz   1 days ago

    How I imagine the end of this: Anna blasted the fire-Elsa blasted the ice-The powers: Collide -Go into Anna-Elsa loses her powers-Anna blasts Elsa but Elsa has the power of love and LOVE SHEILD reflects blast off and hits Anna-Anna hits the ground, unconscious-Elsa: Anna? Are you ok?Anna suddenly wakes up: Huh?Elsa hugs her-Anna hugs back-Anna: I’m sorry...Elsa: You’re not my shadow, you’re just not ready to come out of yours..Anna: Yet?Elsa: Yet..Olaf half-melted : YIPPEE!Elsa and Anna look at him-Olaf: ELSA! I’M METLING CAN I HAVE HELP Ó-òElsa magically has powers back-Olaf normal again-PEACE FOREVERThe End UwU

  • Peter Standen
    Peter Standen   2 days ago

    In Frozen 2: Burnt (Fake Trailer)Elsa: Stand down, Anna!Anna: I don't follow your orders anymore!Elsa: I said, STAND DOWN!In Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure, Season 3, Episode 12 "Cassandra's Revenge"Rapunzel: Let him go, Cassandra!Cassandra: I don't follow your orders anymore!Rapunzel: I said, LET HIM GO!