Everything Wrong With Joker In Totally Not Controversial Minutes

  • Published on: 30 January 2020
  • Joker. This movie made over a billion dollars. This movie is a certified box office bonanza. The critics didn't seem to dig it, but it's got pretty decent fan scores on some websites. The real question is... does it have sins? And you bet your ass it does. It really does.

    Up next: Modern classic crime sins and modern classic thriller sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 19:37
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  • Flying Goomba
    Flying Goomba   7 hours ago

    is it a coincidence that the sin for every Clock showing 11:11 is the 11th sin?

  • Dan Warner
    Dan Warner   11 hours ago

    Strange I dont think Arthur killed his mother, I think that's a figment of his imagination. Of he wanted to do but she died in hospital because surely doctors would have CCTV cameras

  • speedingchimps
    speedingchimps   16 hours ago

    the only time i agree with cinemasins is this movie

  • Maestro Mouse
    Maestro Mouse   19 hours ago

    Since lots of people seem to point out not sin sins, let me add one too. There is a sin for everone being an asshole with Arthur, and how stupid that is, right? Well, for starters, not everyone is an asshole with him, and a bunch of people are just depicted as ones, when they actually are not. It shows well, how everyone seems to be out just to get you, when you are in a dark place. Kind of the same illusion when the good guy in a movie is the good guy because everyone treats him like one, when he is indeed a gigantic asshole. The real difference is that in this movie the illusion is used on purpose and not because someone failed characterization and now you have to gloss it over.

  • Alyssa Boiii
    Alyssa Boiii   1 days ago

    CinemaSins: makes this videoMe: a n g e r n o i s e s

  • Strong Bone
    Strong Bone   1 days ago

    Did he just asked if a mentally Ill person if he's able to make good decisions? Does Jeremy know what mental illness is?

  • GnC Films
    GnC Films   2 days ago

    Narrator mispronounces "Scorsese" - DING!

  • Slimword
    Slimword   2 days ago

    6:00 there are several revolvers that can hold more than 6 rounds. They're actually more common than you'd think.

  • dregongora
    dregongora   2 days ago

    Cinema Sins should hire better writers and do better research, instead of leaning on the "we may be sarcastic or purposely wrong" justification.

  • Freddy Gamster
    Freddy Gamster   2 days ago

    12:12-12:18 Dude its Gotham if people does NOT break out of mental hospitals Batman would only work need to work parttime XD

  • AsaSudaca
    AsaSudaca   2 days ago

    I made it to 6:16 before I turned it off in disgust. Instead of giving any valid criticism, he's just hating on the movie because it didn't conform to his own world view.

  • Flying Burrito
    Flying Burrito   2 days ago

    Sinning for Batman references...in a movie about The Joker???

  • royshen100
    royshen100   2 days ago

    One of the best reviews I ever saw! OVERRATED Movie

  • Luke Griffes
    Luke Griffes   3 days ago

    In the dark knight joker kills himself. So did the guy who played that actor. In real life.

  • Luke Griffes
    Luke Griffes   3 days ago

    Holy shit Hildur Guðnadóttir went HAM on the cello in this entire movie

  • IYE C
    IYE C   3 days ago

    Movie was shot in my city!! ♥️♥️

  • mihai pascu
    mihai pascu   3 days ago

    Joker had one sin it was too short the movie is a fuckin masterpiece

  • M. Rake Linggar A.
    M. Rake Linggar A.   3 days ago

    CinemaSins, do you know what you get for trash talking the movie Joker?You get what you f**** deserve!!24k dislikes and counting 🤣

  • Los Vegan
    Los Vegan   3 days ago

    I got secondhand embarrassment the whole time watching

  • Brian Bommarito
    Brian Bommarito   4 days ago

    4:28 Isn't this a clue that Arthur Fleck's girlfriend is just in his imagination? Because if she were real, then she would be there to help him care for his mother.

  • Akimbo Slice
    Akimbo Slice   4 days ago

    LMAO All the incel's in the comments are hilarious.

  • mrkrabz
    mrkrabz   4 days ago

    The mail cage is so the mail man can lock himself in when all the mailboxes are open. Not that difficult to figure out the purpose....

  • Xeraser
    Xeraser   4 days ago

    Yes, Gary Glitter's done some horrible things. What does it have to do with his music exactly? Try to separate an artist from his work.

  • Harley Kapitan
    Harley Kapitan   4 days ago

    He talked about the clocks being 11 11 and then he sinned it to 11

  • Herowebcomics
    Herowebcomics   4 days ago

    Omg!This movie was SO crazy!Sure there were problems, but there were also some great moments!His sparing of the little guy was awesom!

  • Kyler H
    Kyler H   5 days ago

    CinemaSins are trying way to hard for this video. There’s maybe 5 valid sins... the rest is just reaching for content. Lame.

  • Jesper Jansen
    Jesper Jansen   5 days ago

    I loved this movie. F*k you, CinemaSins. I'm sinning you. Not sure what it'll do, but I'm doing it anyway.

  • RudeTortuga
    RudeTortuga   5 days ago

    Would I be so butthurt about this video if I jumped on the bandwagon of loving this movie?

  • BalaSundareshwaran A

    Bro!Cheap rip off your idea, sound, voice and methods Pls stop himYet he does good job finding mistakes in Indian moviehttps://youtu.be/v2rw8msOocQ

  • Aaro Ranta
    Aaro Ranta   5 days ago

    "me laughig at a meme"my mum: what's so funnyme: 17:56

  • Devlin Blake
    Devlin Blake   5 days ago

    The shoe print blood wasn't real. It was a metaphor

  • PS4 Gaming
    PS4 Gaming   5 days ago

    Damn I had no idea just how trash this movie was Joker sucks ass

  • Dwayne Earl James
    Dwayne Earl James   6 days ago

    It's called "reloading" you halfwit. Seriously, does everything have to be pre-chewed and regurgitated back into your cawing beak for you to get it? Spoilers!(duh)You're not smart.