How Strip Clubs and Hip-Hop Fueled Atlanta's Lemon-Pepper Wing Obsession | Food Grails

  • Published on: 12 July 2017
  • Welcome to Food Grails, First We Feast's traveling food and culture series hosted by Miss Info. As a music journalist, she's traveled the world and seen the power of artists who rep for their hometown sound. Now, she wants to discover how foods define a city’s flavor—from D.C.'s mumbo sauce to NYC's beef patties. These are America’s food grails.

    For the Food Grails season finale, Miss Info heads to Atlanta, a city that takes pride in its strip clubs, hip-hop, and wing culture. But talk to locals and you'll quickly learn that one wing stands above the rest—lemon pepper. Natives have fiercely claimed lemon pepper as their own, turning it into an icon that's been referenced in rap lyrics, television, and pop-culture. To find out why so many people have fallen under its spell, we head to strip clubs like Magic City, taste-test wings in backyard parties with Rembert Browne, and talk to some of lemon pepper's biggest supporters, Waka Flocka, Rick Ross, and Donald Glover.

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  • Runtime : 14:9
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  • Josue melo
    Josue melo   4 days ago

    The host should be black. Not Asian trying to be hood.

  • cityhustleHD
    cityhustleHD   1 weeks ago

    Why did wing stop take away the baked beans tho!? That was a perfect compliment with the wings & fries. Bring them shits back

  • Shin XIV
    Shin XIV   1 weeks ago

    1:49 anyone know the name of the beat?

  • ruckus uwu
    ruckus uwu   1 weeks ago

    Everyone clowned on the dude showing them the flat technique, but I'm honestly amazed that they don't all do it already. Clean bones, everytime. LET THE MAN SPEAK

    EDM DLC   1 weeks ago

    "When you a kid, you want some drums. When grow up, you want some flats." Okay, but whether I was a kid or an adult, at least I knew how to finish a fucking wing, Drum or Flat, you Abercrombie & Bitch, Mom and Dad taught me how to Snitch, live Sandy Springs but say I'm from Alanta, Pale White Bitch.

  • Bizarro 28
    Bizarro 28   1 weeks ago

    Rick Ross beard is strange there is so much on his face lol

    BRENTxBEAR   1 weeks ago

    Not gunna lie seeing those wings not being cleaned off the bone made me heated 😤 eat all the damn meat!

  • SoleofMischief
    SoleofMischief   1 weeks ago

    Miss Info looks like a school counselor but randomly wearing street wear.

  • Amber Rage
    Amber Rage   2 weeks ago

    I’m from Cali and we like tacos but this was interesting tho look like the hole in the wall got better food no matter what food they selling lol

  • lek sou sou
    lek sou sou   2 weeks ago

    Tf does wacka flocks know about wings he vegan

  • BangemJ
    BangemJ   2 weeks ago

    This shit would have been way more believable if they had Bonecrusher, Big Boi, Young Dro, Goodie Mob, and 2 Chainz.

  • BangemJ
    BangemJ   2 weeks ago

    Whoever leaving all that meat on them bones, lame as fuck!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlie Korea
    Charlie Korea   2 weeks ago

    Most of the time the fucking strip clubs be having better food than the dine-in restaurants. And I'm talking about the black strip clubs. Only other strip club that get a pass is Tootsies

  • GreatSwordNH
    GreatSwordNH   2 weeks ago

    35yr Wisconsin boy here. I asked my mom to make Lemon Pepper chicken and Strawberries for my 16th birthday. With corn, crescents, it was one the best family meals I'v ever had.

  • Ranjan Biswas
    Ranjan Biswas   2 weeks ago

    Who eats like that? I'd devour the bones too.

  • Kyle Funderburk
    Kyle Funderburk   2 weeks ago

    I need to find one of Rick Ross's WingStop's because ever since the one near me changed management, the lemon pepper has been terrible. Barely any pepper, even less lemon. Wingstop has the best lemon pepper when it's done right.

  • Kemari Johnson
    Kemari Johnson   3 weeks ago

    I came here to see celebrities talk about wings not see ass shaking on my computer screen. Imma still like the video tho.

  • Lofi Carti
    Lofi Carti   3 weeks ago

    1:12 the dude next to her is just staring right at her fucked up teeth

  • hurley31
    hurley31   3 weeks ago

    I'm watching this just before bed and only realised at the end that's Rick Ross and not paper boy from Atlanta 😄 Time for bed methinks

  • Dr. Senku
    Dr. Senku   3 weeks ago

    white boy and Crocs 😭😭😭😭

  • Dr. Senku
    Dr. Senku   3 weeks ago

    the way he says "regular" 😂😂😂

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez   3 weeks ago

    Any wing sauce toss original and tasty bring it on bring it on I love it

  • Boogie
    Boogie   3 weeks ago

    Look never been to ATL but I’m pretty sure them niggas in the backyard ain’t a good representation of the homies from down south

  • jed Tomczat
    jed Tomczat   3 weeks ago

    Rick ross prison guard who stole a dealers name to make a rap fake persona

  • Mobby
    Mobby   1 months ago

    Imagine the strippers dancing on a nigga that just ate some wings smelling and shit 😂

  • Bills Mafia Member
    Bills Mafia Member   1 months ago

    when he said at the end that someone was even throwing lemon pepper wings to his pitbulls, i wonder how many dogs he killed. everyone knows cooked chicken bones are the worst to give a dog.

  • Max P.
    Max P.   1 months ago

    the host is fucking unbearable

  • YxngZ
    YxngZ   1 months ago

    Me: goes to strip clubStripper: ay come here!Me: c’mon girl I’m just here to eat and smoke

  • Saul Calvillo
    Saul Calvillo   1 months ago

    Get those white people out this video. Lordddd

  • terry green
    terry green   1 months ago

    is it me, or did he just name drop coach K, in an Atlanta strip club? we gon pretend we didn't hear that? I believe Duke got some questions!?🤨👀