10 Famous Kids Who Ruined Their Careers

  • Published on: 04 January 2020
  • These kids were famous celebrities from such a young age! but what happened to them over the years? From big blockbuster movies like home alone, to major star names like will smith! This is what these child actors are doing now

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    It’s not easy being a child star in Hollywood. As a world-famous actor, it’s impossible to escape the spotlight. In most cases, parents have control over the money involved, and the famous faces can’t enjoy the simple things that most kids get to experience everyday. For these 10 famous child actors, the pressure was too much, causing them to spiral out of control - some in more dramatic ways than others. Where’d it all go wrong? And what are they doing with themselves today?

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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest   3 months ago

    Who thinks these poor kids just needed some real guidance?

  • Miles Tiernan
    Miles Tiernan   8 hours ago

    Jayden Smith isn’t failed he’s got a clothing brand water company and a massive rap album how is that failed

  • Audiogeeks Vintage Sales

    It is called bi-polar disorder, it happens to late teens early 20something .and AB last acting was the collage based movies with John schiender. .to bad the movie industry was more worried about he working than her mental health. Sane with her oarents

  • Arin Pieterse
    Arin Pieterse   1 days ago

    This dude talking hella shit about Jaden. Do ya research fam

  • Randy Hussey
    Randy Hussey   1 days ago

    Wow don’t ever disrespect Jaden🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Andiswa Alex
    Andiswa Alex   3 days ago

    I mean why enter in peoples business Why do u have to talk about this shitJust BS

  • Jim Kenny
    Jim Kenny   4 days ago

    This is shit most of these went on to be better .

  • Justin Gunn
    Justin Gunn   4 days ago

    I think you left out:1. Bow Wow2. Shea Labeouff

  • Justin Gunn
    Justin Gunn   4 days ago

    1. Jaden Smith2. Lindsay Lohan3. Justin Cooper4. Mara Wilson5. Drew Barrymore6. Macculy Culkin7. Amanda BynesWhat happened to you guys?!

  • H Y
    H Y   5 days ago

    I think this guy needs to look up the definition of the word ruined

  • Cynthia Baldwin
    Cynthia Baldwin   5 days ago

    Y'all forgot Orlando Brown 😣😂 and BTW After Earth was great IDK why it tanked🤷🤦🙄😓

  • winston miller
    winston miller   6 days ago

    Could you please do Roddy McDowell and Elizabeth Taylor as examples of child stars??

  • Kate Brown
    Kate Brown   6 days ago

    I know ordinary everyday people who can't handle life without drinking or drugs. Throw fame in the mix and these people would be tabloid gold.

  • Rimfire 898
    Rimfire 898   1 weeks ago

    Honestly, I think Macaulay Culkin’s career is at an all time high, as he now collaborates with internet celebrity Rich Evans.

  • Shug Howard
    Shug Howard   1 weeks ago

    Who put this list together 😂🤦🤦🤦

  • the anime girl
    the anime girl   1 weeks ago

    These not even people who ruined their careers and you praising most of em

  • Rafael
    Rafael   1 weeks ago

    We all become so ugly as we grow up!

  • Rafael
    Rafael   1 weeks ago

    On my channel is a video of Lindsay Lohan at World Music Awards 2006. SHE SEEMED SO..Okay...

  • Erin Downing
    Erin Downing   1 weeks ago

    My thoughts & prayers are with all the Child stars in the world & I understand that Child Stardom is something they'd have to overcome to be well balanced & -functioning adults I Pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will be with them & help them to rise up, beat the odds & become well adjusted.

  • Kaleb Basketball
    Kaleb Basketball   1 weeks ago

    Can we agree known of these people, besides home alone kid, didn’t really ruin there career

  • Zara Dimple
    Zara Dimple   1 weeks ago

    That does not look good, he is just a kid and should look like a kid.

  • Audrius Kaminskas
    Audrius Kaminskas   1 weeks ago

    How did they ruin their careers. Yes about 3 of um did but the rest have discovered who they want to be and they are killing it in their new career paths.

  • osebo odigie
    osebo odigie   1 weeks ago

    Uhmmmm justin cooper ruined what exactly?

  • Ray florent
    Ray florent   1 weeks ago

    The only person in this video should be Justin Bieber but he's changing now though!

  • Mr. Scotland
    Mr. Scotland   1 weeks ago

    Do you know the meaning of the word ruined?

  • Neku Sama
    Neku Sama   1 weeks ago

    Jaden Ruined his career Gets millions of views on yt,Sure bud....

  • Roxanne Costales
    Roxanne Costales   1 weeks ago

    When you say or do something that people can't understand, they all think you are weird, rather than unique.

  • Galaxy_ Ocean
    Galaxy_ Ocean   1 weeks ago

    I don't get the Justin Cooper one. How did his career get ruined? Can someone explain to me? (Sry I catch on slowly)