Embedded With Special Forces in Afghanistan | Part 2

  • Published on: 17 November 2018
  • Watch Part 1 here: https://youtu.be/wFpIrVPrdSs

    Coffee or Die Magazine’s Marty Skovlund Jr. was given exclusive access to embed with a Special Forces team in the mountains of Afghanistan, and accompany them on a combat mission into ISIS-held territory.

    These Green Beret’s fit the common tropes associated with Special Forces: beards, long-ish hair, and relaxed attitudes along with a few sleeve tattoos sprinkled in for good measure.

    Although they sport ball caps and Glocks in lieu of cowboy hats and six-shooters, they are frontiersman all the same — charged with taming the Mohmand Valley.

    The team operates out of COP Blackfish, an isolated outpost in the Mohmand Valley and only a short walk from where the controversial “MOAB” was dropped last year.

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  • Runtime : 17:43
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  • Jose de dios
    Jose de dios   4 days ago

    You are jurnalists, why dont you explain who vrested ISIS and fpr what? And Talibans and all that crap... And why in Siria, Daesh doesnt attack Israel and receive waepons from Turquy?

  • Arsene Who?
    Arsene Who?   4 days ago

    I don't think the public realise how much Coalition Special Forces do in Afghanistan, they're a huge force multiplier against the Taliban. UK and US elite troops are responsible for a lot of enemy deaths.......Woop Woop!!!

  • Getshotdown_ 3d
    Getshotdown_ 3d   6 days ago

    Bro able looks like rut from the vigilance videos for real tho.

  • Barney Ray
    Barney Ray   1 weeks ago

    That saw or 249 gunner needs a scope!

  • BIG.BO520
    BIG.BO520   1 weeks ago

    every time i see these videos i feal guilty as an american that im not there fighting and had it not be for a few bad choices when i was young i probably would have been

  • Yuri Mendes
    Yuri Mendes   1 weeks ago

    Just a little worried for the Afghans faces in the end not being blurried, since those people end up being killed for helping the U.S.

  • michael lee
    michael lee   2 weeks ago

    Only one way to win a war. Total defeat.

  • H Phillips
    H Phillips   3 weeks ago

    5.56 would not be my choice of caliber there

  • Jonathan Willard
    Jonathan Willard   3 weeks ago

    100 percent badasses. I was a little kid and had a Brit SAS Operator come to the USA and I had little adventures with him. He's dead, died in service. He was a badass 100 percent, he was the shortest SAS Operator in the Regiment. Now that I'm grown it's humbling thinking of it. I miss him and wanna give him a hug, but no matter how big my head gets from any accomplishment I'm a little kid compared to him. He's the only guy who never inflicted damage to me as a kid, I'd see him coming and haul ass out the door running to him just because he was just cool. He carried me thru a gunfight and got shot in the head. I wanted to be like him. I wanted to move to Britain and be SAS. I wanted to get shot in the head like him. I did too. A Holy Spirit lined it up and kept hanging around. A cop shot me right between the eyes. I've got the scar.

  • BurnedSpace
    BurnedSpace   3 weeks ago

    with a combat controller. those guys are the real deal

  • Bill Bobert
    Bill Bobert   1 months ago

    I didn't expect the special forces to be dressed so "chill" they were wearing t shirts and stuff rather than full combat gear.

  • stubones
    stubones   1 months ago

    I hope you guys are gearing to fight for your country against the communist traitors. Remember your oath of defending the nation from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. The demorats are the enemy.

  • Meyer Mica
    Meyer Mica   1 months ago

    Those Muslims started the war on America & Europe

  • Ahmet Kaide
    Ahmet Kaide   1 months ago

    Yo y’all forgot to blur one the guys faces out at 4:35

  • William
    William   1 months ago

    Did a few missions with SF in 03-04. Paktika and Uruzgan provinces.

  • Dei Thang
    Dei Thang   1 months ago

    Coffee or Die got me laughing. 😊

  • Kenny Dave
    Kenny Dave   1 months ago

    Im waiting for "Black Rifle Reefer"

  • 1991tilforever
    1991tilforever   1 months ago

    I wanna be an army ranger I wish I wasn’t already 28. I shoulda saw this video at 18 lol

  • Red Dot
    Red Dot   1 months ago

    12:53 reminds me of the scene from Lone Survivor

  • whatever9042
    whatever9042   1 months ago

    Where did you get that helmet? I want one

  • Laurus
    Laurus   1 months ago

    7'26 what is this music ?

  • B Leon
    B Leon   1 months ago

    That's what's up my dudes... no pork mre mista!

  • Quincy Jones
    Quincy Jones   1 months ago

    This is actually a completely boring documentary. I expected much more than this.

  • John Lindsay
    John Lindsay   1 months ago

    Did you not hear Obama in the war in 2010 there's no more war in Afghanistan why you guys pretending there's a war in Afghanistan this was published in 2018 or 19 it seems odd that you guys are still be going after caliban's according to the government and Obama the war is over and the Taliban double exists in there on to Isis and the other idiots and Syria

  • Chase Gurganious
    Chase Gurganious   1 months ago

    I've tried to clean those dots off my screen twice lol. Camera lens must and been dirty 🤣

  • Coolhand Luke
    Coolhand Luke   2 months ago

    Does anybody know what rock group is playing on this video about 10 minutes in?

  • Zach Gilliland
    Zach Gilliland   2 months ago

    You can take the best part of waking up and shove it, Folgers.

  • Cheap Seats
    Cheap Seats   2 months ago

    The best part of waking up is 5.56 rounds in the bad guys.

  • Proud Gay Californian Registered Democrat

    Sorry but after the Afghanistan Papers this "war" is looking even more stupid and yes I did my time and served over there. Wasn't worth anybodies life or time and every vet I've talked to about it agrees.

  • TjsLifeIsPie
    TjsLifeIsPie   2 months ago

    Please tell me there is another embedded with Special Forces coming out soon.

  • Byrd_
    Byrd_   2 months ago

    13:19 "headshot" calm asf