Five Finger Death Punch - Inside Out (Official Lyric Video)

  • Published on: 02 December 2019
  • Official lyric video for 'Inside Out' from the new album 'F8' - out worldwide Feb. 28th 2020.
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  • Runtime : 5:1
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  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane   8 hours ago

    That solo gave me the fucking chills literally turned my skin INSIDE OUT!!!

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane   8 hours ago

    Fuck yeah I'm feeling this 1,000%

  • Фрост Феникс

    Уж ОЧЕНЬ ДОЛГОЕ ЗАТЯНУТОЕ ВСТУПЛЕНИЕ, очень =\\\\\ =( . А песня красивая 😉👍✊🤘

  • Jake Bybee
    Jake Bybee   12 hours ago

    Intro reminds me of faith no more

  • mikeyp8044
    mikeyp8044   12 hours ago

    why do people like this? it's like the music equilivancy of "watered down"

  • Nicholas Burton
    Nicholas Burton   12 hours ago

    A heavy baseline should set the mood for a Mexican standoff duels, huh?You forgot about American cowboysLet us die by the gun as wellWhere's the Evil One?

  • Nicholas Burton
    Nicholas Burton   12 hours ago

    I'm all about upside down squares and triangles to protect a diamond. What's up with the lamps/eyes? Almost as many pairs of feet to wash

  • Andrew Hesler
    Andrew Hesler   14 hours ago

    Beginning rifts tear this whole song wide open.

  • JT Baird
    JT Baird   17 hours ago

    Amazing song FFDP, I hope to see this one live when ever tall are back in the A

  • Noah Huse
    Noah Huse   17 hours ago

    Dankamus this gave me a bonerus

  • Mirella
    Mirella   18 hours ago

    Grandiosi spettacolari, unici⚡

  • Jason Howe
    Jason Howe   18 hours ago

    my dad has bad ptsd from vietnam poor man.

  • Victorious Overflowing
    Victorious Overflowing   19 hours ago

    Classic illuminati mason imagery. Roman and viking too. The numbers remind me of the Federal Reserve (privately owned Rothschild bank) notes. Q knows y'all. Nothing stops what is coming.

  • Tank Dempsey
    Tank Dempsey   20 hours ago

    Ok, I like this band and this song, but am I the only one who noticed the snake eating itself (I don't remember the name) and the Masonic symbols? There is clearly something wrong with the band.

  • Calvin Hobbes
    Calvin Hobbes   1 days ago

    Awesome as usual - this starts out sounding like a Red song ... then BLAMMO! The gravel-voice with the melodic one in the same song -- works for me! :)

  • kelly milligan
    kelly milligan   1 days ago

    I love five finger death punch's new song, i can't wait for they new album to come out.

  • Dylan Morton
    Dylan Morton   1 days ago

    Five Finger Death Punch needs to do a show Godsmack. Both bands are badass.

  • Danny Nuggets
    Danny Nuggets   1 days ago

    No one is talking about the illuminati/new world order visual bullshit clearly displayed within this video. Noice.

  • Brandon Gabriel Jr
    Brandon Gabriel Jr   1 days ago

    This song was literally made for me for what's going on in my life right now. Thank you FFDP for this

  • Eve Ruoss
    Eve Ruoss   1 days ago

    Thx for this song.....inside out!! All the time! 🤟🤟🤟

  • lxGreed
    lxGreed   2 days ago

    I felt this so much. Im so happy you guys are back. Always brings me back on my feet when i get knocked down from people or life. I cant wait for the full album 🖤🥰

  • Vinny Latoria
    Vinny Latoria   2 days ago

    When the media doesn't understand that Video Games Don't cause violence.

  • Daniel Belay
    Daniel Belay   2 days ago

    Can we petition to get this version played on the radio instead of the version where they fuck with Ivan's voice? I don't get it. Shorten this. Cut words even. Why would you FUCK with this sound for what the radio edit turned out to be?

  • Hannah Knapp
    Hannah Knapp   2 days ago

    the beginning music.. leading up to this epicness :D amazing lyrics! Love them! can't wait to see them in may!!!!!

  • Danny Gambrel
    Danny Gambrel   2 days ago


  • Steve O
    Steve O   2 days ago

    I was really looking forward to the new album. But after listening to both of there new songs i'm seriously disappointed they SUCK sooooo bad. This is Five Finger's Metallica Load album...remember how bad that was? Well....

  • Jacob Mattingly
    Jacob Mattingly   2 days ago

    This band is for dudes who wanna fight after they get hit to hard in the pit.