Brad Leone Learns How to Cook Regional Burger Styles | The Burger Show

  • Published on: 01 October 2019
  • Brad Leone learns how to cook classic regional burger styles.
    Burger Scholar George Motz teaches the host of It's Alive! about the Jersey Burger, the San Antonio Beanburger, and the Nebraskan icon, the bierock.

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    Season 5
    Episode 2

    First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
  • Runtime : 12:2
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast   7 months ago

    Settle the debate once and for all: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll?

  • fausti00
    fausti00   4 hours ago

    We need half-sour Saffitz on this show.

  • Ivan Stalkerson
    Ivan Stalkerson   13 hours ago

    I like how everyone and their mother is commenting abt the Runza... All failing to spot 8:23

  • Benton Lott
    Benton Lott   15 hours ago

    Fat dudes a bitch though... didnt even finish that half a burger

  • TapouT1TapouT
    TapouT1TapouT   22 hours ago

    This guy has no right calling anyone else lazy

  • koolkoori
    koolkoori   1 days ago

    Jersey Burger was always gonna win lmao

  • Alec Mealing
    Alec Mealing   3 days ago

    Jersey is an island off the coast of France. I know they are referring to the state of new Jersey but he should have specified

  • Dudeman9339
    Dudeman9339   3 days ago

    Brad is functionally illiterate. How he's gotten anywhere in life is astonishing.

  • Dayton Longhofer
    Dayton Longhofer   4 days ago

    bierock--- is pronounced beer-oak not beer-rock. im am from this decent of German Russian immigrant Shattauck OK people.

  • Falan Filan
    Falan Filan   6 days ago

    never trust a guy who has that kind of beard

  • Stank Planks
    Stank Planks   6 days ago

    Every time they go to George’s he makes the best looking burgers.

  • Karl Berget
    Karl Berget   6 days ago

    oh shit it's like, two of my favorite people. how did I not see this before

  • Leon Wilcox
    Leon Wilcox   1 weeks ago

    Bierock aka Cabbage Pockets can be bought at any Runzas restaurant in Nebraska.

  • Xrife Ironbeard
    Xrife Ironbeard   1 weeks ago

    ...So I'm from Nebraska and you can actually get Bierock at a restaurant. We call it a Runza.

  • Gerald Baker
    Gerald Baker   1 weeks ago

    You are wrong my friend and there are a few places in wichita kansas that make and sell bierocks I like your show and now I am hungry for a bierock or 4 take care

  • asaenvolk
    asaenvolk   1 weeks ago

    We have a place that makes and sells Bierocks, but I can't eat cabbage, so I can't have them.

  • Justin Ogden
    Justin Ogden   1 weeks ago

    Bring your ass back so San Antonio and let someone teach you how to really make a bean burger. Keep that cheese wizz shit off of there. There is absolutely no self respecting person in San Antonio putting that on a bean burger. Further more, where is the salsa?!?!?!?!?!? I usually love this show, but now your messing with my burger George!!!!

  • Refried BeanDip
    Refried BeanDip   1 weeks ago

    So what was that first Burger, an Oklahoma onion burger with ham added to it?

  • Juliette Frediere
    Juliette Frediere   1 weeks ago

    My hometown has a bierock shop that’s been around for over a hundred years

  • Gumpy
    Gumpy   1 weeks ago

    that fat guy is totally unnecessary. just annoying.

  • Caleb Hite
    Caleb Hite   1 weeks ago

    My mom makes bierocks every thanksgiving and christmas. She never uses cheese but I know some people do.

  • Gotti Baron
    Gotti Baron   1 weeks ago

    I love George Motz. He is the Jeff Goldblum of food!

  • James
    James   1 weeks ago

    Canadian is American...

  • Brian Aguirre
    Brian Aguirre   1 weeks ago

    I never knew Gabagool was a real word, I always remember Michael saying it in The Office 😂

  • Obnoxious Potato
    Obnoxious Potato   1 weeks ago

    Whats with Alvin ripping people who work in his kitchen? seems like a dick boss on a power trip. Would hate to work for that guy

  • Kristine Christenson
    Kristine Christenson   1 weeks ago

    I dont know if it's still there but in my home town (Clovis CA right next to fresno) we had a bierock restaurantOn like willow and shaw

  • Don Flamenco
    Don Flamenco   2 weeks ago

    Alvin gets his Filipino pass revoked for calling the Bierock a dumpling and not an Empanada

  • Toza
    Toza   2 weeks ago

    Dudes looking like an aged wolverine?

  • thestandardchaos
    thestandardchaos   2 weeks ago

    Pork roll. And it’s a Trenton burger not a jersey burger 😋

  • WD
    WD   2 weeks ago

    The closest thing you’ll get to a Bierock is if you go to Runza’s, a fast food chain you’ll literally only find in Nebraska, western Iowa, and northern Kansas. Not really a burger, but a burger is definitely its closest relative, and it’s origin story is definitely one that would fit a burger.

  • Joe R
    Joe R   2 weeks ago

    The brock is know more as a runza in Nebraska and Iowa. It is a regional chain of restaurants who make those sandwiches.