I Made That Awful Soap Hand

  • Published on: 06 March 2020
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  • Runtime : 16:42
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  • Aubrey Cruz
    Aubrey Cruz   2 hours ago

    6:22 - 6:30Me and the random kid I was partnered with to do a science labEdit: Before coronavirus

  • чашка печали

    You know what would make it even better? Putting a skeleton hand inside the soap. Then you can say that you rubbed it to the bone every day we stray further from god

  • cmix21
    cmix21   22 hours ago

    I love so fucking much, I don't even recall when did I start watching your videos

  • Alex Grey
    Alex Grey   1 days ago

    Idk if anyone’s told you this but I fucking love your floors

  • Rikki Critchley
    Rikki Critchley   1 days ago

    Jenna marbles is one of the most funniest people on YouTube 😂😂

  • Rollurowno !
    Rollurowno !   1 days ago

    You could have made a roast chicken soap for Kermit. The first attempt was a dead ringer.

  • MrStevieSanity
    MrStevieSanity   1 days ago

    JennaMarbles Should make a soap foot by using a pair of toe shoes for a mold https://us.vibram.com/shop/fivefingers/men/

  • Coco Drawz
    Coco Drawz   1 days ago

    the 5 minutes isnt the time that the craft takes... its the time to create the idea

  • ZozoCreates
    ZozoCreates   2 days ago

    It looks like it's melting in the bathroom!!

  • Angel Bites
    Angel Bites   2 days ago

    Why not make a mold of your hand and then fill the mold with soap?

  • Rebecca Davis
    Rebecca Davis   2 days ago

    It looks like the hand of the aliens from Strange Planet by Nathan W. Pyle!

  • lunarsky
    lunarsky   2 days ago

    we need to remember this date so that we can wish skqrp a happy birthday next year.

  • Elanor
    Elanor   2 days ago

    The failed hand looks like the elephant foot

  • Ken B.
    Ken B.   2 days ago

    He says it’s the worst thing but he forgets about the soap foot Jenna made

  • ddootzles
    ddootzles   2 days ago

    Immediately reminded of that video of the girl who made a soap in the shape of her foot on Tiktok the second I read the title

  • Via
    Via   3 days ago

    Jenna has a feud with 5 minute crafts and Cristine has a feud with Troom Troom

  • Baity Wagner
    Baity Wagner   3 days ago

    Jenna and Julien remind me of me and my best friend

  • Thomas Young
    Thomas Young   3 days ago

    Make a hand out of Irish spring and pet Kermit with it

  • emma :l
    emma :l   3 days ago

    i thought it would be spelled like squirp or some shit, but SKQRP THO! I FUCKING HATE IT BUT ITS AMAZING

  • Xinyi Wang
    Xinyi Wang   3 days ago

    Stick it on a needle candle holder so you can secure it.

  • Xinyi Wang
    Xinyi Wang   3 days ago

    The cutting soap part is oddly satisfying.

  • Lemonade
    Lemonade   3 days ago

    11:23 - It’s awful!! 11:27 - It’s so wrong. It’s so wrong! 11:31 - it’s not the worst thing in the world.11:35 - I kinda love it!That’s a lot of developing emotions every 4 seconds. 😂

  • Froggyswag 75893
    Froggyswag 75893   3 days ago

    This brings a whole new light to the words ‘hand soap’

  • DividesXZero
    DividesXZero   3 days ago

    Suggestion for future: try putting cold water in the jar to help cool the wax inside the glove.

  • Ra-ra 19
    Ra-ra 19   4 days ago

    Julien looks a bit like Commissioner Gordon from the show Harley Quinn

  • Victoria
    Victoria   4 days ago

    COVID boredom has brought me back to this video and I can't help but think... that I really hope Skqrp Is still living in their bathroom, getting a little smaller every day but providing such an essential service.I just had the most invasive thought: a dog safe version of Skqrp so that bathing Kermit just means petting him with the horrible cursed soap hand.

  • Aria Graff
    Aria Graff   4 days ago

    When that plastic glove began its life, little did it know that it would be used by a virgo lady to make a caressable, demonic, cursed soap hand.

  • Weeb__trash
    Weeb__trash   4 days ago

    I saw someone on TikTok cosplaying Shigaraki and made a soap hand and the caption said “are you proud of me Jenna”😂

  • Shouta Aizawa
    Shouta Aizawa   4 days ago

    Jenna @ 0:29: this soap hand boutta make me act up.

  • Pandagram666
    Pandagram666   4 days ago


  • Samantha Antrum
    Samantha Antrum   5 days ago

    I’m just now watching this for the first time and I laughed harder than I have in months