$10 Noodles Vs. $94 Noodles

  • Published on: 15 December 2019
  • “Sorry, there’s a lot of slurpin’ going on.”

    To visit the restaurants featured in this episode, please follow the below links!

    Laoxi Noodle House: http://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/8209452/type/dlg/sid/WorthItNoodlesVid-11-15/https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g29105-d10529326-Reviews-Lao_Xi_Noodle_House-Arcadia_California.html

    Dolan’s Uyghur Cuisine:


    Bistro Na:
  • Runtime : 15:56
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  • Rey Shazni
    Rey Shazni   15 hours ago

    my worth it winner would be 1$ indomie goreng telur

  • Charles Yeh
    Charles Yeh   18 hours ago

    It has been months since the last time I saw a Worth It update on Chinese video websites. We liked this show but we won’t accept it until Buzzfeed admit that they’ve hurt our’s hearts.

  • Charles Yeh
    Charles Yeh   18 hours ago

    It has been months since the last time I saw a Worth It update on Chinese video websites. We liked this show but we won’t accept it until Buzzfeed admit that they’ve hurt our’s hearts.

  • T D
    T D   1 weeks ago

    plow and Manti are also Russian food :D

  • April K
    April K   1 weeks ago

    Think I can find noodles in the grocery store🤔 cause i know can't find flour..and Steven shame on u for not seeing ratatouille yet..🤣

  • Sam Britton
    Sam Britton   1 weeks ago

    Food: arrivesSteven: "Is this, my childhood?"

  • StormFusion x
    StormFusion x   1 weeks ago

    Owner: There are about 1000 types of noodles in this part of China!Me: Searches up how many noodles are there in the worldInternet:350 kindsMe: Triggered

  • springtaelicious
    springtaelicious   1 weeks ago

    Should have done cold rolls or Vietnamese banh mi, so many places :3

  • Patricia Sy
    Patricia Sy   1 weeks ago

    If you get the chance to visit Vietnam, try pizza 4Ps, they also have really good crab pasta 😊 Vietnam has such great food for cheap prices. You can also go for food trip on a scooter bike (because that's pretty much how they get around).

  • Nysha Reddy
    Nysha Reddy   1 weeks ago

    Where is the Maggi????!!!😢😢😢

  • Nysha Reddy
    Nysha Reddy   1 weeks ago

    These THREE guys are the reason buzzfeed isn’t bankrupt!!Especially ADAM!!

  • Edward Tang
    Edward Tang   1 weeks ago

    The Englishman used chopstick better than the asian boy. Kudos.

  • Undra
    Undra   1 weeks ago

    Love the "Google Uyghur" shirts!!

  • Kerry Saarinen
    Kerry Saarinen   1 weeks ago

    Your buzz feed reminds me of cash cab for some odd reason!!

  • Christy Philip
    Christy Philip   2 weeks ago

    Anyone else getting COVID-19 anxiety from them sharing food?

  • Dara Taylor
    Dara Taylor   2 weeks ago

    Go to The Philippines and Puerto Rico next

  • SneakDaruto
    SneakDaruto   2 weeks ago

    3:34 “THIS IS A LOT OF FOOD”Matt stonie slithers from across the room and says: “Let me help you with that😈”

  • Eric Zhang
    Eric Zhang   3 weeks ago

    ayyyyyy this video came out on my birthday

  • Ruslan
    Ruslan   3 weeks ago

    I think more obvious answer is he loves noodles more then pasta cause he's asian!

  • Ruby Chen
    Ruby Chen   3 weeks ago

    Big plate chicken is delicious

  • Kyle Fan
    Kyle Fan   3 weeks ago

    Fun fact: the Han dynasty was 206BC to 220AD so 4,000 years ago is wrong

  • Flash
    Flash   3 weeks ago

    Lol 2 guys keeping buzzfeed alive

  • Dianne De Leon
    Dianne De Leon   3 weeks ago

    Huh. There's no comment with a thousand likes yet. Very unusual 🤔

    EZKATKA   3 weeks ago

    Me :50 cents instant noodle

  • Soly Fouerti
    Soly Fouerti   4 weeks ago

    I’ve watched so many of these videos and still haven’t heard any of them say something negative about any of the foods they’ve tasted

  • deleted
    deleted   4 weeks ago

    When uyghur guy said: "... in my country.", I wanted to cry. China, stop the genocide!

  • Jose Montes
    Jose Montes   4 weeks ago

    It's crazy how there's an entire company being ran off youtube

  • KitsuneOniko
    KitsuneOniko   4 weeks ago

    Ooooh I love Crustaceans <3 my family and I eat at the one here in SF at least 2-3 times a year and my fav IS their crab and garlic noodles there!

  • XILoveAsian FoodX
    XILoveAsian FoodX   4 weeks ago

    How normal people want their marriage: like to know them well love them and be kindHow the first guy want his marriage: I lIkE hEr NoOdLeS