Could Your Phone Hurt You? Electromagnetic Pollution

  • Published on: 07 July 2019
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    Electricity is all around us, all the time. It makes our lives easier, safer, more fun and most of us never think about it. But is there such a thing as too much electricity? Electronic devices emit an electromagnetic field, which is suspected to cause cancer. We read countless sources on this topic to summarize the results of the latest research for you.

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  • Nick Walker
    Nick Walker   10 hours ago

    These people that are "killed" by radio waves, or electromagnetic pulses, are the same people that think the earth is flat and Trump is a good president.These "black out" zones with no phones or computers allowed are just false. At any given time, there are up to 30 satellites above the US or any other part of the world, partially excluding the poles, broadcasting continuously. No matter where you go, you will always be around them. Period.Now that my ranting is done. No, cell phones cannot hurt you aside from being thrown at you.And the only piece of technology that does hurt you, is usually an apple product. If you can call apple a tech company at all...

  • TheMKG26
    TheMKG26   22 hours ago

    Well, today I napped with my cellphone next to my head and had a disgusting migraine. My cell also hurts my hands, and I can’t put the phone on my ear cuz it hurts my head and ear. So no, it’s not an imagination - the pain is real.

  • T H
    T H   1 days ago

    Raid shadow legends is trash garbage and if my favorite vreatprs endorsing it didnt make me download it repetative cringy idiotic forced ads wont make me either.

  • Morgan Drenthen
    Morgan Drenthen   3 days ago

    0:10 - On the left is the bike from Akira :DThat really made me happy.

  • _5igma_
    _5igma_   3 days ago

    My mum once told me off for sleeping with my phone next to my head because the radiation was apparently dangerous so I sent her this video and she watched it. Today she shouted at me again for sleeping with my phone next to my head and went on a rant how I’m going to get brain cancer in the future and regret that I didn’t listen to her when I was younger

  • Siddharth
    Siddharth   4 days ago

    Again videos with too much in adds

  • Tony Araujo
    Tony Araujo   6 days ago

    Love the Anime hints they occasionally throw like In this video: Ashes hat from Pokemon lol

  • Pavan Surya
    Pavan Surya   6 days ago

    Based on this there exist a movie in India called 2.0 How dumb are these people.....They just don't know school science 😑😂

  • dj Curiosity
    dj Curiosity   6 days ago

    Let natural selection take it's course or custom made humans to adaptation..

  • Nikolay Tkach
    Nikolay Tkach   1 weeks ago

    If electromagnetic radiation is harmful, light will also be harmful.

  • Yoon Bok Song
    Yoon Bok Song   1 weeks ago


  • Connor Mukbang
    Connor Mukbang   1 weeks ago

    I believe video games are harmful if you play them non stop Like I never stoped playing on summer and I felt so sick and everytime I tried to sleep all I would see when I try to sleep was a video games like Minecraft or fallout and I just threw up and I just lost reality

  • BeanieGuy Gacha
    BeanieGuy Gacha   1 weeks ago

    5G has the same frequency as a microwave yet we use it everyday. However it’s been blocked in some countries, but not all

  • Šuflaj
    Šuflaj   1 weeks ago

    Have you ever heard of cosmological microwave background radiation?

  • Jonathan Beattie
    Jonathan Beattie   1 weeks ago

    X-Rays cause immediately damage to the DNA in our cells? Yikes.. so what do we do.. immediately stop having x-ray scans?

  • Jorge Aguilera
    Jorge Aguilera   1 weeks ago

    Great video, but I wish you guys would've specified what this "safety range" is .... You mentioned it a couple of times, ya it's not harmful ... Within safety range, but what is safety range ?

  • sunset kitty
    sunset kitty   1 weeks ago

    Is the app calld phone gardian acutly protecting my phone ? It also as a dog on it


    5:30 that’s a porygon from Pokémon I’ve watched this like 9 times and this is the first time I’ve noticed it.

    AIDEN SANDERS   1 weeks ago

    My Mom: reads title to this videograbs my phone and throws it under a moving car

  • Mr.Raghuram
    Mr.Raghuram   1 weeks ago

    I've possibly seen so much of kauzgesagt video in one day that everything is going above my head now from this video

  • Alphy Ajit
    Alphy Ajit   1 weeks ago

    When you realise you spend 7 hours a day on iPad

  • Nicolas Flores
    Nicolas Flores   1 weeks ago

    Media: Your phone is increasing your risk of cancer!! Stop sitting in front of your laptop all dayMe, an intellectual: Well actually, using a seatbelt also increases by chance of dying of cancer, since it decreases by chance to die in a car crashMedia: ...

  • Special Person
    Special Person   1 weeks ago

    Phones only use radiowaves that are completely harmless to humans, end of story.

  • Ashley Jo
    Ashley Jo   1 weeks ago

    Everything in moderation. Nice sneak in sponsor lol commercials cause cancer, didn't you hear?

  • LordMichaelRahl
    LordMichaelRahl   1 weeks ago

    It would be of value to many to read Dr. Mercola's "EMF" latest book. Things are far more complicated than this and MUCH research is funded and bought by wireless industries, EXACTLY the same as with smoking.

  • Vermilicious
    Vermilicious   1 weeks ago

    The brain and nervous system is an electric circuit, which can be affected by electromagnetic fields, so there is a possibility that we are affected, especially long-term, but it's hard to prove.

  • Edivel Sandoval
    Edivel Sandoval   1 weeks ago

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  • 탄올에
    탄올에   1 weeks ago

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  • Gaijin
    Gaijin   1 weeks ago

    That sonic example was priceless