FAKE FACTS: Let's fool the world! (YIAY #305)

  • Published on: 16 January 2017

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    Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my YouTube channel where I like to make fun of everything because I'm too scared to confront reality. Parodies! Music videos! Sketches! JackAsk! Your Grammar Sucks (YGS)! Yesterday I Asked You (YIAY)! News in Haikus!

    FAKE FACTS: Let's fool the world! (YIAY #305)
  • Runtime : 6:58
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  • LestatPatate2.0
    LestatPatate2.0   2 days ago

    🕛🕧🕐🕜🕑🕝🕒🕞🕓🕟🕔🕠🕕🕡🕖🕢🕗🕣🕘🕤🕙🕥🕚🕦This is how time works now

  • WikoTheCuber
    WikoTheCuber   4 days ago

    ok but all Canadians are NORTH Americans sooooooooooooooooo

  • incertaYT
    incertaYT   5 days ago

    2:40my relatives would be able to know it isnt. considering i’m half thai.

  • AmanTEM
    AmanTEM   6 days ago

    This is how many people thought jackfilms stole from pewdiepie|||V

  • J.H.N. Productions
    J.H.N. Productions   1 weeks ago

    2:38 Pogba, stop appearing on Jack's videos and get back to training

  • jacob reviews
    jacob reviews   1 weeks ago

    I bet there is gonna be one person who died coz of the candle one

  • Jack Walleshauser
    Jack Walleshauser   1 weeks ago

    The ferltle won is true my dad was born on the same day as my grandma

  • Elina S
    Elina S   1 weeks ago

    Did you know that there are more Americans then British people in england

  • PJ The DJ
    PJ The DJ   1 weeks ago

    5:36 I heard we should r**e more

  • Sarah Tait
    Sarah Tait   1 weeks ago

    that’s not what he meant by edibles😂

  • Marco De Luna
    Marco De Luna   1 weeks ago

    I legit saw someone today wearing Alexander ham. Merch like using a phone with the AH case and the hoodie too.Wonder if he has a Alexander shirt underneath his hoodie too

  • AuzzieKidPlayzGamez !

    the thing about Australia owning most of Antarctica is actually real, look it up!

  • FrohenLeid
    FrohenLeid   1 weeks ago

    In 2001 the city of Ranoek passed a bill banking Muslim people from entering skyscrapers. Being a town of just 86 people, they didn't have either.

  • Misto
    Misto   1 weeks ago

    Candles are edible (they actually not)Me: I eat dat

  • Manal Zahra
    Manal Zahra   1 weeks ago

    The moon isn’t a satellite...it’s..JACKS WEIRD FOREHEAD

  • Not Bored
    Not Bored   1 weeks ago

    Fake fact: Pineapple pizza is good

  • Grace
    Grace   1 weeks ago

    “All babies are born gay”That explains so much

  • zoebigmac01
    zoebigmac01   1 weeks ago

    Well, the "all babies are born gay" is kinda true, boys were originally girls, so lesbian? Idk, I searched it up, I heard the "fact" out of nowhere, again try searching it up, some stuff came up, I didnt wanna, read it.

  • Francesco 2s
    Francesco 2s   2 weeks ago

    Fun fact : this guy is a pewdiepie wannabe

  • Krystal Kennedy
    Krystal Kennedy   2 weeks ago

    Make a war between dabbing and America, America would win.

  • Marťass 301
    Marťass 301   2 weeks ago

    @jacksfilms Every black man Is White for real. #YAIAYfact

  • JD Kasper
    JD Kasper   2 weeks ago

    I watched this in Florida like a year ago and I want to go to Florida again. To make things worse, I have school tomorrow.

  • Mr woofey Woofey
    Mr woofey Woofey   2 weeks ago

    Here’s a real fact alrexander hamiltion died from bleeding out after a duel

  • Big Brain
    Big Brain   2 weeks ago

    http://www.antarctica.gov.au/about-antarctica/people-in-antarctica/who-owns-antarctica P R A N K E D XDXDXDXDXDXDXD