The 12,019 Calendar IS HERE – A new calendar for humanity

  • Published on: 30 October 2018
  • The Year 12,019 Calendar IS AVAILABLE NOW:

    It's the most wonderful time of the year: The 12,019 Human Era Calendar is here! Get the new limited edition now or regret it forever. We updated the design of the calendar, so each illustration is now featured on a full page, with much more space to take notes below.

    Product Details:
    - In a Nutshell double-page wall calendar with silver spiral binding
    - 11" W x 13" H (ca 28 x 33 cm) flat, 11" W x 27" H hanging
    - Printed on high quality paper in Seattle
    - Silver embossing on the outside, filled with love on the inside

    Order now to receive it by Christmas!

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  • Runtime : 1:53
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  • Tacos Salsa
    Tacos Salsa   2 months ago

    OK. Then, all Events based on unfounded old customs should be eliminated from this new HUMAN ERA CALENDAR! No Easter, no Halloween, no Christmas, and so on. There's no holydays. Of cause, one week is not 7 days. Wonderful!

  • CL Melonshark
    CL Melonshark   2 months ago

    I wish the soundtrack of this video is in epic mountain's channel

    LONE WOLF CUB   3 months ago

    Cost like 2300 Rupees lol 😂😂for Indians

  • Bob Thelob
    Bob Thelob   3 months ago

    I wish i could get this calendar ;(

  • Jay Salvacion
    Jay Salvacion   4 months ago

    I got the calendar....Now where can I get the bird plushies?

  • Zack Gravity
    Zack Gravity   4 months ago

    im gonna get this 12020 one i swear it!

  • Gas Maskz
    Gas Maskz   4 months ago

    YOU ARE basically saying FUCK to my religion and all it's contribution to our society. Christianity is one of the foundations of the western civilization, it is a part of us, like it or not, it is the truth. But instead you SPIT on our faces with your pagan calendar, what a shameful act. You are being totally disrespectful with your OWN watchers. It's not only about religion, it's about respect, but when you do it with the faith of others, you fail miserably at us. Anyway, I like this channel and I really appreciate it's videos, but this shit is disappointing, trying to make money from such barbarity.

  • Falcii
    Falcii   5 months ago

    are you gonna sell the 12,020 version

  • Haffa Jaffa
    Haffa Jaffa   5 months ago

    Pls do this next year so I can get it ;)

  • kjartan ruminy
    kjartan ruminy   5 months ago

    I love this calendar, I got one last Christmas. But I’d like if you’d make it out of recycled paper.

  • JoyTheGeek
    JoyTheGeek   5 months ago

    I'm still waiting for the 12020 version.I'm refreshing the page every day.

  • SeÑorSpicyBoi
    SeÑorSpicyBoi   6 months ago

    Confusing aliens who find this in the future long after we're all dead.

  • Zack Gravity
    Zack Gravity   6 months ago

    can't wait to get the 12020 calendar, i missed out on the last one already

  • Samuel Ramos
    Samuel Ramos   7 months ago

    Who needs it. This civilization is heavily influenced mostly by jews and germans .. This period of time on earth sucks so far

  • 60skidd
    60skidd   7 months ago

    I only started watching your videos in 2019 but I really hope you guys make a new calendar for next year!

  • xHyperEgend_
    xHyperEgend_   7 months ago

    Kurzgesagt :-It's the perfect gift for your Friends, Kids, Grandma, Doggo, Mortal enemies or random strangers you meet on the street.Random stranger I met on the street :- Murders my enemy for the calendarDog :- Eats the Random stranger.