The 12,019 Calendar IS HERE – A new calendar for humanity

  • Published on: 30 October 2018
  • The Year 12,019 Calendar IS AVAILABLE NOW:

    It's the most wonderful time of the year: The 12,019 Human Era Calendar is here! Get the new limited edition now or regret it forever. We updated the design of the calendar, so each illustration is now featured on a full page, with much more space to take notes below.

    Product Details:
    - In a Nutshell double-page wall calendar with silver spiral binding
    - 11" W x 13" H (ca 28 x 33 cm) flat, 11" W x 27" H hanging
    - Printed on high quality paper in Seattle
    - Silver embossing on the outside, filled with love on the inside

    Order now to receive it by Christmas!

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  • SeÑorSpicyBoi
    SeÑorSpicyBoi   3 weeks ago

    Confusing aliens who find this in the future long after we're all dead.

  • Zack Gravity
    Zack Gravity   1 months ago

    can't wait to get the 12020 calendar, i missed out on the last one already

  • Cristian Ramos
    Cristian Ramos   1 months ago

    Who needs it. This civilization is heavily influenced mostly by jews and germans .. This period of time on earth sucks so far

  • AcidEdits
    AcidEdits   1 months ago

    I only started watching your videos in 2019 but I really hope you guys make a new calendar for next year!

  • xHyperEgend_
    xHyperEgend_   1 months ago

    Kurzgesagt :-It's the perfect gift for your Friends, Kids, Grandma, Doggo, Mortal enemies or random strangers you meet on the street.Random stranger I met on the street :- Murders my enemy for the calendarDog :- Eats the Random stranger.

  • Dewdimpple
    Dewdimpple   1 months ago

    I do like to gift calendars to my mortal enemies

  • Esoteric Emissary
    Esoteric Emissary   2 months ago

    It should be 15,019. That at least begins on July 4 14,000 BC when the Celestial Sphinx HU began to disappear and the sun starting setting in the Egypt in Ancient Egypt. It also accounts for the 1000 fabricated years due to the Gregorian Calender, that would make the actual date 1019 AD. They started putting I in front of the common year for Iesous Jesus, and this was confused to mean 1. Thus we lost 100 years in about 500 AD.

  • Matias Barrionuevo
    Matias Barrionuevo   2 months ago

    1:43 lol intsead of put an egg i put a planet and i'm male xddd

  • Li Zeng
    Li Zeng   2 months ago

    Hi I have order it last year in China, but didn't receive anything

  • Markus Klug
    Markus Klug   3 months ago

    ihr könnt mir mal meinen hässlichen busch ausgraben und ich hätte gerne was süßes dafür

  • Rage Quantum
    Rage Quantum   3 months ago

    “Give it to your doggo.” I died of laughter.

  • Adek
    Adek   3 months ago

    its sold out, I want one too!

  • Marcin Kot
    Marcin Kot   3 months ago

    This is the kind of ad I want to see!

  • V. Sriram Sundar
    V. Sriram Sundar   3 months ago

    And here I am, so late that half the year is almost over(3 days to go). Lol!

  • Eva Slyva
    Eva Slyva   3 months ago

    12,020 please! I couldn't get one this year and I would love one next year!

  • Angus Eliott
    Angus Eliott   3 months ago

    hmm, I wonder whether I can reprogram my PC to show 12019 not 2019 on its clock? If anyone has instructions on this reply to this comment! OS: Windows 10

  • Agent 3
    Agent 3   4 months ago

    These birds make me wanna get it

  • iplygmz
    iplygmz   4 months ago

    Wait so is this the same dates as this year just many many years in the future?

  • phiovorix
    phiovorix   4 months ago

    “High quality paper that’s nice to touch”Me: yEp I’m BuYiNg iT

  • Alexander Rodriguez y Gibson

    It’s the perfect gift for friends, family, kids, doggo, mortal enemies or strangers you meet on the street. Lines like that mixed with learning is what makes me love this channel.