For Honor Sucks : Here's Why

  • Published on: 27 January 2020
  • For Honor is a trash game in a lot of ways. Ubisoft has struggled with the balancing of heroes since the start. I love this game in a lot of ways but it has quite a few problems that need to be fixed.

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  • Reisu
    Reisu   4 months ago

    Who's your most hated hero?

  • Tim Snow
    Tim Snow   2 hours ago

    When he was talking about the meta hero’s all I was hearing is, I don’t know how to play characters, like jorm is so easy to read her punches easy to dodge and learn to feint for fricks sake

  • Evan Nitychoruk
    Evan Nitychoruk   9 hours ago

    I honestly can’t fight against hitokiri at all at this point their lights side spam animation throws me way off and their unnecessary hyper armor pisses me off because that means i cant interrupt their insanely delayed top unblockable

  • Luca
    Luca   10 hours ago

    Can’t exactly agree with revenge sucking. I haven’t played in a month and frankly if you’re getting yanked by three people and get a parry it’s instant revenge, and pretty close to it with being 2v1. However. Way easier said then done with all the indicator bullshit I think my most hated hero are the ones that just have to dodge to counter me and that’s it. And that’s a lot of characters 😱😂 bailout dodge with free damage is shit

  • TackyNaughty FH
    TackyNaughty FH   18 hours ago

    Lawbringer 50/50s problematic? are you high? Lawbringer having no weakness? ITS CALLED PARRYING! I have 10 reps on LB an trust when I say this, hes not OP

  • The Peacekeeper
    The Peacekeeper   19 hours ago

    I have a love/hate relationship with forhonor but I'll probably never leave

  • Literally Cancer
    Literally Cancer   21 hours ago

    as someone who is toxic and plays with a 4 stack of toxicity, the reason why we like doing all of the toxic shit is bc it’s just fun and funny at the same time

  • Dis Boi
    Dis Boi   1 days ago

    Toxic players are why I stick to the pve side of games nowadays, back then I'd deal with it, but now I'm just sick of being unhappy while playing games I find to be genuinely fun all because some douchebags don't want to let anyone else have fun.

  • Rainbow Wolf
    Rainbow Wolf   1 days ago

    how to counter jorm, hito, and law, feint bait, parry, dodge, dodge attack, interrupt, crushing counter

  • Bender is Great
    Bender is Great   1 days ago

    The game developers didn’t care enough about the players. Really the only character with a well rounded move list is Warden. All others basically have to do the same thing over and over. Imagine if For Honor was more like Mortal Kombat. Each player would have like 5x more moves, but the game devs just wanted to push out the game as fast as possible, or just got lazy. I ONLY play this game because my friends play it. Whenever I play by myself, I wanted to, and almost did break my controller in a couple weeks of playing it. If you haven’t played For Honor, and you’re gonna get it, make sure you have an extra controller for some console you don’t play anymore. I also have a machete near my Xbox, and it felt really good to just go OFF on that extra 360 controller.

  • Alex Vechivtch
    Alex Vechivtch   1 days ago

    It's one of the greatest games I've played, it definitely isn't the usual mediocre game

  • Ryan Boreman
    Ryan Boreman   1 days ago

    its not the characters exploits its the players exploits i main raider and people yell at me but its just cause im good and can light parry and lawbringers will almost be parry hungry so you are just a whinning baby who loses and when you talk trash and cant handle it you made this video and 4v4 gankers are part of the game play 1v1s or 2v2s cause farram has been great at anti ganking. and yet again your overall rep 70 some and im rep 120 some and there is no matchmaking its most likely random and just stfu your bad revenge is not broken your just bad reflex guard is still not broken your lagging cause your bad so just stop complaining and play the game your bad i dislike good shinobis.

  • A Penguin Wannabe
    A Penguin Wannabe   1 days ago


  • Konstantinos Melissas

    Omg people still complain about jorm? Hes an annoying character, sure, but all u have to do is to light parry him and anticipate his unblockables everytime. Its not that hard 🤣 i do it with gladiator

  • Mastahkush 23
    Mastahkush 23   1 days ago

    I hate all hero’s but the ones I hate more is Hitokiri, Black Prior, and Highlander... SPAMSSSS TO THE MAXXX!!!!!!

  • Dylan Broome
    Dylan Broome   1 days ago

    Does this guy not know what a 50/50 is. He clearly had shit reactions

  • Yahuchanon
    Yahuchanon   1 days ago

    The real problem is that we live in a society that tells you you NEED to win. If your an undefeated UFC/Boxer and you loose your all of a sudden trash. We have forgotten how to grow from loosing, only acknowledging growth from winning. So WHEN you loose (because you will) you get sad and quit or just rage out. Sad truth is, Most gamers (people) are soft.

  • Christopher Ewert
    Christopher Ewert   1 days ago

    Wait when did lawbringer get strong? I haven't played the game in forever so last time I mailed him he was weak.

  • Kitolamus
    Kitolamus   2 days ago

    Me: tries to play a new character Rep 70 warden: I don’t think so!

  • Scacery
    Scacery   2 days ago

    This vid needs more attention. Really strong, valid points there, I do agree the dev team is doing their job wrong.

  • Rainy Wednesdays!
    Rainy Wednesdays!   2 days ago

    i main tiandi, but i also cant stand exclusively playing her, i switch characters every match. but as of recent i’ve been forced to main lawbringer and jorm because thats all i’ll ever fight

  • SpartanGd0g GG
    SpartanGd0g GG   2 days ago

    I like For Honor because toxic players that go lawbringer or jorm use the same moves non stop that I could easily punish them for using the grab or the push too many times

  • Anier VG
    Anier VG   2 days ago

    This game had such potential but they keep making unbalanced fighters so people buy them and ruined their own game

  • Hundur
    Hundur   2 days ago

    I have never been a part of a community that love and hate their game soooooo much.

  • jatbird jones
    jatbird jones   3 days ago

    I don't get the jorm problem dodge or being agressive against him that what I found affective ( also I'm rep 50-60 ish and played the game since cent and shinobi came out) the characters that I have a problem shinobi and law because it's hard to get about any punish on them

  • 214 BANDS
    214 BANDS   3 days ago

    You sound like a salty garbage can

  • 214 BANDS
    214 BANDS   3 days ago

    For Honor doesn’t suck you suck

  • Sicarius Tenebris
    Sicarius Tenebris   3 days ago

    Yes this is a hate comment don’t kill me it is an opinion. I disagree because in 4v4 not much toxicity, and you didn’t factor in skill. If you have good light parries then you will still be good with shinobi. I Mained shinobi and found lots of success. I also found lots of success with warden an s tier character. Again this is an opinion.

  • bikoar
    bikoar   3 days ago

    league players can relate

  • The Zucc
    The Zucc   3 days ago

    the 1.7k dislikes are from jormungandr mains

  • Krispy Pickle
    Krispy Pickle   3 days ago

    It doesn’t have anything to do with heroes it all comes down to skill just cuz a hero has good punishes and openers also u can stop 50/50 punishes with just a simple sone or light and if they have hyper armor wait until u are about to get hit to parry players tend to parry right as they see an unblockable also when it comes to bash feints some can also be canceled with lights and zones also players try to avoid all damage which is why they tend to get guardbroke after bash feints players dont realize its better to take a light or 2 than risking a max punish also players tend to get mad at light spammers and shield bash spammers its not the heroes fault u cant react to a bash or light its all skilled base everything had a counter but just because they arent easy and obvious people are blaming ubisoft for all the new heroes it really has nothing to do with them ik the game is frustrating and there are ik that feeling im still trying to master some of these skills also if u want to learn a new hero there is training for a reason also revenge is a very good addition to the game otherwise it would be very difficult to take on 2 or more people also people complain about not getting revenge u actually have to parry to get it fast u cant just block and eat attacks to get it and also if a player is toxic and u cant defeat them u should be more determined to get better instead of crying about heroes ik the game is frustrating but a lot of skill is required to play this game which many people dont understand because of “cheese heroes” some heroes might have better mixups but it doesnt mean they are guarantee most players just cant learn to counter some of these mixups which is the players fault and not the heroes

  • Faith Tijer
    Faith Tijer   3 days ago

    Cent if spaming and jorm if all they do is drain your staim its stupid

    LLL FFF   3 days ago

    I'm currently banned because a rep 4 was saying I'm a spammer even tho he was just massively out matched, I tried to defend myself n he reported me lollll

  • Austin Gostomski
    Austin Gostomski   3 days ago

    I'm done I've been considering removing the game this game had its moments but most the time this game just puts me into a bad mindset.