Richard Quest of CNN Interviews His Holiness the Dalai Lama

  • Published on: 06 May 2010
  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama is interviewed by Richard Quest of CNN at his residence in Dharamsala, India on January 28th, 2006. This video is the complete interview, only part of which was broadcast on CNN. Video courtesy of CNN (
  • Runtime : 38:43
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  • 世镛
    世镛   1 weeks ago

    the interviewer upset me very much😠😠😒

  • dilwich
    dilwich   1 weeks ago

    Why does the Dalai Lama waste his time talking to idiots like this baffoon?

  • Isa Ross
    Isa Ross   4 weeks ago

    the interviewer doesn't seem to recognize that his own spirit animates his body and is his life.

  • Jc.Roggenbuck
    Jc.Roggenbuck   1 months ago

    This is how I would imagine if his Holiness met with Donald trump

  • Musharaf Talpur
    Musharaf Talpur   1 months ago

    According to H.H. Dalai Lama, "All religions, whether monotheistic or polytheistic, except Buddhism (that is an only Atheist religion), more or less makes you prepared in order to escape you mentally (or psychologically) from the fear of death!" . . . . So, what I personally understood from Dalai Lama’s wisdom as mentioned above is that these religions work like tranquillizers (or sleeping medicines) to escape a person psychologically from his/her insomnia or anxiety (or simply the fear of death) . . . . Resultantly, be religious if you want to escape the fear of your death or vice-versa.

  • Musharaf Talpur
    Musharaf Talpur   1 months ago

    Richard is a rigid actor, not a dynamic actor, who always forgets to know who is he interviewing! . . . Such an ass-hole . . .

  • Samantha Cat
    Samantha Cat   1 months ago

    My father believed Buddhism and my mother was a sincere Christian. I read both and believe one God as different format to suite for different nations and languages. However, most religions have one physical nature to bring peace or peace of the mind by own principles of morality and values. God has God’s values to measure humans life path, principles and human nature of basis. Spiritual recognition is based on own standards and learned or not learned by each individual’s views and willingness and valued by others. Great, or good spirit of any will be cherished, learned and remembered as the benefits of all. God’s will only God knows. The good or bad actions will come back as good or bad reactions according to our previous deeds. Even though not returned to self, may back to future generations. If no reaction yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean no reactions. When timing is right, reactions will follow in quickly. Mighty God knows why and how. Being honest, principled, kind and righteous will mostly being blessed 20% beyond God’s earlier arrangement for a settlement of each human being who He created in world. Da Lai Lama’s smiles and laughs shows his humbleness of spirit from what his nature. More modern science gets deeper and more advanced, God may wave his hands closer to us. One day the creator may visits us humans to decide either he is happy for what he did or regretted for what he had done. Humans will do too. When timing is right, powers from God brings ones much smooth for either ones’ dreams, or efforts or decisions of right or wrong. When timing is not in ones’ favor, wasting time is still better and luckier than unexpected things. Being content will obtain long lasting happiness compared with better or worse.

  • Marc Bredontiot
    Marc Bredontiot   2 months ago

    Très belle vidéo de sa sainteté le dalaï-lama. Avec une belle interview.

  • lurking0death
    lurking0death   2 months ago

    You, Quest, ask a good question and you are in the process of getting a GREAT answer from the Dalai Lama...and you compulsively, like a brat childinterrupt the answer to what you yourself have asked. Next time be polite enough to keep your yap shut and let the man finish. Moron.

  • khalid Hotaki
    khalid Hotaki   2 months ago

    Why this journalist wants him to go and fight China, what will be the benefit to journalist if Tebit is free or not , westerners always used small religious groups for their interests but they failed in tebit because of this man , shame on BBC , CNN, FOX, and the rest of these types of news for promoting violence for their interest.

  • Jeffrey Cabanellas
    Jeffrey Cabanellas   4 months ago


  • Rifet Okic
    Rifet Okic   4 months ago

    You can really feel the good vibe between them ❤️ Love it ! One of the best interviews with Dalai Lama.

  • Bill McQ
    Bill McQ   4 months ago

    This interviewer is embarrassing...and a first class Twonk. Typical trained BBC ignoramus, is this the best they can employ? Not happy BBC !

  • Bill McQ
    Bill McQ   4 months ago

    This interviewer is a prize Twat.

  • Norbu Norbu
    Norbu Norbu   5 months ago

    Richard u r asking ur business...leave it n believe it..u know it right!

  • mikael dupuy aamark
    mikael dupuy aamark   5 months ago

    It is so simple but still so complicated for many people. Work on being a compassionate and loving being in every oportunity you have.

  • Suman Pandey
    Suman Pandey   6 months ago

    Affection , compassion, love , these are synonyms of Dalai Lama. Love and respect.

  • ewan b
    ewan b   6 months ago

    critics i heard crickets

  • tseringjunk
    tseringjunk   6 months ago

    this anchor dude looks an idiot 🙄

  • Ugyen Dorji
    Ugyen Dorji   6 months ago

    Dispel your ignorance Richard and come to the realisation that moon stands negligible chance against the mighty Sun. Shed your arrogance.

  • Surmang Tsang
    Surmang Tsang   7 months ago

    That Richard what ever his name is seems pretty Disrespect & kinda Idiot way he is Interveiwing His Holiness. .or its way of his talking Normaly . I really find here is very Disrespect & pretty high tone .and his first beginning way of ask DoYooooooooooooBeleive find so arrogant & Aggressive .

  • t Ganka
    t Ganka   7 months ago

    I can feel and sense his holiness positiveness and his intention even with his lack of English language skill. 💐😊 Thank you for coming in our life🙏.

  • randy marsh
    randy marsh   7 months ago

    Meth and rope perfect richard quest!😂

  • Khando Bhum
    Khando Bhum   8 months ago

    When you are about to ask him about if he is afraid of die, you should ask him if he believe in reincarnation and if so, why and how can him explain to us....from that ... I am sure that we will know something new and very interesting that we can proudly express and define something very easily .... it’s kinda third eye

  • Khando Bhum
    Khando Bhum   8 months ago

    I love the way this person ask HH some questions and I admire how HH answer those questions with sense of wider prospectively ...

  • Chel Dalidi
    Chel Dalidi   8 months ago

    You are very valued HHDL by me. Big hug.

  • Choon Park
    Choon Park   8 months ago

    He (Richard) has no experience about "spirituality" and is having hard time to understand what he never experienced.

  • God’s little Man
    God’s little Man   9 months ago

    No man deserves to be called “his holiness” is he a sinner? Has he ever sinned?Of course he has, “for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. This man is deceivedAnd a deceiver. As a Christian, I’m compelled by love to speak of one who was and is perfect. Only through Christ Jesus can a person find true spirituality. This mans religion is very, very weird.He doesn’t even believe it himself, otherwise, he wouldn’t be a Unitarian globalist. Unity is only a good thing if the one true God is at the center of It all. The true gospel brings conflict. First in the human heart, and it moves from there outward to the culture. Pride in our own goodness is very difficult to overcome.

    PATRICK WALSH   11 months ago