Emotional Japan stun USA in World Cup final

  • Published on: 16 July 2012
  • Japan - USA, FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2011: The Japanese would not be denied and they became the first Asian winners of the World Cup following a heart-stopping second half, extra-time and penalty shootout.

    Germany 2011 highlights:

    FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2011™, Frankfurt/Main, FIFA Women´s World Cup Stadium, Final, 17 July 2011. Full match details:

    'Raising Their Game', a documentary about the history of the Women's World Cup:

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  • Runtime : 6:32
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  • Ian Wambugu
    Ian Wambugu   4 hours ago

    Interesting game but the defending is a joke.

  • Ken
    Ken   6 hours ago


  • Jaison Markus Issacs

    Asian Females are stronger than all men combined...all races....hats off to my sisters from your brother from a different country

  • Minh Vũ Vũ Lê
    Minh Vũ Vũ Lê   1 days ago

    Japan has so many bad things happened in their country that year but they overcome it all and won the WC ! Much respect !

  • Ho Samkay H0
    Ho Samkay H0   6 days ago

    I still remember that match, Japan is my favorite country

  • Pear Jun
    Pear Jun   1 weeks ago

    japan was also the first asian country to get nuked :)

  • ivar moro
    ivar moro   1 weeks ago

    japannnnnnnn 🇯🇵💓🎊🎉

  • Ashik Rahman
    Ashik Rahman   1 weeks ago

    tears on my eyes ....love to japaness love from ur Bangladeshi brother.

    CCSZAS   1 weeks ago


  • OSSS Boys
    OSSS Boys   2 weeks ago

    Imagine having to take the last penalty that can win ur country the world cup. Too much stress and pressure

  • virtuosowins
    virtuosowins   2 weeks ago

    Japan is Asia's pride - technology or sport - they rock. Their discipline and efficiency is legendary. Respects from India.

  • Adv.Tania Kipa
    Adv.Tania Kipa   2 weeks ago

    Watching on 28/01/2020Football lovers can feel the emotions, when you or your team is behind a goal and keep on chasing 1-1, again chasing 2-1 to 2-2 to move forward for a penalty... Where, you remind you or yourself that, this will/might create history by winning.Watching again on 28/01/2020. And reflecting the emotions of the Japanese and being an Asian.

  • Mohan Gurung
    Mohan Gurung   2 weeks ago

    Japan is the first country who won world cup from asia

  • のっち
    のっち   3 weeks ago

    Homare Sawa was also awarded the Golden Boot, the Golden Ball and Player of the Year in 2011.She is a Asian legend.

  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates   4 weeks ago

    Thank you Japan!! We were all rooting for you!! Much love to you from Mexico ♥

  • Xavier Smith
    Xavier Smith   1 months ago

    Oh my goodness, it's fetus Tobin Heath. I can't imagine her being subbed on for only a couple of minutes nowadays.

  • Wild Wilder
    Wild Wilder   1 months ago

    Waw it's just a game Why why I'm sure all the dislikes are from ..???? 👇👇😂😂😂

  • K O
    K O   1 months ago


  • chris a
    chris a   1 months ago

    This match was legendary and what a finish from Morgan

  • M. Subhan
    M. Subhan   1 months ago

    USA lost but played really well.....