International Soda Taste Test

  • Published on: 28 September 2018
  • What country makes a creamy melon soda? Join us as we venture through this international soda taste test and try to guess where these sodas come from! GMM #1389

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  • Runtime : 14:57
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  • regularwonderland
    regularwonderland   1 years ago

    Ya’ll keep saying Link doesn’t have killer instinct....Chase would beg to differ 😂

  • Gaurav Sunil
    Gaurav Sunil   13 hours ago

    I'm from India and never have I seen or heard about that drink.

  • Princess Shannon
    Princess Shannon   1 days ago

    they had inca kola at club cool in Epcot lol it was pretty good

    STAR LORD   1 days ago

    Are these drinks for real? I'm indian and I've never even heard about this drink.

  • Nicholas Grefe
    Nicholas Grefe   2 days ago

    When Rhett said "Dont disrespect Dr. Pepper, man" I felt that

  • F2f Sub
    F2f Sub   2 days ago

    I wish it didnt tell me where it was

  • Jarom Temple
    Jarom Temple   2 days ago

    I’ve had Inca kola at a resturaunt and it is basically my favorite drink

  • yoshi is dummy thicc

    If I had a nickel for every time Rhett made a funny joke and no one laughed I would be rich af

  • Sam Ordna
    Sam Ordna   5 days ago

    They don't know about the Inca ?Embarrassing.. typical Americans

  • Valko Rusev
    Valko Rusev   5 days ago

    As they were describing the drink from Iran, I was thinking of a drink we have here in Bulgaria called "айрян", it's pronounce almost identically to Iran, just something I wanted to share.

  • Adofo
    Adofo   1 weeks ago

    Note to self: Always cheer for Rhet because he defended Dr Pepper

  • Carlos Cruz
    Carlos Cruz   1 weeks ago

    Link was supposed go first melon creamy soda xoy

  • Dan
    Dan   1 weeks ago

    No irn bru DafuqHow unprofessional

  • Prajeet Ghosh
    Prajeet Ghosh   1 weeks ago

    From India and I've never heard of that! Should have gone with Limca or Thumsup, tbh! They're the best sodas ever! Or maybe Appy Fizz 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Tyler Wise
    Tyler Wise   1 weeks ago

    Why does rhett know what llama milk tastes like

  • Poly Ransom
    Poly Ransom   1 weeks ago

    I had ginger beer before it was a experince ill say that

  • random man
    random man   1 weeks ago

    Y'all should have done irn bru from Scotland

  • Alpha64
    Alpha64   1 weeks ago

    Link is so bad it’s sad

  • Weekly Noobe Gamer
    Weekly Noobe Gamer   1 weeks ago

    That drink is not from india because india have masala soda but that soda is not coming in food packaging products

  • Iri
    Iri   1 weeks ago

    I am always rooting for Link and he always disappoints me

  • Cedar L'Amour
    Cedar L'Amour   2 weeks ago

    That moment when you realize you know EXACTLY what taco truck they went to in LA.

  • Wendy V
    Wendy V   2 weeks ago

    Mmm, I discovered Inca Kola while on vacation in Peru... now I just want to go back and have a nice cold one!

  • jairo abarca
    jairo abarca   2 weeks ago

    What is taco sauce anyway lmao also why would mexicans drink taco sauce?

  • Rose Netherton
    Rose Netherton   3 weeks ago

    Aww man, I wish they'd actually had a drink from Malaysia. Lived there for four years, would have liked to see what they included.

  • Amelia Kennington
    Amelia Kennington   3 weeks ago

    Feeling sad because they didn't include Clipper from the Canary Islands 😔

  • Annika Alexis
    Annika Alexis   3 weeks ago

    japanese sodas are so good and now i want oneeee

  • Jacob Nichols
    Jacob Nichols   4 weeks ago

    Would be more fun to watch if link could throw a dart