Will a Gas Engine Run on Charcoal Lighter Fluid? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 23 September 2019
  • Charcoal lighter fluid tested as gasoline substitute in electronic fuel injected EFI and carbureted engines. Also tested in see-through Wankel rotary engine, thanks to by good friend Matt, from the Warped Perception YouTube channel. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

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    Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

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  • Runtime : 10:22
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  • Kelly Hollifield
    Kelly Hollifield   1 weeks ago

    Would different types of hard liquor work in these engines.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover   1 weeks ago

    If it's the same as UK barbecue fuel it's Jet A-1 jet fuel ( AKA odorless kerosene ).

  • David Baverstock
    David Baverstock   1 weeks ago

    What is "pinging"? Do you mean "pinking" - that is, pre-ignition - or is it something else? Are you conflating pinking and knocking? I may be ignorant of American usage here.

  • Jordan Family
    Jordan Family   1 weeks ago

    Hey please do a video on if a engine will run on insect repellent. I have been wondering about this for awhile. : )

  • James Endsley
    James Endsley   2 weeks ago

    yes skyview's lighter fluid it's just a and kerosene on a gas engine next was just a little bit of gasoline not even it was a lawn mower and I needed to mow my grass and all I had was a job the gas laying in a bunch of kerosene and lighter fluid so I use that instead doesn't have money for gasoline

  • psalm 121 4dayz
    psalm 121 4dayz   3 weeks ago

    Wondering if you can add octane booster to the charcoal fluid to get better results

  • Shatter Sucks
    Shatter Sucks   3 weeks ago

    I kinda wanna see what happens to an engine if it’s run on 50% gas and 50% lighter fluid.

  • qwerty mnbvc
    qwerty mnbvc   3 weeks ago

    can an engine run on quick start? (diesel engine starting fluid)

  • Supersonic2747
    Supersonic2747   3 weeks ago

    Cahsier: how can I help youThis guy: yeah i need 1000 lawn mower head gaskets please, also I'll need that to be ordered every month.

  • tonyfremont
    tonyfremont   3 weeks ago

    Charcoal lighter is primarily naphtha.

  • Atari Master
    Atari Master   3 weeks ago

    I wonder if it would work better on engines with a computer like in a car that can adjust air fuel mixture automatically

  • Peace Love
    Peace Love   4 weeks ago

    I know you've tested a lot of different flammable liquids in gas engines, but what about running ICE engines on wood, using a wood gasifier? Here are plans for a wood gasifier published by FEMA in 1989. https://www.driveonwood.com/static/media/uploads/pdf/fema_plans.pdf. There are plenty of videos on YouTube running generators with wood gas. Vehicles or anything that moves would obviously be a different story, but I would think the Farmabago has plenty of room for a wood gasifer. Mounting it on the back with one of those storage racks would eliminate any issues of venting any escaping gas, or concerns about the gasifier exploding or catching fire. It would also give you a chance to test 'wood mileage per hour'. LOL! Keep up the great work!

  • Богун Војиновић

    It would be interesting to make up random admixture of different alternative fuels that worked out in previous tests, and try them, just in case we run out of petrol but we have random amounts of few different chemicals.

  • Kevin Little Sr
    Kevin Little Sr   4 weeks ago

    I have a couple ideas that I would like to share with you. Please email me at littleexcavation@yahoo.com

  • TheLabNerd
    TheLabNerd   1 months ago

    The lighter fluid is probably just kerosene

  • ferdie fox
    ferdie fox   1 months ago

    Everclear as fuel. Please. Lol and thank you.

  • Nova Stones
    Nova Stones   1 months ago

    Everytime im like nah probably not,then sometimes,mabye always intrrsting.

  • Mesgg Daahbf
    Mesgg Daahbf   1 months ago

    Where can I buy that scale rotary engine I would really want one for my scale plane

  • Spencer Johnson
    Spencer Johnson   1 months ago

    Awsome how well will a fuel injected engine run on pure starter fluid

  • Travis Thomas
    Travis Thomas   1 months ago

    Since everyone is home drinking right now how about different liquors or spirits and see what runs best, vodka, tequila, grain alchohol

  • Old Engineer Guy
    Old Engineer Guy   1 months ago

    Most of you do not know this, but the Project Farm Guy once flew the original Wright Brothers plane across the English Channel on a thimble full of peanut oil. After landing, when he was asked to make a statement, he simply replied, “I love making these videos.” Godspeed Project Farm Guy!

  • Geemail mailbox
    Geemail mailbox   1 months ago

    Even though I'm older than you. Will you adopt me as your kid. 🤗🤣 I would have loved to have had a dad like you instead of being bounced around from foster parent to foster parent. 😒

  • Tested
    Tested   1 months ago

    You always use lower caloric fuels you should try adding engine oil mixed with ether

  • Bearded Beta
    Bearded Beta   1 months ago

    What about different brands of lighter fluid?

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson   1 months ago

    That little rotary engine is awesome! Need to put that on the go kart and see wat kinda speed u can get!

  • Wade White
    Wade White   1 months ago

    Hello! I love your videos, just wanted to start with that! I was curious if you could do a diesel engine, or gas engine, on straight veggie oils. Possibly test some off the shelf from a store, some used, and then some mixed with other things like gas, diesel or other fuels. Thank you a ton for all your test!

  • brad mcclure
    brad mcclure   1 months ago

    when I very young a friend of mine tried white gas in his minibike engine grenaded the engine

  • brad mcclure
    brad mcclure   1 months ago

    have you tried mixing lighter fluid with biodiesel?

  • Bob Thompson
    Bob Thompson   1 months ago

    I don't know where else to ask this but I've heard that you can run an engine on the fumes from a wood fire. As fuel/air mixture ratio is important for an engine to run I am skeptical. Can you try this please?

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones   1 months ago

    Wonder if this would be better in a weed eater where you used mix gas. Just use it with out mixing the oil since it seams to be in it.

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones   1 months ago

    And we put this stuff on things We prepare to taste good. Probably causes carbon build up on our hot dogs.😂🍻

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones   1 months ago

    so I assume Coleman fuel would be the same or maybe not ...idk.

  • Dain Sookdeo
    Dain Sookdeo   2 months ago

    Very nice testing. have you ever tested diesel oil sae 15w40 on a gas engine against normal gas engine oil to see which one will work better it how it will perform?