Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had (Video)

  • Published on: 08 July 2011
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    What goes around comes back around...

    There was a time
    I thought, that you did everything right
    No lies, no wrong
    Boy I must've been out of my mind
    So when I think of the time that I almost loved you
    You showed your ass and I, I saw the real you

    Thank God you blew it
    I thank God I dodged the bullet
    I'm so over you
    So baby good lookin' out

    I wanted you bad
    I'm so through with that
    'Cause honestly you turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
    You turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
    And I'm gonna' always be the (best thing you never had)
    Oh yeah, I bet it sucks to be you right now
  • Runtime : 4:15
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  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson   10 hours ago

    Beyoncé actually believes in till death do us part. So all these stories of you abandoning your partner isn’t cute, it’s not anything to look up to. It’s sad.

  • Leanne Hough
    Leanne Hough   15 hours ago

    Beautiful song ✝️❤️❤️❤️🙌🌈🦋💎

  • shawtybaad3000
    shawtybaad3000   1 days ago

    When you can really relate to the lyrics you find yourself sounding more and more like beyonce 😎

  • Gadolium Nitrogen
    Gadolium Nitrogen   2 days ago

    Best way to spend your time in quarantine? A Queen B marathon.

    ERIC LOU   4 days ago

    Sometime its women also, don't be on here dogging all men.

  • Mark O
    Mark O   4 days ago

    I always remember Sharon Osbourne calling this a "Nothing Song" on Ex Factor, when it was covered by one of the contestants. 🤔🙄

  • Zahra Spoel
    Zahra Spoel   5 days ago

    This song makes me realize that I deserve so much better. I'm getting my confidence back that he brought down.

  • Sarah Jalajel
    Sarah Jalajel   5 days ago

    Haha there was atime wen corona hit the world and every one had no option but to listen to the old music AM STILL YOUR FAN EVEN WEN CORONA PUT US APART 2020 Who is here ?????

  • 🔥Gurl On Fire 🔥

    Sending Love ❤️ to all the Wonderful Women who gave far more than we should have to those who were unappreciative & undeserving. Thank GOD we found the Good in Goodbye🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Paranormal princess
    Paranormal princess   6 days ago

    I left my husband of 13 years hurt like hell at first but I'm now happy as can be

  • P B
    P B   1 weeks ago

    Song really hits when you can relate to the lyrics

  • Erin. Lynn. Johnson_jackson Johnson_jackson

    Best. Thing. I. Ever. Had. ☁ 🔥 🌈 👑 ✝ i. Had. A. Outfit like. This. For. The. Bed. With. Red. Linnings. And. Ties. 👔 👖 👞 👨 I'm single and. Divorce d. Want. A. Date. To. Yolanda Adams concert April 2020. Achr. Arizona. Erin psalms 20

  • Jasmine Delee
    Jasmine Delee   1 weeks ago

    2020 Learn to walk away with a clear mind and a clear heart. Best thing I never had.

  • Djxon Uno
    Djxon Uno   1 weeks ago

    My ex was so toxic it was oppressive never allowing me to grow and express my true self. So glad i left her, life is great now.

  • Albanian_ Eagle
    Albanian_ Eagle   1 weeks ago

    The one, my first love i thought i’m gonna marry did not marry me but my niece.

  • the radiant red diamond

    I found out my ex crush did some messed up things so he literally the best thing I never had

  • V C
    V C   1 weeks ago