Is The iPad Pro Worth Laptop Money?

  • Published on: 10 November 2018
  • Unboxing the 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch and 12.9 inch. Is the iPad Pro a computer yet? Can it replace a MacBook?

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  • Runtime : 8:59
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy   9 months ago

    Our sponsor has some cool stuff and it's on sale right now -

  • M
    M   7 hours ago

    Still using the original iPad Mini

  • Jacobi Leoo
    Jacobi Leoo   11 hours ago

    6:54 lets be honest that wow and zoom is something straight out of the office

  • Steve Q2
    Steve Q2   22 hours ago

    If I purchased the 10.5, pen and a cover, I'd have enough money for maybe a weeks worth of.... BROTH. I need to wait for iOS 13, a real FILE SYSTEM, then I'd jump in....

  • Funky DaDDy
    Funky DaDDy   2 days ago

    wauw willy did a number on u bro hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahh u go willy

  • Noname
    Noname   2 days ago

    Only worthy Apple product

  • Rahat Hasan R1
    Rahat Hasan R1   2 days ago

    Hey Lew I am Rahat. Hey man pls don't use the damn thing. It bends very easily.

  • Arjun Jakhar
    Arjun Jakhar   3 days ago

    hey can you give me a gaming laptop plzzzzzz...... 😅

  • Rowdy Rascal
    Rowdy Rascal   3 days ago

    give me also iPad because I am your big fan

  • NYCfactor
    NYCfactor   4 days ago

    do a updated video with Ipad OS on the IPAD PRO!!

  • Rejoy Panakkal
    Rejoy Panakkal   4 days ago

    The iPad Pro is good and all. But the comedy in this video was pure gold.

  • Cuties
    Cuties   4 days ago

    The thing is, I’d break hat iPad in one second..

  • Poster Lover
    Poster Lover   4 days ago

    You my friend you are a generous guy,I went all the way back to see one of those video , And you said macOS supposed to be inside this?And guess what son,Your dream & words come true and Apple put macOS in it

  • Kyle Gardner
    Kyle Gardner   4 days ago

    Someone please tell me what kind of dog that is

  • MaximoExcessum
    MaximoExcessum   4 days ago

    3:27 The songs on Soundcloud have bad music reselution or wthat dafoqs it called

  • Jae Blaze
    Jae Blaze   5 days ago

    just too much ramble of trash stik to the topic

  • Zen-chan
    Zen-chan   5 days ago

    when you were describing a typical artist I felt that

  • Yeah Girl
    Yeah Girl   6 days ago

    ama just stay in my 6th generation ipad because im just 13yr old kid who hasnt wven graduated high school yet

  • Josh Stringer
    Josh Stringer   6 days ago

    Well I 100% don't need an iPad ... But I'm 100% gonna buy it anyway 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Tasy Can
    Tasy Can   6 days ago

    I’m actually watching this on an iPad Pro 😅lol

  • Anon
    Anon   6 days ago

    The only apple product I'll ever buy. Apple just does the tablet better than android

  • Praetor Maximus
    Praetor Maximus   6 days ago

    Why did you not state the cost for the iPads - oh ya cause it’s to ridiculous to even say - top end iPad Pro $1899 - that a lot of cups of beef broth

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  • Francesco Pavinato
    Francesco Pavinato   1 weeks ago

    I came here for a review and you're talking (screaming) about butter.. poor clown.

  • Testus
    Testus   1 weeks ago

    No, its not. Have it, didn’t pay for it but through work. However if you have a dedicated win10 machine running 24/7 and use microsofts own rdp client for ios, it turns into a surface pro (that client activates all the surface touch support for you). Then yes,its a good replacement. If you have the 12,9 version, as surface is 12,3. But only then it can replace a laptop. It has great battery life even if using rdp 100% of the time, so as a surface its great, not if using ios.