When We First Made Tools

  • Published on: 26 March 2019
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    The tools made by our human ancestors may not seem like much when you compare them to the screen you’re looking at right now but their creation represents a pivotal moment in the origin of technology and in the evolution of our lineage.

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  • Runtime : 10:10
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  • John Lamb
    John Lamb   6 hours ago

    Please do a video on when early humans First started hunting animals

  • John Lamb
    John Lamb   6 hours ago

    I can make stone tools it’s called Flint knapping and it’s not easy!

  • Lorenzo Castillo
    Lorenzo Castillo   3 days ago

    Curiositystream please come to PlayStation or iPhone 😫

  • Alondra Contreras
    Alondra Contreras   4 days ago

    evolution of body size; height/weight and type in different cultural/ethnic modern humans

  • Wolf_with_Scarf
    Wolf_with_Scarf   1 weeks ago

    Humm...I think when humans made the first stone tool. They probably get the achievement "Stone age" ....

  • a b
    a b   1 weeks ago

    I'm not watching this in a screen. I'm watching this on a whiteboard in class.

  • OG BlowinDro
    OG BlowinDro   1 weeks ago

    Can you guys make a video about how new species of homo came to be ?! Like how did they start? They didn’t just pop up. I’m so confused.

  • Mr. Mackey
    Mr. Mackey   2 weeks ago

    But why did they randomely started to use tools ,what did they think?

  • Thomas Stanley
    Thomas Stanley   2 weeks ago

    In the actual amount of time our ancestors have been on earth this was actually the beginning of our downfall. We are a cancer to the earth that’s spreading.

  • Ryan Amero
    Ryan Amero   2 weeks ago

    I have collected many stone tools of my property in maine u.s .anyone i try and show or explain saying they look so much like homo ancestor tools .i wish i could prove my collection comes from homo sapiens.anyone who wants to help me prove this please help with contact info .all i know is i keep finding lots of knife and spear heads tipe definitely sharpe.

  • David Richardson
    David Richardson   3 weeks ago

    Ummm. I see you scientist aren't that smart after all. Idk if you know this but the body runs on glucose. Every single cell. And the brain uses the most of that glucose. We evolved eating sugar and it's clear. If we evolved eating meat we could be omnivores by now. You're talking 1 to 2 million years of evolution and all you're talking about is meat for energy. Lol if that was all they ate they would have never survived all this time.

  • JadrianMc
    JadrianMc   3 weeks ago

    Ancestors: Smh kids these days relies too much on technologyAlso ancestors:

  • Books are my Social Life

    Can y'all make a video on the aquatic ape theory? Maybe talk about how plausible/implausible it is?

  • Sebastian sr
    Sebastian sr   1 months ago

    I think another important point was when we started hunting big weights, some hominids maybe adapted to eat rotten meat and we learned to dry meat. For the first time we are not always moving in search of food. Being in the same place for a while, maybe help discover agriculture. the video inspired this theory, thanks from Uruguay.

  • John Lamb
    John Lamb   1 months ago

    I can flint knapp /Make stone tools!!!!!!!!!!

  • Be Ren
    Be Ren   1 months ago

    Hands were made for holding on in trees in grabbing fruit. Look at all the non-humans using hands/feet.

  • SGG
    SGG   1 months ago


  • tracey adkins
    tracey adkins   1 months ago

    Ahhh. The first nail in our collective coffin. Tools. The gateway drug.

  • H K
    H K   1 months ago

    Fortunately, the monolith appeared when needed

  • Joel M
    Joel M   2 months ago

    But my pastor said the earth is 5000 years old🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • bokura kyo mo ikiteru
    bokura kyo mo ikiteru   2 months ago

    awesome... and one day Smithsonian will enforce this telling you these tools were used to build pyramid. XD

  • adventureike
    adventureike   2 months ago

    Primitive Technology has entered the chat.Primitive Technology: ". "

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell   2 months ago

    Great looking lady. Well spoken and bright. Makes these videos even better.

  • Paul pothecary
    Paul pothecary   2 months ago

    Who were the first hominids to cook their food and what difference did it make?

  • Papageno
    Papageno   2 months ago

    "When We First Made Art", please.

  • Dayron Gomez
    Dayron Gomez   2 months ago

    Bru this vid popped up in my recommended will I was doing my wh homework about the paliolithic age

  • The FPV Life
    The FPV Life   2 months ago

    Absurd episode because many animals use tools so how can we determine when a hominid first used tools.

  • Dicky Liu
    Dicky Liu   2 months ago

    100000 years in the future they dig up an Iphone and thinks the same about it as we think about the rocks of our ancestors. Those rocks were high tech back then. It might be the Rock 11 Pro Max!

  • King Kash
    King Kash   2 months ago

    It’s funny to think that if our ancestors didn’t use stone tools, us Homo sapiens wouldn’t have existed

  • Terncote
    Terncote   2 months ago

    We need to remember the importance of fire in this stone age enlightenment. Not only did it provide safety and allow early humans to extend our range, cooked food returns more carbohydrate calories and is easier to chew. This means the jaw can become smaller and skull can grow larger.

  • phiddle phart
    phiddle phart   3 months ago

    The first cutting too was found by a barefoot hominid nearly slicing his foot off while traversing a rocky area. 💡He said Hey! If it can cut my foot like this then it can......, A cutting implement is born

  • itsasin1969
    itsasin1969   3 months ago

    I have an Oldowan. It's been confirmed. Picked it up off the ground in Africa.

  • WOTHAN66666
    WOTHAN66666   3 months ago

    Chance says that finding that, it was common back then. So Tools must be older.

  • Nick Feness
    Nick Feness   3 months ago

    The fact we can tell whether people smashed two rocks together with their hands or smashed one into the ground millions of years ago blows my mind

  • KKuurus
    KKuurus   3 months ago

    Or they may have been natural cracking of the rocks. Oh and dating of stone is done by looking at what is in or around them.

  • Ronald Kennedy
    Ronald Kennedy   3 months ago

    Maybe redefine tool:permanently modify some part of the environment to suit their needs.um...wasp nest,beaver damn,ant hill?I'm not arguing that ants use tools.only that building an anthill does fit that definition.just sayin...