dressing *out of my comfort zone* 😬 to COLLEGE for a week

  • Published on: 05 October 2019
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    college GLOW UP (new hair!!): https://youtu.be/3YCM-Gj1b4w 
    My FIRST week of COLLEGE (VLOG + food): https://youtu.be/wZr4k_Z6APw
    turning UGLY clothes into CUTE outfits: https://youtu.be/aUPd4Dyn-sw
    FALL OUTFIT IDEAS: https://youtu.be/J2fy6SbcMQc

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  • Bhumika kaul
    Bhumika kaul   1 days ago

    um ok i gotta admit dat dress was hella cute

  • jennifer Anny
    jennifer Anny   3 days ago

    How the hell does she have a boyfriend? Shes bien at that school for 3 weeks omg 😂. Love her thooo

  • Kpop luv
    Kpop luv   1 weeks ago

    Bro 80-70 degrees is pretty cold where I live 🇵🇷

  • gr
    gr   1 weeks ago

    It’s so sad that you’d be uncomfortable wearing doc martens . Had a lot of conversations about them with people.

  • Sempai
    Sempai   1 weeks ago

    how to speak french, put water in ur mouth and choke and start making sounds

  • Kristen O
    Kristen O   1 weeks ago

    “You have to admit that this dress is cute”Me: no hun it’s just you that’s cute

  • mariimelonn
    mariimelonn   1 weeks ago

    " its kinda warm, 70 degrees... "it was 70 degrees in Hawaii and i was shitting ice cubes

  • dais
    dais   1 weeks ago

    its so cute you and your brother are so close

  • D. A.
    D. A.   1 weeks ago

    Whew if I looked like that and had that body, what's a "comfort zone?" (:

  • Madeline McJunkin
    Madeline McJunkin   2 weeks ago

    You’re so pretty!!!! Also you kinda look like Hailee Steinfeld. But you’re beautiful in your own way.

  • luiza
    luiza   2 weeks ago

    “it’s like 70 degrees”me: *confused in latina*

  • Heindle Annika
    Heindle Annika   2 weeks ago

    What's the name of the podcast? I graduated last summer but I don't wanna forget all my French

  • Kiala
    Kiala   2 weeks ago

    Please do a video where you speak french your prononciation is so good !

  • K Labico
    K Labico   2 weeks ago

    Ohhh zut alors ! 😂😂

  • bianca norte
    bianca norte   2 weeks ago

    Does anyone know the song she used in 8:07 ?:((( sos

  • taekock •
    taekock •   2 weeks ago

    everytime i see charles it scares me to see how similar he looks to this guy i know

  • crisisconfirmed
    crisisconfirmed   3 weeks ago

    so relatableeee like ppl dont care much how u dress but when u wear smth out of ur comfort zone it feels like everyone is stAriNG

  • Lola Lamy
    Lola Lamy   3 weeks ago

    I can't believe you are learning this in french there is so much prettier things and more useful words but still it is kind of funny from a french point of view

  • wõlf-mäý-šhåy xdx

    If i dont have a bagy pants and a black sweater with my short hair and hat on i would die i hate just waring a shurt that shows my sholders and waring shorts TvT i did that obce and i was dieing inside and kadence seen me dieing inside 😂 i think

  • benayaltun
    benayaltun   3 weeks ago

    I literally took a screenshot of you to show to my hairdresser lmao

  • JustJanell
    JustJanell   3 weeks ago

    Showing elbows is out of my comfort zone

  • Hana'a F.
    Hana'a F.   3 weeks ago

    Thank you for actually saying how uncomfortable Doc Martens are when they aren't broken in. I'm in the process of breaking mine in by wearing them for 2 hours at a time with long socks but I never knew I would have to because people always go on and on about how comfortable they are

  • 귀여운 경수
    귀여운 경수   3 weeks ago

    Everyone: Andrew looks like JungkookMe: why does Andrew look like stitch ....

  • Saim Tron
    Saim Tron   3 weeks ago

    the first black dress is everything