Space Jam 3: Anime Edition! (ft. Jeremy Lin)

  • Published on: 28 July 2016
  • As a lot of you know, Space Jam 2 is in the making right now and it's featuring Lebron James... Well here is the sequel to that sequel featuring Jeremy Lin!
    Bloopers and Behind The Scenes:

    Huge thank you and shout out to Jeremy for coming out to vegas to shoot this with us during his busy off season schedule of playing dota and watching naruto! Check out his youtube channel:

    Also thank you to all the homies that came out to be a part of this vid!
    Anthony, Theo, Ty, KP, and Demitri!

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  • Runtime : 6:46
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  • Andrew Youn
    Andrew Youn   1 days ago

    this video was the reason why i wanted to play overwatch

  • Kiki Zhu
    Kiki Zhu   1 days ago

    Lol why my sailormoon look like that 😭😭😭 so funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    LEXINGTON HARDY   5 days ago

    6:02 Jeremy ate a Gum-Gum fruit confirmed. And Jotaro’ed.

  • Azn
    Azn   1 weeks ago

    4 years later, i still kinda like animeniacs better..

  • FA7E CL4W
    FA7E CL4W   1 weeks ago

    Naruto can’t do fire breathing justsu

  • T1ger8oi
    T1ger8oi   1 weeks ago

    Should sell those Animeniacs jersey

  • Gamma 77
    Gamma 77   2 weeks ago

    Wait the the stretching luffy???

  • sTatic
    sTatic   2 weeks ago

    Kid: Mom can we watch Space Jam?Mom: No we have Space Jam at home.Space Jam at home:

  • zalook
    zalook   2 weeks ago


  • esen
    esen   2 weeks ago

    i bet kuroko's team would win and it should've been in this lol

  • kaw pwae
    kaw pwae   2 weeks ago

    Jeremy Lin is supposed t make that game winning shot

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy   2 weeks ago

    Aw shit here we go again.

  • Meme boy
    Meme boy   2 weeks ago

    Space jam but with anime characters and Jeremy Lin

  • Mc P
    Mc P   2 weeks ago

    Why is it three

  • Mont-E
    Mont-E   2 weeks ago

    6:43 when I get rejected by my crush

  • Gamer Locked
    Gamer Locked   2 weeks ago

    wtf you really looks like the Scisor Seven protagonist

  • Omsneap
    Omsneap   3 weeks ago

    Why is it space jam 3

  • SomeThingCIever
    SomeThingCIever   3 weeks ago

    Instead of a basketball Naruto be using the rasengan instead of a basketball

  • Dont touch my kokoro pls

    All this time im still wondering.. how did the enemy team still get 70 points with Goku on D?