Ring Fit Adventure Reveal Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 12 September 2019
  • Learn more about the new experience for Nintendo Switch, coming October 18th!

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  • Runtime : 7:20
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  • -JJS -
    -JJS -   7 hours ago

    Clever!But is this not Wii fit? (U)?👇👍

  • Mariovo5
    Mariovo5   21 hours ago

    Why so many dislikes?I can't have this because this will make me do a lot of noise on these squeaky wooden floors even though it has a silent mode.

  • MasterChip
    MasterChip   5 days ago

    They look like they’re controlled by evil Nintendo people.

  • Janae Fuller
    Janae Fuller   5 days ago

    I feel like I'm being indoctrinated into something

  • Kelvin Wu
    Kelvin Wu   6 days ago

    Feel like the guy's on something

  • Dylan Angell
    Dylan Angell   6 days ago

    Am I the only one who said "That's the girl that acts on dhar Mann."

  • Ash The Duke
    Ash The Duke   1 weeks ago

    I don’t like this game theme wish it was just normal gym

  • Ash The Duke
    Ash The Duke   1 weeks ago

    That short hair girl was in jay Shetty life advice videos

  • KostisPlayz
    KostisPlayz   1 weeks ago

    Can I use Nintendo switch light for this game?

  • R Yuen
    R Yuen   1 weeks ago

    This is a digitized Pilates Ring, why don't you give Mr. Joseph Pilates who invented this ring some credit!!!???

  • AussieOzborne
    AussieOzborne   1 weeks ago

    Okay I'll buy this... just please, don't kill my family.

  • K Bosman
    K Bosman   1 weeks ago

    0:14 to 0:28 @ 0.25x LOL!!

  • Kenan Aragon
    Kenan Aragon   1 weeks ago

    They are very weird and I feel like if I don’t buy this they will kill my family but at the same time I genuinely want this and I think I’ll get it

  • bleakstk
    bleakstk   1 weeks ago

    Yo these people are soooo weird smh

  • Allison B
    Allison B   2 weeks ago

    Nintendo, I think we need more blinking in this trailer.

  • Noel Garibay
    Noel Garibay   2 weeks ago

    The woman is in videos made by...DHAR MANN, AUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!

  • vino patel
    vino patel   2 weeks ago

    I’m not nam tok was one ☝️ is your time to call tomorrow morning tomorrow love nam loveyou

  • JohnTheGreat
    JohnTheGreat   2 weeks ago

    She's the girl in dhar mannI was suprised😮

    OKRA YOLA   3 weeks ago

    can they not make a ring fit for zelda botw

  • 0 0
    0 0   4 weeks ago

    How do you motherfukers have like how on ring fit Adventure when you put your thumb to the red Joy con it measures your heart being healthier the thumb you guys trying to do stalkers you freaking b**** so how do you guys have so much medical technology that when you put your thumb on the red Joy con volume your heart rate is on like you guys are weird little s** are you forgetting

  • 0 0
    0 0   4 weeks ago

    Infant Adventure how come on ring fit Adventure when you put your thumb on the red Joy con how come it rate it reads like your heartbeat

  • E-Mann
    E-Mann   4 weeks ago

    The woman in the video is part of Dhar Mann’s videos

  • Yohannai
    Yohannai   4 weeks ago

    Getting some Desert Bluffs vibes from these two XD

  • Dane Warfield
    Dane Warfield   4 weeks ago

    The presenters look like they are at the end of their rope, like they must have done those takes a million times XD

  • static xD
    static xD   1 months ago

    The girl in the beginning is from Dhar mann

  • Kowgirl Kel
    Kowgirl Kel   1 months ago

    I don't want to buy it but wouldn't mind trying it

  • jay tee
    jay tee   1 months ago

    this is gayer than fortnite, that's hard to do, congrats!

  • Леонид M
    Леонид M   1 months ago

    Игра лучшее, что когда-либо выпущено игровой индустрией вот оно будущее

  • SuperT
    SuperT   1 months ago

    Yes this is how real people talk

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith   1 months ago

    https://youtu.be/593fcLPv4lo this is the same girl as the one in the video. Just watch the whole video cuz idk the time frame.