Meet Family Who Traded Their Home for Converted School Bus

  • Published on: 09 May 2018
  • A family of six traded their big 5,000-square-foot home to squeeze into a 250-square foot converted school bus. Gabriel and Debbie Mayes help their kids do homework on TV trays in the living room. In the kitchen, there is a stove and refrigerator under the counter. Finding space for groceries is a challenge. The family admits they live on a half of gallon of milk because anything larger would not fit. Debbie cooks vegetables inside the bus and a main dish is grilled outside.

  • Runtime : 1:18
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  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith   4 days ago

    Now coved-19 is here so they must be bored out of there mined

  • Asberry Empire
    Asberry Empire   1 weeks ago

    Who would tared a beautiful and amazing house that is kinda just dump like do they have a brain the should go get a brain check because i would have never did that that family slow dude not trying to be rude

  • Threezerocharlie
    Threezerocharlie   1 weeks ago

    I don’t get why you would trade a nice house for a school bus ??

  • Kumayl Murtaza
    Kumayl Murtaza   1 weeks ago

    Hey kids your mom and dad Stoll a bus so kids tell your dad

  • Just Me
    Just Me   1 weeks ago

    That’s a beautiful house I wish I have it

  • BTS-Bhabie
    BTS-Bhabie   1 weeks ago

    In the future I plan on getting a van and turning it into a mini home so that traveling could be fun and easy without having to pay for hotels

  • LuNaTiCz
    LuNaTiCz   1 weeks ago

    What happen when the son grows up and he wanna beat

  • CSOM Media
    CSOM Media   2 weeks ago

    People Reacting To This: This Is WrongPeople Reacting To Other Things Like This: This Is Right.

  • SuperNintendoDavid
    SuperNintendoDavid   2 weeks ago

    Carl: I lived in a flying house Shrek: I live a swampYoda: I live in a hutTurtles: we live in a sewerBatman: I live in a caveSonic live action: I live in a cave tooTeen Titans: we live in a T towerChewbacca: ggrgrggrggrg spaceshipThis family: we live in a bus

  • Funk Edits
    Funk Edits   2 weeks ago

    stupid trade its like trading 1 diamond for a stick

  • badoop
    badoop   2 weeks ago

    Pointless comment

  • PowerForce HD
    PowerForce HD   2 weeks ago

    What if a hurricane hits and blows the bus across a mile?

  • tru tru
    tru tru   2 weeks ago

    At least the children can get ready for school on the buz

  • OP Palubhai
    OP Palubhai   2 weeks ago

    Its going to be fun living closely during the outbreak of covid-19

  • Jack
    Jack   2 weeks ago

    This might seems cool for the kids now but when they grow up it will be a different story

  • Will Wozniak
    Will Wozniak   2 weeks ago

    I’m not sure my parents would be forgiven

  • Mintable
    Mintable   2 weeks ago

    How does online shopping work

  • Netflix Binger
    Netflix Binger   2 weeks ago

    Maybe they were expecting us to think that this is inspirational, but i dont see whats so inspiring about trading a beautiful house for a tiny school bus.... it might be all fun in games until they become teenagers and they need more privacy, somebody ends up developing claustriphobia or it breaks down....You dont need to worry about any of those things with a home

  • costco freezer
    costco freezer   3 weeks ago

    ok honestly this is cute, but with 4 kids? ouch.

  • Blue Enderman's Third Account

    should have sold it and get more money to buy the RV and get enough money to do whatever you want some like extra