Most Annoying Types of Friends!

  • Published on: 05 August 2015
  • There's no such thing as a perfect friend, there's just friends that are significantly less annoying than others..
    See how many of these apply to your group of friends and then see how many of them apply to you!

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  • Runtime : 7:26
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  • Eti D'Amico
    Eti D'Amico   9 hours ago

    You forgot the friend who uses u for your sources...👿👿👿

  • Henrik Fagerholt
    Henrik Fagerholt   10 hours ago

    The one who loses an argument, and says i always has to be right, but he's the one with that mindset

  • LukasDoesEverything
    LukasDoesEverything   2 days ago

    I’m the competitive one, and all my friends and family hate me for it

  • itslaurenhere XD2
    itslaurenhere XD2   4 days ago

    You forgot the friend that says "OmG I ShIp It" when you blink, look or talk to someone

  • jayden lin
    jayden lin   4 days ago

    My friend is such a baller like it’s at this point to annoying

  • sajana blink
    sajana blink   4 days ago

    omg i was planning to show this video to my friend but then i saw 4:51

  • Mister Random
    Mister Random   4 days ago

    for the ditcher, its not just chasing after a girl, its the one that forgets that you are friends and roasts you trying to impress someone else.

  • Developer
    Developer   4 days ago

    Anyone who had subtitles on noticed that “AR” for annoying Ryan is assault rifle

  • Fire S
    Fire S   5 days ago

    2:55 that's me :|

  • Mr. Chingu
    Mr. Chingu   5 days ago

    The overly lying friend.The type of friend wjo lies to you that it got to the point that you already know his body language whether his lying or not.

  • Roger
    Roger   5 days ago

    nigahiga: maybe you should rewatch this video and think about yourself...*effectively doubles view count

  • ツFortune
    ツFortune   5 days ago

    Well my friends didn't have any of this traits and I did but you forgot the friend that makes you do stuff even if you don't want to

  • Beezee Dog
    Beezee Dog   6 days ago

    Most annoying friends: the guy that sends chain mail

  • anime girl
    anime girl   6 days ago

    I’m not trying to be mean but my annoying friend talks too dam much 🙄

  • Marshmallow Assassin
    Marshmallow Assassin   1 weeks ago

    You forgot the one who advertises his minecraft youtube channel all day and has weird self induced seizures that help him ˋfocusˋ and is also a bit racist even if he doesnt try to be and always wants you to do stuff with him against your willSo you can tell i have a few issues with this friend

  • Kai Tano
    Kai Tano   1 weeks ago

    The ditches in this video is called a simp now

  • Light Tdm
    Light Tdm   1 weeks ago

    The friends show me videos are these videos

  • Imperial Buffoon
    Imperial Buffoon   1 weeks ago

    You forgot about the “bragger”By the way I have a Gucci and vape sweatshirt

  • Dr Dragon
    Dr Dragon   1 weeks ago

    You forgot the one that call you when you go online

  • DS Juniper
    DS Juniper   1 weeks ago

    You forgot the friend that asks questions about everything or the friend that always trolls you

  • IronEpic
    IronEpic   1 weeks ago

    I think I May be the video guy.

  • Nace Ed
    Nace Ed   1 weeks ago

    The ditcher is just a simp

  • Seemeen Faisal
    Seemeen Faisal   1 weeks ago

    This video didn't suck but I guess it doesn't have a bad ending to it. Make it blue!🔻🔻🔻

  • Turtle Master 24
    Turtle Master 24   1 weeks ago

    The one who insults you constantly, calling it a "joke", is selfish, and always plays the victim. Screw you Jacob.

  • Thames W
    Thames W   1 weeks ago

    was going to share this video to friends, i guess no more lol

  • X a o c
    X a o c   1 weeks ago

    One my friends is every single one of these but there still nice