Raiding a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft - Part 15

  • Published on: 16 July 2019
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  • Runtime : 28:57


  • Nicholas Norek
    Nicholas Norek   3 hours ago

    Dig through the heads and get diamonds and other resources

    AMRITA SHARMA   7 hours ago

    Why are you killing sheeps they are so innocent😡😡😡😡😡

  • Marianna
    Marianna   11 hours ago

    Lubię Cię bo tłumaczysz filmy po polsku i ja też wiem co się dzieje i mogę oglądać króla Youtube ☺

    JERRY PURP   12 hours ago

    7:44pewds:theres jungles in fortnite!?!?! Me:-_-dude what?? FORTNITE!?!?

  • BlueFire3125
    BlueFire3125   21 hours ago

    You don't even have any more wolves!!!! I have as many as I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keri Geri
    Keri Geri   23 hours ago

    I no why had to travel so far because woodland mansions spawn just around 10 000 blocks from your spawn away

  • Phantom foxy
    Phantom foxy   1 days ago

    I think the woodland guys took Jourgen!!!!!

  • Joseph Lang
    Joseph Lang   1 days ago

    Kind of funny how the whole thing will end if Sven dies and Sven is invisible

  • Diane Hayter
    Diane Hayter   1 days ago

    Swedish chocolate is the best ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • incunclusion
    incunclusion   1 days ago

    Joergen's HP : 30Water sheep's HP : 2Sven's HP : 10,000

  • Justin Penacerrada
    Justin Penacerrada   1 days ago

    pewdipie that is a totem of undying if you died you still have life

  • Dristi R
    Dristi R   1 days ago

    I’m rewatching this and realizing how he just passes by any chances for chests on the roof and goes for the ladders ahaha

  • samuel mednoza
    samuel mednoza   1 days ago

    Wats da music ur using everytime sven or joergen goes missing.

  • Sean Johnson
    Sean Johnson   1 days ago

    This series is like hardcore mode but Sven dies the gets deleted

  • Hunter Pitzen
    Hunter Pitzen   1 days ago

    U took lazarbeams melon farm idea and his #1 trending😡

  • Hade Goke
    Hade Goke   2 days ago

    Felix trying to get to the woodland mansion is what my parents tell me how they got to school

  • Flying Turtles
    Flying Turtles   2 days ago

    Felix:this the most toughest mission we ev where’s joregon haven’t even finished his sentence

  • GamerLord123
    GamerLord123   2 days ago

    pewdiepie:i come in peace i come in peace!also pewdiepie:*kills pillager*

  • The Silent Sky
    The Silent Sky   2 days ago

    Sir, you should know that many mobs despawn if there are too many in the world already, make sure you constantly check on your livestock and see how crowded it is. If you don't do this another Joergen could die. Also you left him on an island.

  • Skywing
    Skywing   2 days ago

    Felix: my legs are killing meMe: wait, that's illegal

  • Saminator2020
    Saminator2020   2 days ago

    What's funny is that#1: He does not know what power the totem of undying is capable of.#2: He calls it a baby.

  • Isaac Faier
    Isaac Faier   2 days ago

    In the tuber simulator add when you say phhhh your eye whites look green

  • Sxnny_Sxiinee
    Sxnny_Sxiinee   3 days ago

    Felix: ThErE’s JuNgLe’S iN fOrTnItE?Uhh.. I- sighs

  • 鄭凱元
    鄭凱元   3 days ago

    plot twist:Sven killed Joergan