Trying Foreign Candy!! // Dolan Twins

  • Published on: 16 February 2016
  • We try a bunch of foreign candy and some are not so good at all :/ haha

    Last Week's Video 'Ear Piercing Challenge' -

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  • Runtime : 7:8
  • Trying Foreign Candy!! Dolan Twins Dolans Twins Grayson Ethan Brothers Dolan Brothers


  • M.A.N. I.A.C
    M.A.N. I.A.C   1 days ago

    They forgot switzerland😱😱😂❤️

  • Adrianna Gipson
    Adrianna Gipson   2 days ago

    I like Mexican candy but sometimes the Chile is to much I have to be in the mood for it 😂

  • ava t
    ava t   4 days ago

    quarantine anyone?

  • Lena Khudaverdyan
    Lena Khudaverdyan   4 days ago

    how did you find the fucking shipuchka, i can’t find it and i live in Russia

  • Haley Eddy
    Haley Eddy   6 days ago

    Love the Cleveland cavaliers shirt gray

  • Stevie South
    Stevie South   1 weeks ago

    “i kinda feel bad....but it’s was his idea!”

  • Lauren
    Lauren   1 weeks ago

    I can't believe u guys dont have Areo's, I may not be from the UK I'm from Ireland but we basically have the same candy as the UK

  • Chelle Eve
    Chelle Eve   1 weeks ago

    Ethan didn’t like the Aero bar D: those were my favourite at his age in this video lol, not really anymore though

  • Clancie Watson
    Clancie Watson   2 weeks ago

    Dolan twins: i rate vegimite a negitive 13Australians: :(

  • Emily Martin
    Emily Martin   2 weeks ago

    OMG I have dyslexia Tooooo😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😆😁

  • Cait Norwood
    Cait Norwood   2 weeks ago

    Roses are redThat ones trueViolets are violet Not fucking blue

  • Eilish Hersom
    Eilish Hersom   2 weeks ago

    I’m from Australia and it is hilarious how they ate the vegemite straight from the bottle it goes on bread lol

  • sandra hernandez
    sandra hernandez   2 weeks ago

    Mexican candy most likely will have spice that burns ur young but believe meh it gets better when u get to the candy part, I promise u it is worth it going through the spice

  • Natalie Phelps
    Natalie Phelps   2 weeks ago

    Love how Grayson actually likes vegemite now😂

  • Alena Universe
    Alena Universe   2 weeks ago

    still wondering where they found russian candy "shipuchka" cause in russia these candy no longer exist

  • My houp
    My houp   2 weeks ago

    Кто с Тик Тока?😏😏😏

  • Александра Найс

    Возможно здесь есть Русские?? Или другие кто мня понимает!? 🙃😳

  • Senpa ?
    Senpa ?   3 weeks ago

    Кто из Тик Тока?:)

  • Gullible Idiot
    Gullible Idiot   3 weeks ago

    Russian шипучка (shipuchka) is a thing. We had those at school like ten years ago and for my generation it's like almost the best candy. Now you barely can find it in Russia

  • blackmask 2008
    blackmask 2008   3 weeks ago

    Btw when they say Canada uk I think they mean Cardiff uk

  • Nikka Trinidad
    Nikka Trinidad   3 weeks ago

    more videos like these pls try filipino snacks!!!! wih merrel twins hahah

  • Ashlee kay
    Ashlee kay   3 weeks ago

    when ur from australia and u see everyone from around the world that don’t eat vegemite right then say they hate it....😢😓

  • Amba D
    Amba D   1 months ago

    you are eating vegimite wrong you are supposed to put a little bit on toast with a lot of butter or margarine