The US-Canada Border Splits This Road Down The Middle

  • Published on: 28 May 2018
  • Rue Canusa (or Canusa Avenue) is a street that's split in two by a border: the northern part is in Stanstead, Canada, and the southern part is in Derby Line, USA — and border crossings here aren't as easy as they used to be.

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  • Runtime : 2:55
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   2 years ago

    I cannot thank Mayor Dutil enough -- he spent two hours giving me a tour of Stanstead and the border, and this video wouldn't look half as good without all his help. He also talked to border control when they arrived and asked why I was filming...!

  • Rob Orlandi
    Rob Orlandi   16 hours ago

    Thats actually really cool. Im from NY id like to drive up n check that out

  • gorobot
    gorobot   18 hours ago

    If they don't have a yearly annual snowball fight across that street, they are missing a huge opportunity

  • Gabriel Tobing
    Gabriel Tobing   20 hours ago

    Someone got drunk on the job, and now half the road is in the US and the other half in Canada XD

  • CJ G
    CJ G   1 days ago

    At lest no military face to face

  • Venky S
    Venky S   1 days ago

    You can literally mock someone who is in USA, when you smoke up??

  • Kd Soto
    Kd Soto   1 days ago

    Earth: ~Birds and trees, a lovely scene~Humans: "Divide it!! You must not walk on that patch of grass!"Earth: "bruh"Birds that fly to either side: "tweety-tweet"

    DEVIN GINTER69   1 days ago

    The beginning of the video the guy crossed the border

  • Rayne Muir
    Rayne Muir   1 days ago

    When you take a ferry from Vancouver, BC to Victoria, BC the ferry crosses into US waters (but you don't need a passport since the ferry does not stop).

  • Fire Earth
    Fire Earth   1 days ago

    killed the indian and made countries usa and canda!!!

  • Fire Earth
    Fire Earth   1 days ago

    it is part from usa ...and the history best thing prove that

  • Charles King
    Charles King   1 days ago

    I bet criminals and smugglers totally follow the law like all the good folks who live in that town..

    SPORCY   1 days ago

    That's funny because I live 10 minutes away from there

  • Deadnitez N.Z.
    Deadnitez N.Z.   1 days ago

    Its......a line! Lmao! Amazing how simply humans are fooled!?

    STUPID FREAK   1 days ago

    Was playing football on one side of the road then suddenly the ball went on the other sideI cried

  • Quiad Flett
    Quiad Flett   2 days ago

    Where is Homer Simpson jumping back and forth, America! Canada! America! Canada!

  • Andrew Daley, Jr.
    Andrew Daley, Jr.   2 days ago

    So you can't make U-turn on this street? Or what happens when you're in an accident and your car is literally pushed into another country?! 😂 borders are comical

  • Elise Graziano
    Elise Graziano   2 days ago

    A tiny piece of me wants to see a bunch of teenagers on opposite sides of the street holding their flags and and futilely punching the air while screaming their country's names and then they all go to a bar afterwards and have a laugh and then do it all again tomorrow

    PROD WEB   2 days ago

    1:32 As soon as tom said "the police showed up" they drove by him!

  • Anand Gill
    Anand Gill   3 days ago

    you could play a game of dodgeball, with serious cheating consequences

  • Waqas Ahmad
    Waqas Ahmad   3 days ago

    Some thing has to be introduced so that both sides can benefit you can't restrict people like this as they no each other for ages it's sad

  • d610
    d610   3 days ago

    Just shows how arbitrary borders can be. Same community split by an invisible line now you can't even visit your neighbor without getting government's permission. The things we're expected to just see as normal and the things that people get outraged about are interesting.

  • iZajRes GS
    iZajRes GS   3 days ago

    Yes, that's this apocalyptic future we are all afraid of, happening right in front of our eyes.

  • Cookie master69
    Cookie master69   3 days ago

    What if ur school has the line in the middle of ur school???

  • Sharptooth100
    Sharptooth100   3 days ago

    How unfair is this? I want American citizenship also!

  • Amaya Strata
    Amaya Strata   4 days ago

    Good job trumpydump hasn’t yet suggested building a wall between the USA/Canadian border.

  • spacy
    spacy   4 days ago

    So how do American residents (south side of road) go westbound? Don't they have to travel on Canadian side?

  • Émanuel Denoual
    Émanuel Denoual   4 days ago

    I actualy leave really close to there. Once i went to see a show that my friend was in and we had to stay on the sidewalk to go in the building because the entrance was in the us ( i am canadian ) but when i sat at my chair i was back in Canada. I makes a realy cool story to tell!

  • Lego Batman 27
    Lego Batman 27   4 days ago

    What If The Joker Had A Trip To The Entire America, And Crossed The Border At High Speed With His Jokermobile?