The US-Canada Border Splits This Road Down The Middle

  • Published on: 28 May 2018
  • Rue Canusa (or Canusa Avenue) is a street that's split in two by a border: the northern part is in Stanstead, Canada, and the southern part is in Derby Line, USA — and border crossings here aren't as easy as they used to be.

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   1 years ago

    I cannot thank Mayor Dutil enough -- he spent two hours giving me a tour of Stanstead and the border, and this video wouldn't look half as good without all his help. He also talked to border control when they arrived and asked why I was filming...!

  • Tyson Nielson
    Tyson Nielson   3 hours ago

    I think Trump is building his silly wall on the wrong side! 🤣😂🤪

  • Esssnake
    Esssnake   13 hours ago

    When they changed the laws so you couldn’t cross the line. Imagine how many kids friendships were ruined

  • itchydiscoman
    itchydiscoman   13 hours ago

    What would Canada do if they were attached to Mexico

  • Yana Co
    Yana Co   13 hours ago

    Its so funny your neighbours and some of your friends are canadian...

  • Rock Roll
    Rock Roll   14 hours ago

    Mexicans: if only it was that easy

  • Jayd
    Jayd   14 hours ago

    Seeking asylum made easy...

  • hvx_ iiev
    hvx_ iiev   17 hours ago

    This is exactly like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait or bahrain or emirates or literally all the gulf countries . We go to bahrain by car and Kuwait too .

  • Ray Wang
    Ray Wang   1 days ago

    There is hardly any difference between these 2 countries, border is more of a guideline. Unlike Australia and New Zealand, they need 2000kms water to separate them off, you need a buffer like that in case New Zealand invades Australia with sudden lightening strike :P

  • Terrell.
    Terrell.   1 days ago

    I see people from other countries flexing how they can freely pass borders 😂😂I’m sorry but I like the fact that Mexicans and Canadians can’t mosey into our country and vice versa

  • Doug Bevins
    Doug Bevins   1 days ago

    We should have a wall on the Canadian border. If we don't build one, all their dangerous retirees will spend their vacations in Florida crowing up buffet lines. Horary Trump. Hate who you can!

  • Fils World
    Fils World   1 days ago

    How the freak do they have a sidewalk just on the Canadian side but us Americans cant use it an we have yet to build our own smh this country is comical!

  • Patrcia Clemons
    Patrcia Clemons   1 days ago

    It's a planet. Stop letting people tell people where they can and cannot go

  • Donald J PLUMP
    Donald J PLUMP   1 days ago

    If the people on the other side of that road were brown there would be a certain group of people yelling "build a wall".

  • Anthony Holliday
    Anthony Holliday   2 days ago

    So when anyone leaves the house they cant go to the left ?

  • Amrit
    Amrit   2 days ago

    So if bird flies over to America and it is a Canadian bird and poops on American home. Will the bird be prosecuted?

  • NotYou 2wo
    NotYou 2wo   2 days ago

    Stupid Question, Which side is the closest hospital on?Would people have to cross the border to give birth? If so, would they be considered for dual citizenship?

  • Lavinator
    Lavinator   2 days ago

    So why not add a sidewalk for the Americans? oh the nostalgia of flying eons ago and chatting in the plane's cockpit ... The Times They Are a-Changin'

  • Marcelo Nunes
    Marcelo Nunes   3 days ago

    Ok, that is stupid! Several cities around the world are divided like this. Normally what they do is they surround the whole two cities with a wall and create a Customs office on the city exits on both sides.

  • Jessica Langman
    Jessica Langman   3 days ago

    This is ridiculous, the fact that you can’t visit neighbours a few meters away. 🙄🙄

  • Maui Dp
    Maui Dp   3 days ago

    When USA gets nuked imma be running across the Canada line with everyone else

  • Wade Boven
    Wade Boven   3 days ago

    The Canadians just smoking a bunch of weed acrose the road while the Americans cry

  • Lala Love
    Lala Love   5 days ago

    So you need passport to go to the library 😂

  • Tee Bo
    Tee Bo   5 days ago

    Hmm I just figured out my way to get in

  • HeadLock
    HeadLock   6 days ago

    They are riding a fine line with this.

  • RCBM
    RCBM   6 days ago

    Rightyho!...Up with a wall...then wait 28 years and a few protests then you can jump on top of it and have a party! Oh!!! I’m sorry, Berlin already did that!!

  • faunaflage
    faunaflage   1 weeks ago

    The centimetres / inches joke was low-key hilarious.

  • llj kll
    llj kll   1 weeks ago

    Canada is the unofficial 52nd state of u.s.a

  • solo lobo
    solo lobo   1 weeks ago

    There's no wall like you see in Mexico and U.S border .

  • R M
    R M   1 weeks ago

    Just put up a wall, right 'merica?