r/entitledparents Best Posts #4

  • Published on: 11 May 2019
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  • Braxton Boyles
    Braxton Boyles   13 hours ago

    Who frickin mum says that a DS is a PlayStation 😤😤

    YT_ CHRONICLE   1 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue your scrolling through the comments so I knew

  • Venom 64
    Venom 64   1 days ago

    Innocent person: gives birthEP: yOu SHoUldN’t Be aLLowEd tO LivE!

  • Euclid Pal
    Euclid Pal   1 days ago

    The dog woman is stupid she just got flunked

  • Amirah Euphoria
    Amirah Euphoria   2 days ago

    Okay, the father on the first story. You're the best.

  • Minceraft
    Minceraft   2 days ago

    Hey bro... ur thumbnails are mixed up on the wrong videos of this series, can you fix them if you want.

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye   2 days ago

    Em: steals random dogJohn wick: yo did u see my dog?

  • BethanyJoy Catenaro
    BethanyJoy Catenaro   2 days ago

    Entitled parent: •tries to steal my dog•Me: •grabs chancla• you see this? It's a chancla, IMMA FUCKIN SMACC YA WIT IT!!!!!!

  • mythik !!!
    mythik !!!   3 days ago

    If someone yanked my dog's leash out of my hand, oh boy they're getting hell

  • life of ash
    life of ash   3 days ago

    I'm new with Reddit, so can anyone please tell me how to upload a story? Plz?

  • Not Caj3r
    Not Caj3r   3 days ago

    I wasn’t really pay8ng attention and I thought Annie was a human LMAOOOO

  • Yadira Castaneda
    Yadira Castaneda   3 days ago

    Em:😶yonk Dog :🐶owMe:what the hell get back here 🔫

  • Jts Gaming
    Jts Gaming   4 days ago

    group: tries to steal my dogme: thats why im in prison for murder

  • Leevi Yang
    Leevi Yang   4 days ago


  • CrookedClown 949
    CrookedClown 949   5 days ago

    I can't describe how much I want the woman who tried to steal the dog to get punched. Who does that!? What kind of awful person do you have to be to do something like that!?

  • SMpro
    SMpro   5 days ago

    These stories make me lose faith in humanity

  • Hiimkronk!
    Hiimkronk!   5 days ago

    Em: steals DS Me: So you chose death.If you meet an Em, and she tells you to give you something you own, uno reverse card.

  • Kiitsune Shadows
    Kiitsune Shadows   6 days ago

    Entitled Mom: "wOw, It took my dog a year to learn all of those! He's kind of dumb though"Me: "So you have chosen, death."

  • Boyhalla
    Boyhalla   6 days ago

    one of these days the parents will just kidnap you and force you to spend time with their children while they leave for a week.

  • Trash Gaming
    Trash Gaming   1 weeks ago

    2:27 if the story owner sees this comment your dad is doing what ı was going to do

  • Boros Ádám
    Boros Ádám   1 weeks ago

    I had a situation like that : i had a giant RC helicopter with a fiiine controller. I was practicing flying it. Entitled GRAND MA comes and tells me to let her 6 year old grandson fly my expensive as fuck heli. I say no. But she continues to push the thing . So i let her grandson fly it. Offf course he(6yrsold) flies it up to the tallest ass tree ever and I had to go climb that headass tree and my heli vas like 8feet up in the sky so GG (sorry if i messed up the inch/feet system

  • conamus
    conamus   1 weeks ago

    The dog one made me angry someone try to steal my Labrador and they dying no matter who they are race or gender

  • CookieArcher116
    CookieArcher116   1 weeks ago

    This is the reason I don't watch these videos, they just infurate me because of those people.

    NME NME   1 weeks ago

    You need to make your videos longer. My son loves the content, but is upset they are so short.

  • Bean Dip
    Bean Dip   1 weeks ago

    How do you not beat a bitches ass. I don’t even care if some crazy lady comes up to me on some shit like that. I’ve spent 20 years training this pump hand. It’s ready

  • Jade X
    Jade X   1 weeks ago

    Me: excuse me that’s my labEM: no, mine.Me: your time has come

  • Sleepyish FN
    Sleepyish FN   1 weeks ago

    I would SNAP. idc how much older you are. You come up to me like you’re better than me, I’m going to treat you like you’re trash.

  • Mathew Carl Sardon
    Mathew Carl Sardon   1 weeks ago

    Actually when someone steal my items or what I'd go on a rampage hehehheheBtw dude you're dad is amazong i wish i had a dad like you

  • mae gacha xO
    mae gacha xO   1 weeks ago

    me get iphone 12 Goes home and charges it cause it was at 1% anyway, Sets Up Ok I'll walk outside walking a tExTInG. EM: GIEV ME THAT PHONE FOR MY 2 YRO KID, NOW!! mE: Do you know the password? EM: No just give me and tell the password. ME: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jarom Temple
    Jarom Temple   1 weeks ago

    Wow what a REALLL STORY with REAL PEOPLE and absolutely REAL EVENTS

  • Dork Bork
    Dork Bork   2 weeks ago

    Does that mean that a 2ds is ps3?