r/entitledparents Best Posts #4

  • Published on: 11 May 2019
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  • Daredevil Master
    Daredevil Master   1 days ago

    If a person trys theat shit wile im at a dog park i wold punch them into the nexed mileneon

  • Fahmy Magdy
    Fahmy Magdy   2 days ago

    3:13 i never heard something stupid as this.

  • June Moon Studios
    June Moon Studios   3 days ago

    EM: How dare you call me a liar in my own home.OP: Oh...right come to my house and we'll talk. Ok

  • murkywater adminssions

    How to know if you fine a entitled parent/mother/fathermy angles is [DATA REDACTED]

  • Robert Simon
    Robert Simon   4 days ago

    These entitled dumbasses seriously don't realize they have jobs?

  • [GD] LoyalShadow
    [GD] LoyalShadow   5 days ago

    Yeah. Chocolate Labradors do enlighten children I used to have one until he died when I was 5 and my sister was 2. His name was Moosey. (Holy fuck I miss him so much. Plus I’m only 10) Edit: if someone offered a billion dollars for moosey. I would tell Siri to pick a number from 1 to 10000000000. I would only give my dog if Siri says 1. (I feel like a jerk saying though.) Edit: Actually no I would ask Siri for a number from 1 to 1093083974986478648648648638638639638638763. (Good luck reading that lol.) and I would only give if it said 678. (I still feel like a jerk saying this.) :D

  • BabyBlue Vixen
    BabyBlue Vixen   5 days ago

    7:50 She does realize a mutt is a mixed breed right?

  • M Ö N C H
    M Ö N C H   5 days ago

    the story where the lady tries to steal the dog is just her complaining that she cant[ steal something to a fucking police officer.

  • Michael Hanson
    Michael Hanson   6 days ago

    i love my dog i would never sell him Evan for 100,000,000 dollars he is the one on the dot his name is kole

  • Johnfromafar
    Johnfromafar   6 days ago

    Geico can save you 15 percent or more on car insurance.

  • Axolpo
    Axolpo   6 days ago

    Woah its not black friday

  • JR TV
    JR TV   1 weeks ago

    If I had a dog and someone was just like how how much I’d say something insane like 50000 so they wouldn’t buy it

  • Blooobeek
    Blooobeek   1 weeks ago

    The first dad is fucking nuts

  • Chaz Cuarto
    Chaz Cuarto   1 weeks ago

    says here we go megalovania starts playing

  • Birb
    Birb   1 weeks ago

    Karen vocabs~~Angel - her kids (ek or not)IBOUGHTTHEM!!! - it belongs and belonged to my angel!YOU’REALIAR!!!! - you are lying about my angel’s properties!Excuse me? - this person is crazy and wrong and psychotic and i’m always right and this bitch is wrong, so i need to remind himI’MCALLINGTHEPOLICE!!! - this dude is crazy! I need to report him to the police before he gets out of hand! I’m doing something good today :)WHAT?!!! - I AM RIGHT YOU DINGUS!! WHY DO YOU EVEN RESIST?!!!!And the rest i dont know because i dont speak karen

  • TheRedKnight 12
    TheRedKnight 12   1 weeks ago

    I actually couldn't watch any of these videos, because these people's stupidity just makes my brain scream

  • Theo Hayman
    Theo Hayman   1 weeks ago

    Honestly, the people in these videos make angry for like 2 hours. The stupidity it to much for me...but I still like to watch them :P

  • Owen and Anna
    Owen and Anna   1 weeks ago

    I really like your channel, because unlike most people, you actually add personality to the stories that other video just don’t have.

  • Jenuine Tea
    Jenuine Tea   2 weeks ago

    I wanted to punch all these people, especially the dog one.

  • Creeper awww man
    Creeper awww man   2 weeks ago

    Im.gonna use a dead meme now jojo meme picture guy walking holding dog with entitled mom infront

  • Tyr Stone
    Tyr Stone   2 weeks ago

    This is why i carry a gun at all times

  • Logan so tall
    Logan so tall   2 weeks ago

    Every EM everEM:Wait those "Playstations" that my little "angel" stole from you isnt mine

  • A J Narula
    A J Narula   2 weeks ago

    1:29 no, you are the one who entered the room

  • Box !
    Box !   2 weeks ago

    WORLD WIDE WARNING:Entitled Karen’s warning middle-aged woman with racist materialistic values they think they are owed the world.If confronted do not engage. Walk away and hide your valuables and anything that they might want

  • Nino DeJernett
    Nino DeJernett   2 weeks ago

    EM: (takes dog)Dog: I’m about end this woman’s whole career EM:hahahaDog:bites her handEM:aHHHHHHDog:gotcha bich EM: (runs)

  • A_sloth _
    A_sloth _   2 weeks ago


  • Some Being
    Some Being   3 weeks ago

    EM: My Angel deserves itMe: what does she diserve? Being shot and your child being a fallen angel?

  • Zahir Jamal
    Zahir Jamal   3 weeks ago