Will This Make Magnetic Sand?

  • Published on: 09 March 2019
  • In this video we're taking some neodymium magnets and blending them into dust. Will the dust be magnetic, and what can we do with it?

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  • Runtime : 11:52
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  • john smith
    john smith   3 days ago

    Would have been easier to blend the magnets with the ingredient to the slime.

  • Randy Chipman
    Randy Chipman   3 days ago

    I feel like cali wouldve loved being there on this video

  • Gami'n Gabe
    Gami'n Gabe   4 days ago

    4:52 if you turn down the speed of your video you can see the TKOR symbol. I can still barely see it at X 0.25 speed

  • AltoMouse _
    AltoMouse _   4 days ago

    I've done this but with crushing them with rocks

  • Gilane Caroto
    Gilane Caroto   5 days ago

    When you heat most ferrous materials they lose their magnetism (blacksmithing trick to know youre at quenching temp), when you hit the magnet with a hammer or the blender the actual material can change causing a loss in its magnetic power

  • Aysty
    Aysty   6 days ago

    Am I the only one that saw a crown logo at 4:52?

  • D S
    D S   6 days ago

    Theoretically when you cool down ferromagnet after heating it again starts behaving like paramagnet I wanna see that

  • prosoccer95
    prosoccer95   6 days ago

    Doesnt a magnet lose its power when heated?

  • G4 Cinemas
    G4 Cinemas   6 days ago

    ⚠️WARNING⚠️flashing lights From 10:37 to 10:44

  • c H
    c H   6 days ago

    3:36 what you came here for

  • Ciaran Ross
    Ciaran Ross   1 weeks ago

    Sometimes i wish u were my science teacher

  • Luis Aguilera
    Luis Aguilera   1 weeks ago

    I had some neodymium magnets and the broke apart when the toched at high speeds.

  • Lillian Collins
    Lillian Collins   1 weeks ago

    2020 KingOfRandom we will try to blend covid-19 🦠

  • Devil_ Lord
    Devil_ Lord   1 weeks ago

    It looks like people are celebrating 4 of July in the blender

  • Zachary plays 4 days
    Zachary plays 4 days   1 weeks ago

    Light: existsLight bulbs: also exist Nate:*blends magnets to create bright sparks*The camera guy:🤔

  • The Gamer Curtis
    The Gamer Curtis   1 weeks ago

    4:52 around there the king of Random logo pops up in the blender

  • Z y n x
    Z y n x   1 weeks ago

    4:52Hah, if you pause it at the right time, you can see the king of random logo. Edit, or was it sparks.

  • Luc Schut
    Luc Schut   1 weeks ago

    4:51 whats about flashing the logo 1 frame?? surreptitious advertising??

  • pop kek
    pop kek   1 weeks ago

    It is week becouse it burns in the blender and loose its force

  • Legacie Phillips
    Legacie Phillips   1 weeks ago

    Questioning whether if we had magnets that were controlled like drones if the magnetic sand would stick and we could make shapes with it like in big hero six...

  • Cassidy Renno
    Cassidy Renno   2 weeks ago

    please tell me that wasn't the only blender you have.

  • prune eater
    prune eater   2 weeks ago

    i powderized the magnet of one of those magnet dartboard darts by throwing it at the floor over and over