Wine Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Wine | Price Points | Epicurious

  • Published on: 14 March 2019
  • In this episode of 'Price Points', Epicurious challenges wine expert Belinda Chang to guess which one of two wines is more expensive. Belinda breaks down sparkling, white, red, rosé and port wines and then gives her professional opinion!
    Belinda is a "James Beard Award-winning Wine Director and Wine Writer". You could call her a sommelier, but she doesn't really care for the term.

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    Wine Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Wine | Price Points | Epicurious
  • Runtime : 18:45
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  • Nicholas Pilto
    Nicholas Pilto   6 hours ago

    Wow an expert on how to get yourself poisoned didn’t know there was an expert for that which is the best way to kill yourself you people do realize alcohol is poison

  • hellsjester1
    hellsjester1   8 hours ago

    how is it that wine testers are always so very posh

  • AmethystEyes
    AmethystEyes   9 hours ago

    “Neutral vessel”= nice way of saying cheap storage.

  • Whiskey PadaJuan
    Whiskey PadaJuan   11 hours ago

    Please do a version of this with a Cigar expert. Would love to learn what to look for in a cigar.

  • WolfsbaneFilms
    WolfsbaneFilms   11 hours ago

    Well spoken, lovely, and not at all pedantic about the information and drinking techniques. She was genuinely excited about trying each selection and was never demeaning about the less expensive wines.

  • Sdtok
    Sdtok   16 hours ago

    Lol, wine expert and swirls her champagne

  • Amal
    Amal   23 hours ago

    I have literally been waiting for this episode since this show started.

  • Daniel
    Daniel   1 days ago

    0:32 does it have to be a black napkin? I have other types and colors, hues, like more vibrant kinda younger, vintage mineraly, a little woody but sweeeter but not black T____T

  • Opal64
    Opal64   1 days ago

    I really enjoy how she talks about the notes of the wines. Makes me feel bad that all wine tastes/smells like rubbing alcohol to me rip.

  • Taargus
    Taargus   1 days ago

    4:41 wait, lead capsule? Isn't that dangerous?

  • agizzy23
    agizzy23   2 days ago

    “You can tell this is cheap because it’s the one agizzy asked for friends who were 21 to get for her after her last breakup.”

  • ImEndGame
    ImEndGame   2 days ago

    Ngl I thought it was gonna be some 50 yr old named Jane with short brown hair

  • Mr. Limekiller
    Mr. Limekiller   2 days ago

    Are you sure she's not a mayonnaise expert? That is an absolute thumb of a woman.

  • J E
    J E   2 days ago

    Given all scientific studies on wine tasting show people having a 50/50 chance of guessing, how much leading was done with this?

  • Herv3
    Herv3   2 days ago

    Change the title to, "the most boring way to open champagne."

  • Jesper van den Berg
    Jesper van den Berg   2 days ago

    "99% of what you taste is what you smell" according to the cheese expert some cheeses do taste 99% like diapers then xDthink more in the range of 30% tbh

  • Cmsmart TVChannels
    Cmsmart TVChannels   3 days ago

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  • kev3d
    kev3d   3 days ago

    Up next: A Wino guesses Franzia vs Carlo Rossi.

  • TrueWOPR
    TrueWOPR   3 days ago

    Now put the same wine in two different labeled bottles and ask her opinion.

  • H̵̡͟E ̨C̡͠O̶ME͘͢S͞

    کاکو!! کو شراب شیرازت پ؟! انگو هنو شراب ناب شیراز نچشیدی.. بیو یهی چیکش بیریزم تو حلقت مشتری ثابت شی

  • Kajsa
    Kajsa   3 days ago

    (Make me an expeeert)

  • Ora
    Ora   3 days ago

    15:05 Skin contact? Now we're talking :D

  • Elijah Culper
    Elijah Culper   4 days ago

    “Serious bubble structure” quote of the day.

  • jim ewok
    jim ewok   4 days ago

    "keep a can of wine in my purse?"

  • Bob Fish
    Bob Fish   4 days ago

    great but why does the napkin have to be black?

  • Ryan Padnis
    Ryan Padnis   4 days ago

    There were sooooo many that’s what she said moments I swear

  • inha
    inha   4 days ago

    I’m not even a wine drinker but i enjoy this video a lot

  • ruchittenme
    ruchittenme   4 days ago

    I thought the video was going to start like this:"I'm Belinda Chang and I'm a.......MAN!!!"

  • StewNWT
    StewNWT   4 days ago

    this was very informative. Not often do I drink wine but I found this very interesting and well done. Thanks Belinda!

  • mdbran0827
    mdbran0827   5 days ago

    14:30 "if you need something for your table tonight"...but we aren't going to tell you what it is in the video, so good luck suckers.