Breaking BATTLE LAB MODE in Fortnite

  • Published on: 22 December 2019
  • Gaming science class is in session
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  • Runtime : 11:17


  • Edward Char
    Edward Char   2 hours ago

    Fresh: It's impossible!Me: No it's not. Rocket launcher=dead bots

  • DerpyDragon
    DerpyDragon   21 hours ago

    Use the ltm where u get as much sheils as u can in a couple mins against the bots. Like 2k hp vs the bots

  • ologames 11
    ologames 11   1 days ago

    You should shockwave the boys from max hight so they are all on different places then you should try to survive just like your 100 default survive challenge

  • RNG NG
    RNG NG   4 days ago

    Well lazer beam was already in the game

  • Stretch
    Stretch   6 days ago

    You can get a new kill WR

  • Time with Cringe 1
    Time with Cringe 1   6 days ago

    Lazarbeam you an get a new kill record with that when you trap them and shoot them with a rocket launcher

  • Myles Krummen
    Myles Krummen   1 weeks ago

    you should put bots in a hole and put mats in it

  • Jose Santillan
    Jose Santillan   1 weeks ago

    How storks deliver baby’s without parachutes4:174:32

  • Æ Ne0n
    Æ Ne0n   1 weeks ago

    Stranger: what do you want to be when you grow upKid: I wanna be a dumbshit scientist

  • Orrin Fox
    Orrin Fox   1 weeks ago

    6:03 anti aircraft in a nutshell

  • Life Hacks & Experiments

    If you were a box of crayons you'd be the giant name-brand one with the built-in sharpener

  • Underfell_Sans
    Underfell_Sans   1 weeks ago

    leaked footage of the fortnite horror movie, 7:40

  • Not GhOsTy
    Not GhOsTy   2 weeks ago

    these bots are better then me.....

  • sai Jama
    sai Jama   2 weeks ago

    I was one of the people you killed

  • I’m a furry UwU XD X3

    I remember when Me and some mates played this game mode, the bots literally didn’t miss a shot on us.... so that’s fun 😂😂

  • Omar Ruiz
    Omar Ruiz   2 weeks ago

    YouTube :category gamingMe : no science

  • Chris Collins
    Chris Collins   2 weeks ago

    At approx 7:21 is how lannan feels when he is up against ttv's

  • Kyra Warrick
    Kyra Warrick   2 weeks ago

    This is what happened when bots take over