I Spent The Night In My Boyfriends House & He Had No Idea... (24 Hour Challenge)

  • Published on: 13 October 2019
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  • Runtime : 24:38
  • i spent the night in my boyfriends house and he had no idea i spent the night in my girlfriends house and she had no idea 24 hour challenge i spent the night in my boyfriends house i spent the night in my girlfriends house i spent the night in my own house i spent the night in my own house and no one knew jules and saud julia raleigh a1saud 24 hour


  • Annalise Borgialli
    Annalise Borgialli   16 hours ago

    My dogs name is Louie and he’s a Vizsla and he would never go if I told him to.

  • Ricky 2019
    Ricky 2019   1 days ago

    You shoulda did a missing car prank it woulda been so fun especially leaving the keys in the car

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    Kimberly Ontiveros   3 days ago

    Saud left the keys and Jules whooo nows my times to go to Wendy's for a frosty

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    I subscribed I turned one the notifications on and I love ❤️ ur channels

  • { Xxwolfie_gachaxX }

    Omg I’m so stupid! Hole she was going down to the car and by Saud my mum comes in and yells at my bro and I go“SHHHHHHHHH! YOUR GONNA GET JULES CAUGHT!”🤦🏻‍♀️😔😂

  • montana dooley
    montana dooley   5 days ago

    I subscribed and hut the bell I love y'all and you guys are the cutest couple tell saud how you got Wendy's

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    Disco_ Potato   5 days ago

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    MACY SCHMALL   1 weeks ago

    Is piglet a dog, pig, or a chicken. I’m confused

  • Aoife Kerr
    Aoife Kerr   1 weeks ago

    Jules why do have to take medicine are you sick 🤒

  • sophia lopez
    sophia lopez   1 weeks ago

    All notification shoutouts are on on And sorry that I don't know how to spell But you guys are the cuteist cupel love youGuys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Yuen Natalie
    Yuen Natalie   1 weeks ago

    I didn’t watch the video yet......but I shall like because I love Jules, Saud, and Piglet and their content ❤️❤️👍

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