Bachelorette Kaitlyn Goes Wedding Dress Shopping with Jimmy and Guillermo

  • Published on: 28 July 2015
  • On the season finale of The Bachelorette, Kaitlyn got engaged to her beloved Shawn B. There’s a lot to do when it comes to planning a wedding, so Jimmy and Guillermo pitched in by doing what they do best: helping Kaitlyn pick a wedding dress.

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    Bachelorette Kaitlyn Goes Wedding Dress Shopping with Jimmy and Guillermo
  • Runtime : 6:46
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  • Gavin Shams
    Gavin Shams   2 hours ago

    Guillermo: WOWKaitlyn: wow good, wow bad Guillermo: no it is terrible 3:25

  • Nhi Tran
    Nhi Tran   2 days ago

    Oh my god looks at the dress is so cute and so amazing

  • Reva A
    Reva A   1 weeks ago

    Jimmy and Guillermo were so beautiful in wedding dress than Kaitlyn

  • Mirko Bozic
    Mirko Bozic   1 weeks ago

    It's impossible not to love Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Navin gupta
    Navin gupta   1 weeks ago

    Killed it... Guillermo u are lit man 🔥🔥🔥swaad hi dila diya bhai ♥️

  • zirak93
    zirak93   1 weeks ago

    Very strange to see Jimmy without beard. Hard to recognize him. :P

  • Blue Rose
    Blue Rose   2 weeks ago

    Guillermo looks beautiful in that dress

  • Norris Freedman
    Norris Freedman   3 weeks ago

    It ought to be changed to “late night Hollywood with Guillermo”, and get rid of Jimmy or just let him write bits.

  • whitesylveon
    whitesylveon   3 weeks ago

    This womans laugh is so funny! In a positive way lol

  • moazzamlxxl
    moazzamlxxl   4 weeks ago

    is Kaitlyn that porn star from memes?

  • Free Man
    Free Man   1 months ago

    @UCaR8pe3wvQvbOQu7j-18HyA subscribe to me too and let's youtube friends

  • Yadi Joshy
    Yadi Joshy   1 months ago

    LOL the same thing happens to me with the "Y" sound I really cant hear the difference from "J" 🤣

  • PlainSauce
    PlainSauce   1 months ago

    "see how it looks with Sean Bean"🤣

  • Daily
    Daily   1 months ago


  • Anton Zigando
    Anton Zigando   1 months ago

    men in dresses again .Does this ever get old in America? sad

  • LLC
    LLC   1 months ago


  • Pink and Black Girl
    Pink and Black Girl   1 months ago

    So I just want to say that neither Jimmy nor Guillermo look decent or in any way good in those dresses.... it does not fit them. thank you.... you are welcome!

  • Yasin Yakoobi
    Yasin Yakoobi   1 months ago

    I am a simple Person, every time i see Guillermo, I click the video

  • paganibonda
    paganibonda   1 months ago

    Guillermo does the "you said it, girll" so well 4:45

  • Sevyn Tennyson
    Sevyn Tennyson   1 months ago

    Kardashian Wedding? Its frikken annoying how ppl keep unnecessarily putting them down and piling their sh*t on them. Their wedding dresses have always been classy

  • Sabininho
    Sabininho   1 months ago

    I thought Conan is uncomfortable but Kimmel is even more uncomfortable

  • Peter Darmanian
    Peter Darmanian   1 months ago

    Guillermo and Jimmy picking out dresses😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nicole Lararara
    Nicole Lararara   1 months ago

    This give me "Fiesta, salsa,quinceañera baila" vibes.

  • me Mtuk
    me Mtuk   1 months ago

    Yet another male celeb in a dress