I Became TikTok Famous and I Don't Know How to Feel

  • Published on: 18 October 2019
  • Okay so I'm slowly taking longer and longer to upload videos, but here's an animated tale about how I became tik tok famous and... I really don't know how to feel.

    I enjoy making tik toks and youtube videos, but let's see how you like a video where I tackle both :)

    Here's a link to watch my tik tok compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjX6pQocZHM

    Major thanks to my BG artists:
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    Taylor - https://twitter.com/Achilles_heelys
    NuNu91011 - https://twitter.com/NuNuIsTaken
    Gigi D - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVKvzOzmykGjrTYyNHxN9zQ
    Mimitsuuu - https://twitter.com/mimitsuuu


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  • Runtime : 9:17
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  • TheAMaazing
    TheAMaazing   4 months ago

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  • n studio
    n studio   2 days ago

    F in the chat for that kid

  • Jahnna hello
    Jahnna hello   2 days ago


  • Dany Gaming
    Dany Gaming   3 days ago

    New religions: Waluigi scares a random kid

  • HappyWolf OfDeath
    HappyWolf OfDeath   4 days ago

    Tiktok steals many things and also can be extremely inappropriate. Tiktok has also ruined so many songs I really liked. Tiktok has gotten so bad that I banned it from my house and absolutely hate anyone who uses it. So now I shall not watch your videos for a while until I calm down... Bye byeeee!

  • Samuel Zhang
    Samuel Zhang   5 days ago

    No offense I don't wanna engage in toktok and I don't like it because my sister got addicted and she's 24/7 on her phone no offense

  • Nawshin Zaima
    Nawshin Zaima   6 days ago

    you have tik Tok im I am unsubscribing not kidding whatever fine I accept u

  • Cristina eku
    Cristina eku   1 weeks ago

    Pelo . That's my favorite YouTuber . I know it's crazy butt ! It's funny and crazy

  • Mr Peebs
    Mr Peebs   1 weeks ago


  • M singh
    M singh   1 weeks ago

    The only good part of Tik tok is memes day rest is cring

  • Feriae Junction
    Feriae Junction   1 weeks ago

    4:16 "here in mother russia we tik tok you" That made me laugh so hard

  • beeceequinn
    beeceequinn   1 weeks ago

    When someone metions stubbing their toe on a corner- 1:08

  • AxL Izzafanny
    AxL Izzafanny   1 weeks ago

    Bruh I got a tiktok ad in this video...how convenient

  • ya boi
    ya boi   1 weeks ago

    1:50 is that a jojo reference!?

  • N Burke
    N Burke   1 weeks ago

    Do you use tiktok?Yes: 30%No: 62%Now that you’re on it, yes: 2%Now that you’re on it, no: 4%