TIKTOKS made in quarantine

  • Published on: 08 May 2020
  • hello thanks for copyrighting me this is fun
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  • Runtime : 9:44
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  • Owen Silva
    Owen Silva   1 minuts ago

    I play Nono square before I go to bed

  • Dj McNugget
    Dj McNugget   55 minuts ago

    Why do you look like a dad from the 60s?

  • Game Central
    Game Central   1 hours ago

    Anyone notice how he spelt quarantine wrong

  • Stijn
    Stijn   3 hours ago


  • Nick Leister
    Nick Leister   3 hours ago

    0:53 what if the crowbar was tge other way around

  • Gabrielle Darvell
    Gabrielle Darvell   4 hours ago

    well he is doing better at filming these than getting solo wins lolalso good vid that was just a joke what i said XD

  • the bois
    the bois   7 hours ago

    notice how lenny is wearing the same clothes all the tik tok vids?...

  • Ayden Brook
    Ayden Brook   8 hours ago


  • Farah Bitar
    Farah Bitar   8 hours ago

    he missed a great opportunity to say that IT lured the kid into that hole ...

  • Ivan Chen
    Ivan Chen   9 hours ago

    I’m literally eating chips while watching this guy and it’s going amazing 😄

    MEEM KILLER   10 hours ago

    LazerBeam do a video of you shaving ur mustache

  • Da Blob
    Da Blob   11 hours ago

    Watch cyninite happieness

  • William Fjell forsberg
    William Fjell forsberg   14 hours ago

    Lazarbeam: There is something called Stockholm syndrome and you will begin to do random shitMe: Knowing Stockholm syndrome is when you and your kidnapper both get feelings for each other

  • PugCuber
    PugCuber   14 hours ago

    4:11 That man is such an asshole. He should never have been allowed to be alive. He will never care about anyone who loves puzzles. If he did that in front of me, I deadass would beat the absolute shit out of him.

  • Shawn Everman
    Shawn Everman   17 hours ago

    1 like = 1 step to the way of curing lazerbeams boredness

  • Mohammed Burraq
    Mohammed Burraq   19 hours ago

    Me see another tiktok video from lazar beamMe:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • shadow_wolf6000
    shadow_wolf6000   22 hours ago

    im eating mint-chocolate chip ice-cream at 2:17 a.m

  • Emily Paredes
    Emily Paredes   22 hours ago

    Me seeing code lazar on his arm: WHY YOU KNOW YOU CAN JUST SAY IT -_-

  • Emily Paredes
    Emily Paredes   22 hours ago

    Lazabeam: welcome back to I am bored with lazabeamMe: welcome back to me eating cheez-it’s with lazabeam :P

  • The Oof Man
    The Oof Man   23 hours ago

    when i watched this it had 9,999,999 views