NO TIME TO DIE Fan Art Competition

  • Published on: 12 December 2019
  • Are you a budding artist or illustrator? Here’s your chance to design poster artwork inspired by Daniel Craig’s Bond films…
    Full competition details on this link:
  • Runtime : 26
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  • Sayyed Kamaludheen
    Sayyed Kamaludheen   1 weeks ago

    If I was a studio artist, I definitely would have flew there, Mr. Bond!

  • -
    -   1 weeks ago

    Daniel looks exhausted lol

  • spigui500
    spigui500   2 weeks ago

    This is actually really awesome

  • rabiejos
    rabiejos   3 weeks ago

    Ram Malek safin will have sickness. His blood will be thickening in cold and getting back to normal in warm places. There was an episode of Dr house called mirror mirror with the same symphtom. Also j am guessing that he is Madeleine's brother. @jamesbond007

  • kiwi walpole
    kiwi walpole   1 months ago

    I cant believe you teamed up with billie

  • Sushant Deo
    Sushant Deo   1 months ago

    Please learn the sentences before actually making such videos. lol

  • Angus Hilliker
    Angus Hilliker   1 months ago

    I can't wait for the gunime submissions: Anime Daniel Craig kicking in a door holding a glock lmao

  • Rocky Balboa
    Rocky Balboa   2 months ago

    Helene Fischer for singing the new bond titlesong

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob   2 months ago

    Everyone is voicing concern about low payment and exploitation. That's fine. But have you considered the possibility that as an aspiring artist, you have the opportunity to have one of your works utilised by one of the world's largest film franchises? Can you imagine having something like that to your name? Yes they own the work, but nobody is going to stop you from claiming credit (not realistically anyway), you'll still post it on social media and get the word out (don't pretend you wouldn't). This could be a big stepping stone and an introduction to the industry. I can't draw worth a shit, but I take any opportunity I can find and sometimes you've got to lower your standards, because ultimately you're not established and THEY are. They have all the cards, you don't...not yet. Work for little, stand to gain a lot. An investment in your future. Everyone gets exploited and used at some point in their professional lives, it's part of the game. This is a fantastic opportunity, don't disregard it, we all start somewhere!

  • sleds
    sleds   2 months ago

    I had a lot of respect for Daniel Craig but this is outrageous. Artists and Designers need to be paid and you have the money so why do you need to bribe fans to create free artworks? I'm deeply disappointed.

  • Mr. Raf
    Mr. Raf   2 months ago

    Can i be a part of the movie?

  • Vincent Dilworth
    Vincent Dilworth   2 months ago

    Someone make it like the goldeneye or die another day poster.thse were awesome

  • gone off beans
    gone off beans   2 months ago

    Does it have to be digital or can it be drawn from scratch

  • PurushaDesa
    PurushaDesa   2 months ago

    Brilliant response to the very visible truth that the lacklustre studio teaser was surpassed by the community. This is great - it shows that they're listening.

    ALL1NERD   2 months ago

    Oooooooor Pay Artists for their time! How about them apples?

  • Lee Balmforth
    Lee Balmforth   2 months ago

    Be really cool to design a bond poster 😎. But I'm not that good at art 😭

  • George Lucas
    George Lucas   2 months ago

    And have the old 007 logo font with the red colour

  • George Lucas
    George Lucas   2 months ago

    I did have software but sold my top end computer to pay bills. My design would be the White mask filling the poster then have painted action scenes going on in the mask. And in the middle have Daniel Craig doing the famous bond pose with the gun crossed over the shoulder like the old Connery posters with action going on behind him. And it's all painted. I'm kicking myself about this because I love doing this stuff as a hobby....oh well

  • david Chauhan
    david Chauhan   2 months ago

    Daniel this is not your part you just get started

  • masaru
    masaru   2 months ago

    How about paying your artist? Fucking scumbags. ALL ENTRIES will be owned by the studio regardless if they choose it as a winner or not.

  • Loupal ADDM
    Loupal ADDM   2 months ago

    Sure, let's take advantage of aspiring and young artist and freaking TAKE THEIR RIGHTS on their work ! What is so cool about this ? There will be at least some hundred of people working on this, for free, and the company will be able to claim their work theirs as it is a condition for participating. The best thing ? They will only have to pay about 20 artists, most of them the minimum wage for a poster...DON'T PARTICIPATE GUYS !!!

  • Ayroxus94
    Ayroxus94   2 months ago

    Now THIS is how you market a film. Every little teaser and promotional tidbits have been spot on with this movie so far. Much better than the last few. They are really starting to involve the fanbase more. THUMBS UP, BROCCOLI'S!

  • Mary Eakin
    Mary Eakin   2 months ago

    Craig got paid 50 million for his part yet is asking people to work for free. FYI all the artists that enter and don’t win, it says they still lose all the rights to the artwork they created. A lot like theft since they get art to use as they wish for free.

  • Mary Eakin
    Mary Eakin   2 months ago

    Boycott anyone that doesn’t pay their workers

  • Ashleybradbury
    Ashleybradbury   2 months ago

    I'm entering the competition, should be a fantastic opportunity

  • Dragonfly0010
    Dragonfly0010   2 months ago

    Fingers crossed they use a better font for the title.

  • Rico Forwerk
    Rico Forwerk   2 months ago

    Pay the artist. This is exploitation at it's finest.

  • Matthew
    Matthew   2 months ago

    Well, I'm glad he can read cue cards. Jesus, the enthusiasm is off the charts with this guy.That charisma is like a 1,000 watt bulb, it's no wonder why he was chosen to play James Bond! O_O

  • DC9848
    DC9848   2 months ago

    I personally wish Bond Francise would consider crowdsourcing more aspects of the future films from the fan base. This doesn't mean replacing the writing staff but getting inspiration and new idea for years to come. You could release fairly soon the idea submission campaign after this movie is out so it could be actual help when forming the new movie plot. Bond movies would require some more espionage related elements (that was what made Jason Bourne movies so good, the new level of realism).Categories could be: Plot elements (espionage related or idea for the opening sequence), Locations, Gadgets, 007 one-linersIn return if idea is picked up the person who submitted could be invited to the set for one day with other persons (pay your own flight ticket) or if credible idea then naming the person in the end credits.No movie to my knowledge has tried this.

  • Black Knight Fool
    Black Knight Fool   2 months ago

    Craig specifically got man-hating feminist writers to write part of the script as a form of political propaganda it not for men but against men