Wild Animals with Dave Salmoni & Tracy Morgan

  • Published on: 29 January 2019
  • Despite Jimmy and Tracy Morgan’s fear of wild animals, Dave Salmoni teaches them about Tamanduas, Zebras, Screaming Hairy Armadillos, Galapagos Centipedes and Sloths.

    Chris Pine Raps 'Ice, Ice Baby' https://youtu.be/yC5G9Urh92k

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    Wild Animals with Dave Salmoni & Tracy Morgan
  • Runtime : 11:13
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  • aris grantchester
    aris grantchester   1 days ago

    Why does he always get interrupted dude he doesnt deserve that

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill   1 days ago

    They're so privileged to can see and watch so closely those animals.If I was there ill cuddle all of them

  • Ak Pa
    Ak Pa   3 days ago

    Nigga's funny!!

  • Chris Betts
    Chris Betts   3 days ago

    Was hoping for an episode of Brian Fellow's Safari Planet.

  • Jeff
    Jeff   5 days ago

    stop complaining, just watch it

  • Chief Beef
    Chief Beef   1 weeks ago

    some of the jokes r funny but u just talk over him a lot and dont give him much of a chanc to talk

  • Jahvarn Brown-Riley
    Jahvarn Brown-Riley   1 weeks ago

    This is a comedy show. I get it ... but why is he interupting his educational facts with lines of words that ain’t funny... I ain’t gonna call them jokes. The reason being... -- he isn’t funny --

  • Breen M
    Breen M   1 weeks ago

    Don't go too hard on Jimmy, he probably has producers on his ass nagging him about the minutes he has left, you can always go to Animal planet to learn more about these animals.

  • Exotic
    Exotic   1 weeks ago

    9:53 look at Dave’s face like he was so excited to say something fascinating...and break, and look at his depressed face 😫😭poor guy

  • Ava Johnson
    Ava Johnson   1 weeks ago

    Anyone else don’t get why people like sloths so much?

  • Robust Boy
    Robust Boy   2 weeks ago

    Shut your "Zeebra mouth" you pijama idiot dude! And let the wonderful man talk!!

  • Ndrii ggts
    Ndrii ggts   2 weeks ago

    Many say how they interrupt Dave, I mean if you wanna learn some facts about the animals just watch animal Planet. If Jimmy is scared he is scare just let it be, the show is about comedy isn't?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • khadija oufkyr
    khadija oufkyr   2 weeks ago

    Everytime they tell a joke dave fakes his laugh like he said shut up and let me talk

  • Frankie B
    Frankie B   2 weeks ago

    morgan and the tamanduas really should have coordinated their outfits before the show...theyre wearing the same thing

  • pharell kevins
    pharell kevins   2 weeks ago

    Come to Kenyan,, we now have a spotted zebra 😂😂😂

  • Dori S
    Dori S   2 weeks ago

    OH. MY. GOOOOSSHHHI love animals; have handled snakes at zoos that allowed it & @ home when necessary to remove them. Even owned a red-leg tarantula. But that centipede?!?! Haaaaate them!! 😲Gave me the creepy willies just holding my phn!!!😰😝

  • Caiden Mcright
    Caiden Mcright   2 weeks ago

    At 6:40 the armadillo pooped on his leg. Anyone see that?

  • brob bruhchadbro
    brob bruhchadbro   2 weeks ago

    Why is Tracy Morgan popular? He’s not funny whatsoever

  • Zayne13
    Zayne13   2 weeks ago

    The zebra camo is actually called dazzling. Like dave said it breaks the silhouette. They used it on ships in ww1.

  • Amaanz Gaming
    Amaanz Gaming   3 weeks ago

    Dave Salmoni really is "The Canadian Tarzan".

  • Avery Mundy
    Avery Mundy   3 weeks ago

    I saw a bug on my hand and almost died during this

  • Human Bean
    Human Bean   3 weeks ago

    how the hell are you scared of a ZEBRA????? come on Jimmy, quit this whole charade and enjoy the animals for a change

  • ChaoticDoll
    ChaoticDoll   3 weeks ago

    Even we brits call them zebras the way africans do.

  • Jasmine B
    Jasmine B   3 weeks ago

    I love these segments when he brings out these animals ❤️ I learn about animals I never ever knew of !!

  • Paul Olone
    Paul Olone   3 weeks ago

    Come on Dave you can't ride that baby zebra it's only a 150 lb so unless you were small baby you would be too big to ride that baby zebra

  • Rachel Kathrynnn
    Rachel Kathrynnn   3 weeks ago

    Anyone else think the Armadillo’s belly looked like a sweet potato???

  • Birka Ramlyng Due
    Birka Ramlyng Due   3 weeks ago

    I love how he says “sweetheart” to the animals it’s so cute!!

  • A Garcia
    A Garcia   3 weeks ago

    That centipede was terrifying pls Yeet it

  • Spring Hearted Tiger 62

    If I was a zoologist or a animal conservationist, I would go to a good talk show where people are interested in animals

  • Vincent Walterz
    Vincent Walterz   3 weeks ago

    I wonder how many teenage girls ship Dave and Jimmy.

  • VHollo
    VHollo   3 weeks ago

    Small lesser ant-eater>lesser ant-eater>ant-eater

  • jonservo
    jonservo   3 weeks ago

    The woman’s face when she had to come back and take one of the two armadillos was like, “ oh my goodness, there are three men on this stage and two armadillos and I have to come out and get one” lol

  • The Riper
    The Riper   3 weeks ago

    More Dave Salmoni plz plz 👍👍👍👍

  • R J
    R J   4 weeks ago

    Cream of wheat. Bahaaaaa