Wild Animals with Dave Salmoni & Tracy Morgan

  • Published on: 29 January 2019
  • Despite Jimmy and Tracy Morgan’s fear of wild animals, Dave Salmoni teaches them about Tamanduas, Zebras, Screaming Hairy Armadillos, Galapagos Centipedes and Sloths.

    Chris Pine Raps 'Ice, Ice Baby' https://youtu.be/yC5G9Urh92k

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    Wild Animals with Dave Salmoni & Tracy Morgan
  • Runtime : 11:13
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  • Gullible Lol
    Gullible Lol   3 hours ago

    Dave:They can kick like crazy, they can bite 2 idiots:*steps back*Me: bruh 2 grow a** men acting like baby’s seriously

  • Ryan Sturdivant
    Ryan Sturdivant   1 days ago

    Sjws be like " its offensive to call them animals, the pc term is evolved pangean lifeforms" "calling them pangean is offensive, because your racist" "actually calling them racist is speciest" "by defining them your being prejudice against people who speak a different language than those who are come from a different culture"

  • Sticks2You
    Sticks2You   3 days ago

    what is this zibra they are talking about?

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer   5 days ago

    So annoying how they don't shut the f*** up while Dave is trying to explain interesting facts about animals

  • Christian Kimmel
    Christian Kimmel   5 days ago

    If I was Dave I I ok old never go on that pricks show ever again

  • Kieran Czyzniejewski

    Lmfao if you idiot's want to learn about animals WATCH NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC AND NOT JIMMY KIMMEL. Dave is only on here to make you more interested in animals so you'll become curious and learn about them on your own. If he didn't want to be on Jimmy Kimmel, he wouldn't keep coming on.

  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith   1 weeks ago

    I hate that for the little time dave is on, everyone speaks over him and we barely hear anything from him

  • Lonely Dog
    Lonely Dog   1 weeks ago

    “I like when you bring animals that aren’t dangerous” zebra could literally kick your guts out

  • devin mccurry
    devin mccurry   1 weeks ago

    I always hate when the talk show host and guest disrespects animal zoologist and biologist, and make fun of them it always happens they bring them on the show and never let them talk or inform or do what the supposed to all because of his job and what he likes to do in his career, any else notices that.

  • XxLimexX
    XxLimexX   2 weeks ago

    Imagine Jimmy and Tracey get their ass handed to them by a 3 month old zebra

  • Sean Collins
    Sean Collins   2 weeks ago

    The Armadillos look like Sandshrew from Pokemon

  • A.C .22
    A.C .22   2 weeks ago

    At least he doesn't interrupt Dave like the other one

  • kick buttowskii
    kick buttowskii   2 weeks ago

    I hate it when jimmy or other celebes interrupt Dave. Stop it, let him talk, he is so passionate when he talks about animals.

  • Beingsaliimaa Hamad
    Beingsaliimaa Hamad   2 weeks ago

    We call the insect, tandu back at home, Africa , Kenya , honey those things bite like a MF

  • marzsia draws
    marzsia draws   2 weeks ago

    It was so cute when tamandua held the little container of apple sauce

  • HBecks22
    HBecks22   3 weeks ago

    The best bit was Tracy’s smile after he said “riceroni, the San Francisco treat” 😂😂😂

  • CL
    CL   3 weeks ago

    Dave and the animals deserves so much more respect than this show gives them

  • Abhishek Nlr
    Abhishek Nlr   1 months ago


  • Aaron Adams
    Aaron Adams   1 months ago

    Good lord some of those jokes were the absolute worst lmao

  • Maria Ibañez
    Maria Ibañez   1 months ago

    La belleza de la Naturaleza son los animalitos que nuestro creador nos dio es bueno verlos admirar pero haciendo turismo viajando y verlos donde pertenecen a dios jamas le gusto que los espongan o hagan lucro con ellos eso le disgusta por que molestarlos y sacarlos de la naturaleza si ellos son la naturaleza junto con las plantas que seres vivos y juntos forman el maravillos planeta en cual vivimos y espero que la humanidad valore lo que dios nos dio en esta cuarentena nuestro deber es protegerlos amarlos y cuidarlos !!Desde Lpz-Bolivia

  • Claudia Waithe
    Claudia Waithe   1 months ago

    4:31:What these stripes are far?Me: To end racist.

  • james jones
    james jones   1 months ago

    I LOOOOOVVVVE SLOTHS!!!!!! 🦥🦥🦥!!!!!!

  • Djordje Pejic
    Djordje Pejic   1 months ago

    Can u stop interupting Dave while he is trying to say some fun facts about animals. Jimmy is not afraid of animals as much as he wants to be funny constantly. Please dont be stupid and dont mock Dave. Its not everything about funny talk show! He is a knowledgable man who wants to share it with us. These are great animals, very kind and trained. So stop being little scared kids and try to listen to him. Maybe you will be smarter and maybe you will learn something. Stop destroying these kind of clips. Please!

  • Umair Ahmed
    Umair Ahmed   1 months ago

    Almost all comments:stop interrupting Almost all replies:watch animal planet/national geographic😂😅I’m with “almost all comments”.It’s about manners also guys.That guy is passionately describing animals.

  • TheYuxiaodi
    TheYuxiaodi   1 months ago

    How can Jimmy and Tracy be such sissies....

    LAVLOGG   1 months ago

    Damn!! That centipede gave me chills..they are a terror here in the Caribbean.

  • Furious Joe
    Furious Joe   1 months ago

    OMG! Let him speak and stop your silly jokes.

  • somosgenel
    somosgenel   1 months ago

    Little known subspecies is the TIJUANA or T.J. ZEBRA...

  • ZzX XzZ
    ZzX XzZ   1 months ago

    why does dave always looks and acts so mad it’s weirrrrd