the real day in the life of an "influencer"

  • Published on: 25 January 2020
  • how'd i do
    jk don't tell me i don't wanna know

    snapchat- @naileax


    i don’t own any of the music used credit goes to the original creator(s)
  • Runtime : 11:23
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  • Lollololll Pheebs
    Lollololll Pheebs   2 hours ago

    I HAVE THAT ALARM ..let’s just say I haven’t heard it since school 🥺😖 kinda miss it

  • Chloe Salas
    Chloe Salas   16 hours ago

    Ok low-key at some points of her videos she acts and like sounds like Liza koshy... Just think about it

  • Sanskaar Patni
    Sanskaar Patni   23 hours ago

    She's a perfect combination of Beauty with Brain!

  • Amy Copley
    Amy Copley   1 days ago

    she looks like Avani and has the personality of Lizzza

  • Min Joline
    Min Joline   1 days ago

    How is this girl so beautiful, tell me

  • floppy
    floppy   1 days ago

    Dat fan kinda hot tho

  • Keke A
    Keke A   2 days ago

    0:10 me when my alarm goes of at 6 am for school😂

  • Sergio Olmeda
    Sergio Olmeda   3 days ago

    nailea: this year we’re going to know each other Me in march: corona time also in quarintne

  • imlivingcringe
    imlivingcringe   3 days ago

    Is it just me or does she look like a mix of avani and liza koshy

  • Joshua Bruce
    Joshua Bruce   3 days ago

    Anyone else wonder where tf her parents are 😂

  • konjingu bam
    konjingu bam   4 days ago

    she's most beautiful girl i've ever seenbcs she look's like me

  • Melania Prestvik
    Melania Prestvik   4 days ago

    Nai: Complaining about being boredCoronavirus: im about to beat this bitch up

  • Mariyam Een Saeed
    Mariyam Een Saeed   4 days ago

    She's like those girls that actually look pretty without make up

  • Fersh
    Fersh   4 days ago

    She's a capricorn, that's why she's so funny and charming 😂💓

  • First name Last name

    Am I the only one who wonders where her parents are when she’s screaming ?? LOL (Ik her parents are divorced but still”

  • Vanessa Lopez
    Vanessa Lopez   5 days ago

    Why does she have a coat literally a coat when she has the freaking fan on

  • jessica joice
    jessica joice   5 days ago

    me watching this in march 2020 : 4:47 does neha have....?

  • Sofua
    Sofua   5 days ago

    Honestly I really wish she was my older sister or cousin or something idk but i n e e d her in my life

  • Prinz Poe
    Prinz Poe   5 days ago

    Imagine a colab of nailea and kennedywalsh ... Gaaaaah 😍

  • free spirited
    free spirited   6 days ago

    Is it just me that this girl is curing my mf depression?!

  • Hot Dishwasher
    Hot Dishwasher   6 days ago

    If your contact is burning, change your solution !!

  • gabrielle
    gabrielle   6 days ago

    make a video about how you curl your hair

  • Nova
    Nova   1 weeks ago

    She honestly looks so sad in that negative Iq clip

  • Hilma chan
    Hilma chan   1 weeks ago

    unpopuler opinian : she looks like niana guererro