• Published on: 28 November 2019


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  • A_ Channel
    A_ Channel   8 hours ago

    Why do we make so many fake people famous? (Im talking abt austin btw)

  • Carly Mary
    Carly Mary   2 days ago

    Cathrine was super exiting but then Austin ooooooh

  • Momina Tariq
    Momina Tariq   2 days ago

    I hate how all these comments are hating on the ace family like leave them alone..if you don’t like them why r u spreading hate that doesn’t make anything just stop

  • Lesley Monique
    Lesley Monique   3 days ago

    The decor in that house is trash a big house for nothing... they should’ve left the home to them!

  • tatiana m
    tatiana m   3 days ago

    y’all even if he was disrespectful don’t do the same and hate on him

  • Osito Kintsugi
    Osito Kintsugi   4 days ago

    C'mon yall, Austin is a Malignant Narcissist! He will NEVER admit he is wrong!! He thinks he knows everything! He thinks he can do everything better than a professional! Just look at him, how pitiful! He is a level 100 A$$hole!!! I dunno why people still watch & support them?Everyone thinks Catherine is the nicer one, NO, they are both Narcissists, she's just not malignant!He has thee must punchable👊😵 face on this planet, you can see the douche spilling 💧 out his pores!I ❤ love Mr Kate, I took time off the internet for chemo for my Lupus, right when they went on maternity leave. I had NO idea they had signed up to do "their" institution! (that place is NOT a home) I would've been in the comments telling them NOT to do it! 😐If we all take anything away from this, it's to avoid the "Ace family" at all costs!The easiest way to deal with a Narcissist, is to NOT deal with them at all! 😉😊

  • Sylvia Hastenteufel
    Sylvia Hastenteufel   4 days ago

    I think they had a big fight because of Austin. But Mr. Kate already postet the video where they looked at the house. So in order to not cause the biggest scandal ever, they gave them the girls room. And they gave them the children room as people change childrens room every view years. I call it now: in two years they will change it

  • Sylvia Hastenteufel
    Sylvia Hastenteufel   4 days ago

    Mr. Kate are like the Mom and Dad of the Internet. Nobody can give them shot. Especially the ACE Family. I am so furious. Also thank you for showing us baby Mr. Kate ( I mean them as teenagers)

  • brooklyn busch
    brooklyn busch   5 days ago

    I’m soooo hoping that Catherine leaves Austin 😔 I think Catherine’s waiting until the kids are older so it will be easier to take care of them so I’m hoping she’s going to do that

  • Blossom
    Blossom   5 days ago

    Their house is not a home, it’s a money making studio.

  • Minnie
    Minnie   5 days ago

    I guess what he did was shady? I mean I guess it’s shady to change your mind and maybe he wanted to decorate from the jump since this is his house? I don’t know him or why people don’t like him, but this is a ridiculous reason to be upset over. It’s his money. He can spend it wisely or unwisely. Like who tf cares. Mr. Kate is fine, it’s just frustrating, but that’s life.

  • Kimmora Williams
    Kimmora Williams   5 days ago

    I don’t exactly feel like he did it in perpose but I do I just think he was excited 😆 or also didn’t trust them cause the aditude

  • Tatiana Gois
    Tatiana Gois   6 days ago

    Okay, Ya'll need to stop saying how much of a horrible person Austin is My finger is hurting from liking all of them 😆😆😆😂😂😂

  • Angel Noronha
    Angel Noronha   6 days ago

    It's his own damn house , why the hate 😂 having difficult clients is part of the job. It's a part of business. Planning and cancelling is allll part of the process. And knowing austin he his obviously a bit impatient so yeah , he went ahead and decorated his OWN DAMN HOUSE. Yall just need a reason to talk shit , grow up people

  • XElx18 Xx
    XElx18 Xx   1 weeks ago

    Maternity leave is for atleast at year, did you think the ace family wanted to wait that long for the main part of the house to be do that amount of space which is empty I don’t think so not a lot of people would wanna wait nearly/almost a year to complete it’s not disrespectful at all it’s understanding they want it to feel like home wouldn’t most of you, for one they still got decorate the girls bedroom and toyroom!!

  • Brenna Baker
    Brenna Baker   1 weeks ago

    Okay, people do make mistakes but arent we all human, Austen still loves his kids and wife unconditionally. He tries to be the best but it's hard to be a parent and a youtuber. We all make mistakes

  • Rih playz
    Rih playz   1 weeks ago

    Austin just had a different idea Hmm y'all should be ashamed being rude to someone just because you like something that they don't it's their house not yours

  • Ela
    Ela   1 weeks ago

    Honestly they irritate me. It sounds so messed up but like Austin just gets on my nerves. So many scandals and lies come w that family.Imagine spending your time off after having a kid, working on designs for someone else’s house and finding out that they already started...

  • Dynasty Salas
    Dynasty Salas   1 weeks ago

    I'm late but im hiding because im similar to Austin...however, I wouldn't say im a narcissist. I would have asked Mr Kate WRECK WHAT YOU WANT IM SO FKN HAPPY

  • •Quality Content•

    I was saying in my head bish she and her husband literally decorated and painted your house how tf are you gonna say that about her

  • Atara Kay
    Atara Kay   1 weeks ago

    Im sorry but mr.kate was on maternity leave then its fair to assume that the ace family needed furniture and couldn't wait around to live in their own home. they have kids! gosh the internet is so harsh ridiculous.

  • Anna Ragsdale
    Anna Ragsdale   2 weeks ago

    Imagine acting like a 2 year old and not being patient

  • iheworld134
    iheworld134   2 weeks ago

    I think mr kate only did it for the wife n her girl..this is why u should never married unless u really found the real one

  • Ashley Kenny
    Ashley Kenny   2 weeks ago

    people are just too sensitive these days they probably just wanted to fully move in to their home

  • Unique TV
    Unique TV   2 weeks ago

    But its their house and their decision to do anything.. They cant wait until her pretinity..

  • SugarynPink :3
    SugarynPink :3   2 weeks ago

    Yes I think it is kind of rude I don’t really like it I mean if I was Kate I would feel a little upset because I put my heart and soul and do you into it and then all of a sudden you just went and bought all of these random stuff which we didn’t originally know of is kind of messed up

  • Kez. Koko
    Kez. Koko   2 weeks ago

    People be pressed. Always find something to hate over the most smallest things

  • m.x2004
    m.x2004   2 weeks ago

    Personally, I hate the ace family but there's something in me that seems that Catherine is a decent person. She doesn't show off as much as Austin and when/if she does it because he's around or he sorta makers get what I mean? Austin has just got issues where he feels he must be the "Alpha" at all times and he literally disgusts me with the way he talks around his kids and stuff like....wth and I hate how he's tryna make it out as a singer as well, it's just autotuned.

  • Ic0nicAmya
    Ic0nicAmya   2 weeks ago

    There are like 4 people living in their house. 6 people + 2 animals live in my house and it is the size of their garage. Also, I would never like to live in a big empty house. Imagine how cold it is in there. And it’s so bright, I’d rather thing be warm and cozy. But it’s a preference I guess...

  • daisy may160
    daisy may160   2 weeks ago

    I mean, you can’t force a person to let you decorate their house. Not everyone wants that. Sometimes the house is fine the way it is.

  • Patricia Szemes
    Patricia Szemes   2 weeks ago

    Okay. They asked Mr.Kate to design the girls bedroom and playroom. NOT THE WHOLE MANSION. So stop acting like Austin was “taking over” and it’s his mansion anyway. He can do whatever he wants with it. Period.

  • VJR R
    VJR R   2 weeks ago

    Can the Ace family just be done for. They're so toxic

  • Karis Knowles
    Karis Knowles   3 weeks ago

    You guys need to stop worry about their lives an worry about yours plus it’s his house haters gonna hate!!

  • Karis Knowles
    Karis Knowles   3 weeks ago

    How is the disrespectful clearly Austin wanted to get the entryway done and it ain’t like he just did the entryway so they couldn’t do it he did the kitchen, the tv room and the dining room.