24 Hours as a Navy Ship Line Cook - A Frank Experience

  • Published on: 02 July 2019
  • Welcome to A Frank Experience, where Frank Pinello of 'The Pizza Show' explores large-scale dining experiences and delves into what exactly it takes to feed a ton of people.

    In this episode, Frank celebrates Fleet Week with the Navy on the USS New York. Frank takes a chopper to the ship to see where they keep the thousands of pounds of food needed to feed the sailors and to do his best grilling catfish, slicing prime rib, manning the egg station, and cooking burgers. By the time the ship passes the Statue of Liberty and Freedom Tower on the way back to New York City, Frank has a new level of perspective.

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  • Runtime : 17:56
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  • John Johnson
    John Johnson   2 days ago

    They don't callem coffin racks for nothing

  • Rose dowling
    Rose dowling   2 days ago

    My uncle was in the navy from 1986 to 2019

  • Ernest Mészáros
    Ernest Mészáros   4 days ago

    Fuck the foods in the NAVY looking better then in my college.

  • Jonathan Siskind
    Jonathan Siskind   5 days ago

    that food looks damn good; id take that over my almost empty fridge any day

  • Gates Of Fire
    Gates Of Fire   5 days ago

    Good doco mate! God bless the men and women on that ship too

  • Brent0285
    Brent0285   5 days ago

    you should check out the coast guards culinary specialist. they a damn there a executive chef

  • tropicalfather
    tropicalfather   6 days ago

    Those racks have given me some of the BEST fucking sleep in my life

  • XxMarkTheSharkxX
    XxMarkTheSharkxX   1 weeks ago

    Aside from the sprinkled in propaganda this was such an awesome insight into the day to day stuff about the military its fascinating.

  • Erik Scott
    Erik Scott   1 weeks ago

    dont show to these soldiers(killers) any respekt

  • Dave Theisen
    Dave Theisen   1 weeks ago

    Shoulda went on a sub, they have 5 star restaurants

  • Tom Rio
    Tom Rio   1 weeks ago

    They deliver the soldiers were they can kill more people?

  • apbrit2009
    apbrit2009   1 weeks ago

    So they can cook eggs to order, but not burgers? That is just strange to me, if you've got a beautiful flattop like that there's no need to parcook burgers, just use smaller patties so they cook faster.

  • aj torre
    aj torre   1 weeks ago

    phytechs called medusilonal bescuase saban hit show power rangers mighty mophin beast morphers plus the did not belive i was realted to staff of guam biroval so iforces with korean mimltiary force japan than goe to america base

  • Olivier Mosimann
    Olivier Mosimann   1 weeks ago

    What's he moaning about his bunk bed ?? He had a presidential one.

  • kiran reddy 7999
    kiran reddy 7999   2 weeks ago

    So can the marines eat as much as they want or there is some kind of limit

  • The Pleiadian Light Grid Project

    I am a huge fan of military chefs and cooks.. If i may ask candidly if it were up to you guys what can the military do to help make the job more desirable.. More help? shorter shifts? It seems like maybe both but i wonder what else

  • Auragirl86
    Auragirl86   2 weeks ago


  • Lateralus
    Lateralus   2 weeks ago

    12:52 in the background hahaha. The kid's got different plans lmao.

  • Project O.T.S.
    Project O.T.S.   2 weeks ago

    People realize that when you get baked beans from the store it basically already has ketchup and syrup in it already right? Maybe not exactly those condiments but pretty damn close... that's what makes the sauce.

  • Claudster Man
    Claudster Man   2 weeks ago

    Corporal Briggs looks lost and confused. Also with a hint of MBAPPÉ

  • city boy
    city boy   2 weeks ago

    Do shit sloppjockeys get thrown overboard?

  • Shaked LW
    Shaked LW   2 weeks ago

    Is that single-use plastic?!

  • D H
    D H   3 weeks ago

    never forget the dancing israelis

  • Marco Antonio
    Marco Antonio   3 weeks ago

    11:05 that black dude looks either high or pissed they need to have some morale they look so depressed and miserable

  • Suvodip Chakraborty
    Suvodip Chakraborty   3 weeks ago

    Come to amritsar. You will see more people cooking for lot more people

  • The Seal
    The Seal   3 weeks ago

    Use a spoon not a fork to eat that rice!!!

  • Benny Carpenter-Deason

    The boxes of meat usually say "Grade C: FOR INSTITUTIONAL USE ONLY." Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, Coasties and Prisoners.

  • J P
    J P   3 weeks ago

    thank God that I'm not serving in military.thank god

  • Jacob Gibson
    Jacob Gibson   3 weeks ago

    If anybody ever asks you on the street why military cooks are among the most respected members of of any military branch of service worldwide you show them this video, because this is exactly why they all deserve and get respect. Great video

  • Gabriel Bishop
    Gabriel Bishop   3 weeks ago

    Cook and travel. See the world they said. Forgot to mention that it's going to be from a kitchen with no windows nor time for daydreaming on 12-24 hour shifts. Ha. Sucker.

  • MotionMcAnixx
    MotionMcAnixx   3 weeks ago

    Man - I just imagined all of the food stock in rough seas. I imagine that sometimes that nights menu is "whatever we can get to and isnt crushed."

  • Jason Jase
    Jason Jase   3 weeks ago

    Average age 18 to 22 ... The age when you think you Know it all but are still child warriors

  • emptyangel
    emptyangel   3 weeks ago

    Why are they using disposable plastic cutlery though?

  • Kris zeeck
    Kris zeeck   4 weeks ago

    Food on ship only really good when guests are on board....