Pokemon: The Bug Catcher Challenge

  • Published on: 21 April 2017
  • Can a simple bug catcher take on the Elite 4 and win? Click the video to find out
  • Runtime : 20:38
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  • SweetieCandy
    SweetieCandy   15 hours ago

    why the hell is 13% of the likes dislikes ??? This is a well made video and your commentary had a nice energy. gg for this quality vid.

  • leav14
    leav14   1 days ago

    did you use Rarecandy to boost them on lvl 60? well thats not really a challenge lel

  • leeman27534
    leeman27534   2 days ago

    hell, if you just used the one butterfree the whole game, it'd probably have been somewhat easy.

  • Fallen
    Fallen   2 days ago

    ehr... YEAH... pretty sure a flamethrower doesn't give a rats ass for your EFing high defense... AS IT IS A SPEZIAL-ATTACK attack !?!

  • Fallen
    Fallen   2 days ago

    ehr... you ARE aware every trainer able of doing so will automatically turn your way if you try to FREAKING RUN past them ?!

  • SirVyre
    SirVyre   2 days ago

    Boris was the real MVP

  • I have six names
    I have six names   2 days ago

    This came up in auto play and I misread the title as “The bug chaser challenge” and I panicked a little

  • Saaduddin Ansari
    Saaduddin Ansari   6 days ago

    You know whats more scarier and brutal than Waterboarding?Putting your opponent to sleep and then use psychic attacks to screw with their minds..

  • Lieutenant NITEWOLF
    Lieutenant NITEWOLF   1 weeks ago

    Also did you know you can just buy alot of coins just to get the pokemon you want

  • Lieutenant NITEWOLF
    Lieutenant NITEWOLF   1 weeks ago

    The hero from the future turns out to be your sister. Better do gen 1 only use your starter LOL

  • Hibiskus Tea
    Hibiskus Tea   1 weeks ago

    Yo dude can i get some permission to do one in Pokémon X?

  • RoCk_ It
    RoCk_ It   1 weeks ago

    Relies on putting enemies to sleepHas not the 100%hitting sleep attack sherman is able to learnLol

  • frost knight
    frost knight   1 weeks ago

    Can u win a league with ratata and zubats (rocket classics)

  • Andrew Brian
    Andrew Brian   1 weeks ago

    I think the best strategy is put the pokemon to sleep and use dream eater

  • SportyN
    SportyN   1 weeks ago

    I’m just saying... orphan wouldn’t have dog if you picked bulbasaur. He then would have a charizard with flamethrower and fireblast so never mind I guess

  • 33jedi
    33jedi   1 weeks ago

    so, why didn't you just train them up to a higher level? I mean They were only at 60% strength as they still had 40 more levels in them and that means they could still grow much more powerful and have far more health and defense. This really shouldn't have been hard at all

  • Weebiest Katarina
    Weebiest Katarina   1 weeks ago

    "Ice is really good against bug."Are you.... are you sure about that?

  • Michael Kowal
    Michael Kowal   1 weeks ago

    Just so you know, those fishermen south of Lavender Town turned around immediately because you were running

  • Conner games
    Conner games   1 weeks ago

    You named them from the back to future bootleg

  • Tom
    Tom   1 weeks ago

    Why didn't he use scizor or heracross

  • Lucas Couto
    Lucas Couto   1 weeks ago

    No Metapod on Elite 4? Disappointed.

  • sonic fan
    sonic fan   1 weeks ago

    I once finished fire red with only bug Pokemon 😁

  • FunkytimeCT
    FunkytimeCT   1 weeks ago

    I bet a Pinsir with rock slide and EQ would of made the game so much easyer

  • Rodfer
    Rodfer   1 weeks ago

    please make more of this!

  • Chef Excellence
    Chef Excellence   1 weeks ago

    why would you be worried about fighting lance's dragonites? You have two venomoths!

  • bloodlink gaming
    bloodlink gaming   1 weeks ago

    at 19:36 unless u were out on Parasect you have just gigadrained him and GG

  • GP 97
    GP 97   1 weeks ago

    You should have picked Bulbasaur so the Champion would have had a full grown Charizard at his disposal ahaha