Pokemon: The Bug Catcher Challenge

  • Published on: 21 April 2017
  • Can a simple bug catcher take on the Elite 4 and win? Click the video to find out
  • Runtime : 20:38
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  • Entei Borkinson
    Entei Borkinson   1 weeks ago

    Im gonna do this challenge in heart gold when i finish my water monotype

  • Shade the Novice
    Shade the Novice   1 weeks ago

    If you want this to be an actual challenge, use only 1 Pokemon of each evolution line, pick Bulbasaur as your starter to give your rival the Charizard line, no items in battle, and your Pokemons level cannot exceed the level of the highest leveled Pokemon of the next gym leader. Defeating Brock requires a bit of luck, but the rest of the run is totally doable and is actually really interesting, given how you have to constantly change strategies to beat your next opponent. Scyther or Pinsir do carry the back end of the run a bit, especially against your later rival battles and Lance, but how you set them up with the rest of the team will determine how well they do, so it never feels like the rest of the team is useless.

  • Dorothy Letourneau
    Dorothy Letourneau   1 weeks ago

    I like how you named yourself bugsy, the gen 2 gym leader that uses bug pokemon scyther kakuna and metapod XD

  • Juan Migz
    Juan Migz   1 weeks ago

    I hate you cause you said f u snorlax

  • The Duct tape King
    The Duct tape King   2 weeks ago

    I just realized, why don't people get female starter, get pokemon in same egg group, then sweep through Kanto with an army of charizard's? Or in any other region really

  • Christine Cao
    Christine Cao   3 weeks ago

    Not even 2 minutes into the game and Mr.Peabody already died 😂 😔 R.I.P Mr.Peabody

  • James Universe
    James Universe   3 weeks ago

    I did this but for emerald.Basically had to use shedinja in most gyms

  • Tyler Delaquis
    Tyler Delaquis   4 weeks ago

    This was this most fun I’ve had watching YouTube in awhile. Like, you had me at beat up an orphan.

  • Grease Lord
    Grease Lord   1 months ago

    is at elite 4video is only halfway through

  • Evan Potter
    Evan Potter   1 months ago

    4:11 Gambling 🎰 You know for kids!

    MY NAME IS GANJAALF   1 months ago

    I have to be honest...my favourite pokemons are insects hahaBug type pokemom have such cool designs hahaYeah most are pretty weak but i stil love them so much

  • Kbo
    Kbo   1 months ago

    My name is boris :)

  • alfiethefist40
    alfiethefist40   1 months ago

    trainer: im gonna battle u to test if I can beat brock!also trainer: sends out level 7 ratatata

  • Game madness
    Game madness   1 months ago

    I see why you failed so much to hurt you or under leveled are you are you type does about it

  • Simon Horan
    Simon Horan   1 months ago

    I did this in Sun/Moon. It's not all that bad.

  • tinle9
    tinle9   1 months ago

    Hey try this run but in Sinnoh, but in Diamond. I kinda want to see how you deal with a dragon steel type and all of the ice.

  • The Gamer With A Pen
    The Gamer With A Pen   1 months ago

    As a bug-type specialist, I am definitely gonna have to try this myself.Though I do take a bit of offense about the running theme of ‘a simple bug catcher’.

  • NoShaleGastly
    NoShaleGastly   1 months ago

    Also this was fun to watch as someone who while growing up had a cat named Boris and a hamster named Sherman.

  • NoShaleGastly
    NoShaleGastly   1 months ago

    Not putting the final Orphan battles behind Nascent Requiem from ff13 was a missed opportunity.

  • Eric MacLean
    Eric MacLean   1 months ago

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who thought “let’s have a team of all bug type”. Haha I did this in soul silver but with water.This would be interesting with Sword and Shield. You can do...Fire/BugIce/BugPsychic/BugFairy/BugElectric/BugFlying/BugGhost/BugWater/BugRock/BugGround/Bug if you don’t evolve NincadaSteel/Buggy

  • So Evilz
    So Evilz   1 months ago


  • Jyothi V Jain
    Jyothi V Jain   1 months ago

    I really enjoyed this! Your narration is great!!! Lets use a full restore now.

  • Zero
    Zero   1 months ago

    I'm doing this but with Normal Types. I decided that it starts after Brock since Normal is absolutely garbage against Rock.

  • Amazing AJ
    Amazing AJ   1 months ago

    Do a camper challenge and name yourself Camper Jo or Joe