• Published on: 09 January 2018
  • We do a warehouse tour and read some dirty fan fic!
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  • Runtime : 11:49
  • Dolan twins warehouse winner fan video dolan fan fan fic warehouse tour


  • Sofia De Gioia
    Sofia De Gioia   1 weeks ago

    no joke the only reason l found theas guys is thought epasode l was like are the dolan twins made up so l googled them and found there chanle lol

  • Wad D
    Wad D   1 weeks ago

    She’s so cute 🥺

  • Terry Dare
    Terry Dare   1 weeks ago

    Im so jelous but happy for Tayln ( its my DREAM to meat the Dolan Twins<3<3<3<3<3)

  • Montana Sellin
    Montana Sellin   2 weeks ago

    I don’t think that’s a fan I think if I was that fan I would pass out lol

  • Jessica Taylor
    Jessica Taylor   2 weeks ago

    i would love to spend a day with ethan and grayson

  • sydney may
    sydney may   3 weeks ago

    i was literally crying too much i couldn’t freaking hear😂

  • Nurfat Noheri
    Nurfat Noheri   3 weeks ago

    she was soo perfect for this video. glad shes not a crazy fangirl

  • Ana Mutombo
    Ana Mutombo   1 months ago

    bro pause at 0:38 theirs another person blind folded for some reason and graysons looking at her lmaooo

  • Johnna Morel
    Johnna Morel   1 months ago

    She is in my dream place right know ( next to Dolan twins )❤️

  • Tiffany Gomez
    Tiffany Gomez   1 months ago

    they chose the worst fan, she doesnt want to do anything.

  • ghostlyjess
    ghostlyjess   1 months ago

    Plz come to Australia and visit me🙏😭😢😪🥺❤️❤️

  • Aishwarya Mishra
    Aishwarya Mishra   1 months ago

    Did u see how cutely Grayson takes her hand at 0:25Awwww

  • Avery Smith
    Avery Smith   1 months ago

    I feel like she isn’t like a huge fan of them she just didn’t seem so happy when she came there. If I met them if would cry for so long

  • Isabela Moreira
    Isabela Moreira   1 months ago

    she's so nice and cool haha this video is amazing 😂♥

  • simran kaur
    simran kaur   1 months ago

    tayln is the luckiest person in the whole entire world

  • emily s
    emily s   1 months ago

    they call her T 🥺🥺

  • Emma Walker
    Emma Walker   2 months ago

    11:07 why does she look like Demi lavato there😂

  • Shredder Zax
    Shredder Zax   2 months ago

    Damn blonde hair grayson gets air on his flips

  • anna gaydeva
    anna gaydeva   2 months ago

    i wish i could go back two years ago and win this contest so i could meet them UWU

  • Aura Lives
    Aura Lives   2 months ago

    Yea, I'm just gonna keep making my "BromieOmie" bracelets and checking the Twins' Twitter accounts and wishing that could meet them. When they went on tour in 2016, my house flooded. Thanks, rain.