Is Royal Purple better than Amsoil? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 04 March 2019
  • Is Royal Purple's full synthetic 5W-30 motor better than Amsoil's 100% synthetic 5W-30 motor oil? In this video both products go head to head in several tests. Both Amsoil and Royal Purple are very high quality synthetic motor oils. I bought both of these products using my own money. I am not sponsored by Amsoil or Royal Purple, and I do not sell Amsoil or Royal Purple products. The testing methods outlined in this video are my own and not performed using expensive oil lab testing equipment or following the ASTM, SAE or API testing standards. The three tests outlined in the video include tests for viscosity at varying temperatures, film strength, and evaporative testing. In my opinion, the testing approaches used in this video provide consumers with valuable information on choosing the right motor oil for their specific application. Hope you enjoy the rest of the video and thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 11:32
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  • Cesar Hernandez
    Cesar Hernandez   8 hours ago

    Can you please do a comparison with Amalie full synthetic oil, there aren’t any reviews of that oil and my local Bmw dealership has been pushing it at promotion price, and I would like to know how good it is. Thank you in advance!

  • Roberto Chavez
    Roberto Chavez   1 days ago

    Sure would like to see results for V- Twin Motorcycles. Appreciate.

  • Chris Burnsed
    Chris Burnsed   1 days ago

    I built over 200 race engines a year , I can tell you I’ve seen and heard of more engines blow using royal purple than any other oil. Brad penn and redline are the very best on the market with joe Gibbs and amsoil being also very good. I can also tell you NO oil companies use this type of testing for a reason. because it’s crap and doesn’t prove anything. Makes for a good video for those who don’t know any better , that’s about it.

  • Torben Alstrup
    Torben Alstrup   3 days ago

    For the investment in test equipment a lot of good informantion. One thing most oil testers and oil companies fail to menthion is how good the oils are in the ability of picking up temperature from the engine and releasing it again. This ability is very important in especially aircooled engines and also engines that are seeing load over longer periods of time. Unfortunately I do not have an idea as to how that can be tested in an easy manner. Maybe someone else has a good idea for that.

  • Robinson J. Santana
    Robinson J. Santana   4 days ago

    is that thing alive the griddle is breathing paranormal oil test, lol thanks for the vids and the efforts you put in

  • Year Zero
    Year Zero   4 days ago

    You went hard on this test, was rooting for RP but your tests were solid. Thanks!

  • mike
    mike   5 days ago

    Amsoil it is, I'm convinced. nice work, thank you for dedication and hard work.

  • Jeffrey Huang
    Jeffrey Huang   6 days ago

    Would the result be the same for motorcycles?

  • Pat Treu
    Pat Treu   1 weeks ago

    Royal purple for the summer/Spring time then Amsoil for the Fall/Winter time.

  • Doc Cuervo
    Doc Cuervo   1 weeks ago

    Another thing I would like to see is which oil leaves a residual film longer when you perform the cold flow test.More importantly, which oil leaves a residual amount after a hot oil flow test. This would tell me which oil would hang out longer on bearing journals in my engine.

  • Jasmin Masse
    Jasmin Masse   1 weeks ago

    Can you test utv/atv or sxs oil, Amsoil, Motul, LiquiMoly, Polaris, etc. Thank you!

  • Frederick Burns
    Frederick Burns   1 weeks ago

    In a independent lab Royal Purple was tested against Shell Rotella Synthetic. And Rotella beat out Royal Purple in the heat and pressure tests. And any engine worst enemy is heat& pressure!!!Would like to see Amsoil compared to Rotella Synthetic???

  • Tony Farson
    Tony Farson   1 weeks ago

    Nice! My engine builder recommended I check out Driven Performance Oils. I am very curious how they perform compared to Amsoil or another oil consider to be the best that you have tested thus far. Thanks for all the hard work and thoughtfulness in your tests.

  • walkwitmeh427
    walkwitmeh427   1 weeks ago

    Great job. I can't believe the amount of work and dedication you put into educating consumers about these products. Kudos

  • Karl Jensen
    Karl Jensen   1 weeks ago

    I’m sold by Amsoil. I had a Ingersoll Rand 10 hp compressor that was using Amsoil compressor oil. It started with standard oil till it’s first oil change and then it was switched to synthetic. When the next change came I noticed that the oil was as clear as new and no metal was on the drain bolt magnet. So I left it in for another interval. Check it again and it was still fine. This has gone on for 30 years running 40 hours a week with the new owner of the business. This is +62,000 running hours on the same oil and counting perhaps topping it with a cup of loss. The only maintenance is every 4 years or so the concentric valve disks are replaced because they crack and the annual air filter. The motor bearings went out, belts and the motor starter (switch). The compressor is run in the continuous duty/unloader cycle which for some reason does not have water condense in the tank or water in the lines so no need to drain tank or need for dryers. I know others that have gone through many expensive, high maintenance rotary screw compressor in the same time which leaves me shaking my head at how much money I’ve saved.

  • Blaine Foley
    Blaine Foley   1 weeks ago

    This is exactly why I love Amsoil. Been running it in my car since 600 miles on the car. I heard about Royal Purple, but it just doesn't even compare to Amsoil.

  • Fili LOBO Esparza
    Fili LOBO Esparza   1 weeks ago

    Cool.. Can you do AMSOIL Vs. Harley Davidson Screaming eagle synthetic oil?

  • Jacob Fulford
    Jacob Fulford   1 weeks ago

    Loving your videos!! Thanks for putting the time in to scientifically evaluate these findings. I do a lot off-roading and have heard of Schaeffer's full synthetic being supreme even though I know many people who use Amsoil. I think an evaluation between Schaeffer's and Amsoil would be a fantastic idea!

  • subie. ja
    subie. ja   1 weeks ago

    After this vid, Subscribed!!

  • Kristopher Hasenbuhler

    Amsoil I great but I always thaught about using Royal purple Now I will not look up to it in the same way

  • Stanny1
    Stanny1   1 weeks ago

    Both are Group 4/5. Very close. Only AMSOIL Signature is a Group 4/5.

  • Dustin McCourt
    Dustin McCourt   1 weeks ago

    As my old bearing repair friend always said about oil/grease when asked: "What is the best kind of oil?...some oil"! I would like to see a results summary table in the video that also has the test data from the previous tests so we can compare the fancy vs the cheap.

  • Deadpool Dodd
    Deadpool Dodd   1 weeks ago

    What would be a better choice i just pick up a 2005 Dodge Durango with 350,000 miles what would be a good choice for oil

  • David Stevens
    David Stevens   1 weeks ago

    You seem to have proven a synthetic oil IS better than a Dino oil at least under the circumstances you created and you DID let your viewers know that purple oil is NOT a synthetic oil. I don't know why our government allows these manufacturers to call a non synthetic oil "synthetic " I would like that explained to me. Sounds like someone was paid off. I don't believe the average person who changes the engine oil by the mfg schedule needs synthetic oil or any of these super high priced Dino oils. Some folks just seem to feel the more they pay for something the better they like it. Doesn't matter if it isn't actually needed.

    DJBATMANGOLD   1 weeks ago

    That was a slaughter. Good job to Amsoil.

  • Fil Antiguan
    Fil Antiguan   1 weeks ago

    Please make a test on Japanese oils, for instance Eneos, Idemitsu and Takumi. Thank you.

  • ACDC Fan
    ACDC Fan   2 weeks ago

    For some reason, it's satisfying to watch oil flow at extremely cold temperatures.

  • T Miller
    T Miller   2 weeks ago

    Can you make a conventional oil comparison video? Like Pennzoil, Castrol, Quaker State, and SuperTech? Hell maybe even make a video for lawnmower brand oil. Such as Briggs and Stratton oil, Husqvarna oil, and whatever other lawnmower brand oils there are!!!

  • T Miller
    T Miller   2 weeks ago

    Well I’m definitely not buying royal purple!!!!!!

  • HapHazard Hephner
    HapHazard Hephner   2 weeks ago

    Ive seen the proof.....Another video taking us to next level thinki we really know for sure......I have eperience using Amsoil and I have always wondered about the authenticity of their Words and product....Now we Know....Awesome Testing....This is information we cant live without....Amsoil is worth the extra money because you will get the Extra life and use from your engine.....With less changing intervals.....I have always wanted to be an Amsoil dealer....When I have the cashflow Im buying Amsoil.....Thanks for the Real Proof"..........No doubt"...

  • D Briggs
    D Briggs   2 weeks ago

    Thank you for taking the time to do these tests.

  • Phil Harris
    Phil Harris   2 weeks ago

    Could you look at testing some premium motorcycle oils such as Motul 300v and Castrol power 1 racing 4T? Would also be interested to see how ester based oils compare against regular fully synthetic oils. Love the videos keep up the good work 👍🏼

  • roy massey
    roy massey   3 weeks ago

    It's funny theses guy always use royal purples entry level oil.. not their top-of-the-line performance oils like high performance Street or full-blown race oil. This is a bulshit comparison if you ask me!

    BAMA BOY SMITH   3 weeks ago

    Amsoil is the best oil there is. This is a fact. On every level they out perform all others

  • Bob Keller
    Bob Keller   3 weeks ago

    I would like to see napa oil in comparison test as well as valvoline since they bottle the napa oil