This video is Mildly Infuriating.. /r/mildlyinfuriating #47 [REDDIT REVIEW]

  • Published on: 17 October 2019
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  • Runtime : 22:47
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  • FLame ADvocate
    FLame ADvocate   5 hours ago

    You fool, I have mastered the art of typing with the remote.

  • Instxx
    Instxx   8 hours ago

    Pewdiepie:”1945”. Us reading it and it says 1478.50

  • Emma H
    Emma H   11 hours ago

    Reddit post: Incorrect:1478.5Felix: 1945.5Reddit post: Correct:1478.50Fleix: 1948.50Also Felix: Did I say that wrong? I hope I didnt say that wrongMe: uhhhhh yes, yes u said it right Felix

  • Xx_Ent1 TyxX
    Xx_Ent1 TyxX   13 hours ago

    Listen pewds this is the one thing we cannot tolerate plz try eating pizza normally AND THEN tell us how u feel (u won't regret it trust me)

  • mybirdchirps
    mybirdchirps   13 hours ago

    You don’t honk at the king of the world

  • ChunkyChecker
    ChunkyChecker   16 hours ago

    mild infuriation is like mild salsait still burns

  • Oof boi
    Oof boi   17 hours ago

    Its mildly infuriating that you censor some swear words but not others, like for example: Fuck, and F**k.

  • Arcangel lol15
    Arcangel lol15   20 hours ago

    Donald trump wouldn’t be able to fight or arrest us if we all didn’t pay taxes

  • Turtle Lele
    Turtle Lele   23 hours ago

    does he have a mic on his mic or am i tripping

  • GreenTea Mochi
    GreenTea Mochi   1 days ago

    ANything at allFelix: I have extra big large brain

  • Sharklops
    Sharklops   1 days ago

    Anyone pissed off at the Reddit app, get Boost. It's da best

  • anastasiya v
    anastasiya v   1 days ago

    “There’s also no space”The space: 👁👄👁

  • Foop
    Foop   1 days ago

    my grandparents neighbor hood is like japan they have a strike system if you put a recycble in the trash you get a strike and other way around it's a 3 strike system

  • Etl24
    Etl24   1 days ago

    14:28 this same thing happened to me

  • neilnacario
    neilnacario   1 days ago

    I just got an ad from the guy who thinks he is a cyborg from the dr. philip video

  • Havoc 09
    Havoc 09   1 days ago

    The most infuriating part is that sive or brad didn’t censor pewds at around 21:50 but did the 2 times after.😶😶

  • ODO
    ODO   1 days ago

    2:31 onwards.I’m so happy for our collab Pewds, It was fun!

  • Axelollars
    Axelollars   1 days ago

    pewdiepie 2016: fitta brittapewdiepie 2020: the stigma

  • Sarah Childers
    Sarah Childers   1 days ago

    dude omfg I went on the How Many Of Me website and there are 94 people in the US named just like me, BUT MY GIRLFRIEND IS 1 OF 2 PEOPLE IN THE US THAT HAS THE EXACT SAME NAME AS HERS

  • Bebe
    Bebe   1 days ago

    It’s mildly infuriating to see pewds not notice the issue with the keyboard

  • baz ツ
    baz ツ   2 days ago

    hey pewds, can i have the crust ?

  • Binkus.
    Binkus.   2 days ago

    In my primary school there were these taps that hardly reached over the rim into the sink so it would be really annoying to wash your hands without hitting the side. There was also the boiling hot and freezing cold thing but sometimes the boiling was cold. Disgusting as hell too.

  • Lego Thomas
    Lego Thomas   2 days ago

    Ironically I got a mildly infuriating barbie ad during the video.

  • Collin Fitzsimons
    Collin Fitzsimons   2 days ago

    21:20 didn’t we crest America because we hated taxes so much we needed to start a war over it

  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores   2 days ago

    my name was in this videomy name is Luis

  • Sorry Sempaiii
    Sorry Sempaiii   2 days ago

    17:57 - D I A V O L O, and yes that is a jojo reference

  • Lorelei P.
    Lorelei P.   2 days ago

    Does this man realize that if he campaigned for president he’d probably win? He has a large 18+ fan base like he could do it