Jets vs. Bengals Week 13 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on: 01 December 2019
  • The New York Jets take on the Cincinnati Bengals during Week 13 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  • Runtime : 10:37
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  • Will Heffner
    Will Heffner   2 weeks ago

    Jets: loses to bengalsalso jets: wanna see me do it again?

  • MasterMorton
    MasterMorton   1 months ago

    Oh how nice it is to win 2 games this year! Maybe we can win 3 next year?Maybe that's being too greedy

  • Strxcidz
    Strxcidz   1 months ago

    Why doesn’t bengals always play like this

    BBG FAMO   1 months ago

    That accent tho 😂😂😂💀💯

  • Pierre Louis
    Pierre Louis   2 months ago


  • clive55
    clive55   2 months ago

    Darnold is destined to fail here unless the head coach is changed, they bolster the offensive-line and get him some weapons to throw to.

  • Jonathan C
    Jonathan C   2 months ago

    Sorry but these refs handed the bengals the game... literally every call except one went the bengals way

  • drew hildebrandt
    drew hildebrandt   2 months ago

    I’ll always root for a winless team, doesn’t matter who it is

  • 3rdaxis
    3rdaxis   2 months ago

    Jesus Christ were the Jets all hungover from last night?

  • Thomas Fitzgerald
    Thomas Fitzgerald   2 months ago

    The NY Jets make the winless Bengals look like a decent team.

  • 123 RF
    123 RF   2 months ago

    The refs screwed the Jets over 😔

  • Gunkanjima
    Gunkanjima   2 months ago

    Does AJ even like football anymore?

  • alexgregorycrandall
    alexgregorycrandall   2 months ago

    And I thought the raiders were horrible I stand corrected. Someone is getting fired this year

  • Thos Son
    Thos Son   2 months ago

    I think this is daltons last year with CIN if they actually wanna win

  • armyreader1
    armyreader1   2 months ago

    If the NFL had another winless team, Im sure the Jets would ruin their season as well! Don't they understand what's at stake here?!?! First Round Picks don't come cheap!

  • Garrett Wright
    Garrett Wright   2 months ago

    It’s embarrassing that you’re throwing in 5 yard runs and false starts just to get the video to 10 minutes.

  • Finesse03
    Finesse03   2 months ago

    Freaking mac schools just down the road draw better crowds. Ever since their hard knocks, it’s been clear the bengals ownership is a joke and they have been one of the worst run franchises of the modern era. How have they not drafted and developed a qb during Dalton’s tenure?

  • Peter Ineleo
    Peter Ineleo   2 months ago

    Jets handing out teams first W’s like Oprah,You get a W (Bills in Rd1) You get a W (Dolphins) you get a W (Bengals)

  • Anthony Collins
    Anthony Collins   2 months ago

    Bengals looked good but they were gifted this one by the refs for whatever reason

  • Gabe Duhon
    Gabe Duhon   2 months ago

    The truth is all the bengals got on offense is Boyd and on defense Dunlap.

  • jrsinsf
    jrsinsf   2 months ago

    12th time's the charm...

  • Edo Boii
    Edo Boii   2 months ago

    Aw.. no perfect season then?

  • Tay Stephens
    Tay Stephens   2 months ago

    As a Ravens fan congratulations Bengals and Jets shame on you lol