Stephen Guesses 'GoT' Endings At Kit Harington

  • Published on: 06 March 2019
  • 'Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington isn't allowed to give any spoilers, but that doesn't mean Stephen isn't allowed to guess.

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  • Runtime : 12:24
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  • Tommy Marquez
    Tommy Marquez   8 hours ago

    Can’t believe he actually married that wildling girl in real life. Smh. He could of married the mother of dragons lol

  • Billy Howell
    Billy Howell   1 days ago

    Has to be one of the best comedic interviews I've seen. Loved it.

  • SuperJohanboy
    SuperJohanboy   1 days ago

    Hell noo i say battle of helmsdeep was mutch beter than the dark hard to see winterfell battle

  • Jesse Golo
    Jesse Golo   1 weeks ago

    He calls it the biggest battle. And then endgame came out.

  • AtenRa
    AtenRa   1 weeks ago

    Margaret...Magritas?Mar-Ygrittas?Ooohhhhhhhhhh. Aaaawwwwwwwww

  • Infinity
    Infinity   1 weeks ago

    Someone in that crowd has a horrible laugh

  • Mwine Isaac Norman
    Mwine Isaac Norman   2 weeks ago

    Jon Snow does look like Juan Mata (

  • Daniel Chong
    Daniel Chong   2 weeks ago

    he was lying.. ser jorah and theon died!! I miss those characters

  • Ifera
    Ifera   3 weeks ago

    9:37 now it is no longer just the poison in the eyes of the actors, but also in the eyes of the fans... good work d&d

  • Denise Gaines
    Denise Gaines   4 weeks ago

    Omggg I’m so happy he married Ygritte and him actually got married IRL

  • Rehdnut
    Rehdnut   4 weeks ago

    You know nothing Jon Snow.

  • Tule Lazule
    Tule Lazule   1 months ago

    band played "Big Chief" by Professor Longhaired.

  • L Don
    L Don   1 months ago

    Orange man bad🤪🤪

  • Joseph Mort
    Joseph Mort   1 months ago

    I wonder if Rose ever says "You know nothing Kit Harrington"

  • X E N O A N G E L E D I T S

    um.....he kind of gave away that no one dies in the long night and he was right...none of the main MAIN characters anyway, except for Theon and Jorah

  • emin777
    emin777   1 months ago

    Man, what a surprise! I did not know Kit got married to Ygritte. Thats amazing

  • Deeson Jame
    Deeson Jame   1 months ago

    So all along, GOT was a Tony Stark origin story?

  • DM_RATs
    DM_RATs   1 months ago

    After watching the Last Watch, it is obvious that the “surprising and shocking events” was Daenerys death.

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana   1 months ago

    So the cast spent 55 nights in cold ass Iceland in the winter, to shoot the most frustrating and confusing battle ever (which by the way, is no Helm’s Deep), and D&D just kinda popped up from time to time? And now that cast has to answer for the storylines they didn’t write at SDCC because they show runners just “kinda forgot” to show up? Just wanna say good luck with the internet D&D

  • Terézia Marková
    Terézia Marková   1 months ago

    Hindsight is a funny thing. Now that we saw, ahem, the actual ending, it deffinitelly puts his answers into a, let's say, different context.

  • Bilal Bilal
    Bilal Bilal   1 months ago

    that theorys not true howard stark the dad of tony

  • Armann CR7
    Armann CR7   1 months ago

    Kit: breathesAudience: AHAHAHAHAH

  • Y so Triggered
    Y so Triggered   1 months ago

    6:34 ''I will be disappointed when it ends'' If only you knew how right you were

  • 梦溪于
    梦溪于   2 months ago

    what's calculateus eliminateus?

  • bw 1506
    bw 1506   2 months ago

    No disrespect but how did it take 55 days when the battle of the bastards took 25

  • Ulukai Azgard
    Ulukai Azgard   2 months ago

    Oh please, biggest battle? See Waterloo, 1970.