Seth Rogen Taste-Tests Secret Fast-Food Burgers | The Burger Show

  • Published on: 26 June 2018
  • Burgers are universally beloved because they're the food of the people. But few can deny the appeal of secret, off-menu burgers—a concept that was popularized by the GOAT fast-food chain, In-N-Out. With the obsessive demand for Animal-style burgers, other fast-food chains like Shake Shack and Five Guys have taken note, creating more competition in the field. So which fast-food, off-menu burger reigns supreme? Alvin is linking up with his friend and burger lover, Seth Rogen, to crown a winner.

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  • Runtime : 12:4
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast   1 years ago

    What's your favorite off-menu fast-food item? Share the keys with your fellow burger lovers...

  • Beardy Ry
    Beardy Ry   17 hours ago

    WARNING ! a cringy amount of weed references will be used in this video,viewers may find this hard to watch.

  • m m
    m m   4 days ago

    You need to to Texas whataburger vs Cali inn n out

  • Shane Hunt
    Shane Hunt   4 days ago

    Secret menu items need to be made by your pothead employee lol

  • Hector Argotte
    Hector Argotte   4 days ago

    I make my friends bring me IN N OUT burgers from LA, everytime they come visit me in Virginia.... the best burger perhaps in the world

  • Justin Tran
    Justin Tran   5 days ago

    Seth rogan is honestly the biggest dick. He thinks he’s the shit but he’s lame as hell

  • Hooman Bekhradi
    Hooman Bekhradi   6 days ago

    this comment section is toxic ... if you hate for he speak about weed go f yourself internet

  • Ethan
    Ethan   1 weeks ago

    Potheads are annoying

  • readerrabbit6690
    readerrabbit6690   1 weeks ago

    Why give free shit to rich celebrities who can easily afford it?

  • jonnas1977
    jonnas1977   1 weeks ago

    triple triple spread and grilled onions only. the only way i like my in'n'out burgers.

  • idubbbz
    idubbbz   1 weeks ago

    This is one of the cringiest videos I’ve ever seen. Seth seems so awkward and the host won’t stfu about how he smokes weed. Like we get it man.

  • Skeletal33
    Skeletal33   1 weeks ago

    Chopped Chili’s ARE the way to go

  • Asher's Spice Kitchen

    Wow the ass kissing went on to halfway through this show... what a waste of time

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres   1 weeks ago

    i live in nyc and Ive only been to shake shack once. Ive been to five guys like 50 fucking times. the choice is clear imo. id like to try in and out tho.

  • Limbrat
    Limbrat   1 weeks ago

    This is my vety favorite episode.

  • Zen Dissonance
    Zen Dissonance   1 weeks ago

    Here's to all the unsung hero chefs who will never get the credit they deserve... because we're poor and cook from our kitchen, heh

  • James Haulenbeek
    James Haulenbeek   2 weeks ago

    In'n'out double double animal... always! Gotta try those chilies...🤤

  • iconik 2333
    iconik 2333   2 weeks ago


  • Bryant Cox
    Bryant Cox   2 weeks ago

    Sorry Alvin, but you aren't entertaining at all.

  • Roberto Acuna
    Roberto Acuna   2 weeks ago

    You don't get food poisoning from tacos. You get it from old chopped onions.

  • Jeffery Linn
    Jeffery Linn   2 weeks ago

    Seth Rogan is the coolest dude on the planet

  • Till Nu
    Till Nu   3 weeks ago

    9:12:DDDDShit made me laugh so hard :D

  • Russell
    Russell   3 weeks ago

    seth rogans laugh sounds like it hurts

  • Mathias
    Mathias   4 weeks ago

    In N Out is so overrated, it's overrated.

    XIBALBA DOOM   1 months ago

    Everyone one of these videos say the same shit! “If you took a bong rip at 2 in the morning” like fuck. I haven’t smoked weed in 10 years and I still eat this kind of shit at 2 in the morning.

  • majrbacon
    majrbacon   1 months ago

    I remember when i went out to vegas with some friends and some were from california. They immediately found the first in n out and holy shit it was amazing cuz i normally only have steak and shake cuz east coast but that is god tier

  • Marty Zuno
    Marty Zuno   1 months ago

    Why is in n out burger so fucking tasty ?

  • kelly lewis
    kelly lewis   1 months ago

    I'm currently fasting because I have a blood test. Yet I'm purposely sending myself crazy by watching all of the burger show episodes

  • Robert Hamilton
    Robert Hamilton   1 months ago

    I work at five guys and I've never heard of the secret burger from there lol Hy lotta love from texas

  • helix
    helix   1 months ago

    love that content like this exists

  • Andres B
    Andres B   1 months ago

    Alvin's mustache said / \